Aug 1, 2012


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  She's snoring away in the big girl sleigh bed while I am left to supervise the landscaping crew.  This is not a job I enjoy, but considering the importance of having one's bushes trimmed nicely and one's grass mowed properly, I accept the task with my normal good humor and get on with it.  Today, though, the boys are testing my patience by repeatedly blowing things around with their backpack leaf blowers.  I ask you....has there ever been a more obnoxious tool invented?

Olympic stitching continues nicely, and according to my calculations will be completed at the stroke of midnight on the last night of the games.  If the old lady keeps up the pace and doesn't get distracted by something shiny, we should see another nice patriotic FUPPY for the box.

I did manage a few hours of organizing time up in the studio this morning, so if Mo-ther ever regains consciousness and finds some motivation, we might have some framing to show.  I went through all of the finished/unfinished/unframed pieces (aka FUPPIES), and matched them up with suitable frames that were on hand.  Several years ago, my mom and Aunt Chrissy got the bright idea to purchase frames from the craft stores whenever they got the chance, but seeing how Mo-ther very rarely follows through on anything, those poor frames have languished in the closet for ages.  Well, if I have anything to say about it, she will take the time to carefully pin, lace, stretch, and frame the items I've selected and we can all look forward to a nice autumnal selection for the Big White Wall of Nothingness.

I'll leave you with a photo of last evening's progress.  Thank you for your lovely comments!

With hopes and wishes for a wonderful Wednesday and with much love,


  1. My ex-boyfriend was obsessed with his leaf blower - obsessed. He hated the idea of leaves on the lawn and would be out blowing leaves in the dark - no joke. Sorry for venting! Stitching is fabulous....

  2. The stitching is OH so nice!!! Thanks Master Stewey for your continued vigilance! :D Cathryn

  3. I am loving the three color floss you did around the original design it makes the rest of the pattern pop.
    Love-it to bits.