Jun 26, 2012


Although I'm really touched that so many of you have requested before and after pictures of moi with moi new glasses (and, I assume, the old glasses too), I have only one thing to say.....

No way.  No how.

Nope.  Sorry.  Not gonna do it.  In addition to being a hermit of the first order that breaks out into a full-on flop sweat over the thought of venturing beyond the end of my driveway, the idea that I would have to have my picture taken sends me right into a paralytic orbit of epic proportions.

So let me give you a mental image instead....

I'm 5'6" tall, weigh almost nothing, and have the musculature and body physique of a trained tri-athlete.

Oh, wait.  That can't be right.

Here.  Try this.....

Did you see the movie Sister Act?  Do you remember Sister Mary Patrick, the delightfully cheery nun played by award-winning actress Kathy Najimi? Well, add about a hundred pounds and lots and lots of unsightly facial hair and you've got me.

Good thing I've got those killer glasses....

Here's a little more progress on Laura J. Perin's Stained Glass Windows:

Hope you're having a splendid day and that you'll come again soon!

Woo Hoo!

P.S.  Stewey has no issues with having his picture taken.  Obviously.


  1. LOL @ today's meme. I see the blog has another new look today. Very nice. Your WIP is looking good! Great pic of Mr.Stewey.

  2. I had to laugh when I read you would break out into a full-on flop sweat at the thought of venturing past the end of your driveway. I know you do venture out to Michael's, but that's a place of comfort. I'm having knee replacement surgery in 2 weeks and mostly dread having to be around a lot of people at the rehab center. Like you, I just want to be home. Stained Glass Windows is going to be amazing, but, then all your work is amazing!

  3. I ain't buyin' a word of your self-description, but I hate having my pic taken too! (BTW, I love me some Stewie!!!!)

  4. How about a pic of your fancy new glasses then?

  5. Yep, I'd like to see the new glasses also. But it would be nice to see the new hair, maybe a peak over the porch bannister for us? I'm sure Aunt Chrissy would be pleased to take a pic. Or maybe Stewey the Magnificent could manage it for you. Hug Stewey for me!

  6. Dear Stewey, You are an amazing writer. I love your blog. Please tell you Mo-ther how lucky she is to have you.

    PS Thanks Coni, you are a ray of sunshine!!


  7. I don't think any pet has an issue with their picture being taken, unless of course it is a cat! I am always in awe of your needlepoint/canvas pieces. Someday, when I have more spare time, I will pick up that habit, I mean hobby! LOL

    By the way~~~ You've been tagged! Check out my blog for more.

  8. You must know the more you want to remain anonymous the more people will wonder, what does she really look like??? I doubt you have that much facial hair. :). Janet

  9. Gotta love Stewey! He looks positively dashing in that photo!

  10. I think Stewy would model your new glasses, if asked nicely. Anytime a camera comes out, I head for the hills. The only pictures of me since puberty are the ones taken at my daughter's wedding. That is the ONLY day I made myself get in the pictures because I didn't my daughter to wonder if I had actually attended. I am only in the formal portraits (I asked the photographer to please keep me out of the lens whenever possible. (p.s. I shaved my chin for the event as I didn't want to be mistaken for her father)

  11. Stewey is such a cutie pie! :D Cathryn

  12. That is the cutest dadgum dog!!!

  13. Love your stitching and Master Stewie!!

  14. I so enjoy your blog - whether it comes from you or from Stewey it just cracks me up! Today's words were a hoot! Reading what you have to say everyday at work makes my day!

  15. Stewey: Maybe you could model Moms glasses, come on give it a try.
    I love the progress on your Stained Glass.