Nov 4, 2011


Did you ever sit in your Happy Chair muttering to yourself "Well, this is a whacky little house with whacky little windows and a whacky little roof" only to discover that you were, in fact, stitching a barn? Such was life here at Chez Spinster last night as I worked on the Prairie Schooler piece.
See that building on the right? It's a barn. You would have thought that the hayloft would have given it away, but this is me we're talking about.

I'm not sure if it's just me, or if the colors of Autumn have been much lovelier this year. I find myself stopping whatever I'm doing during the course of a day (which isn't much, trust me) to take pictures of trees.
This beauty is directly across the street from my front window, and it has been nice to watch it change these last few weeks. ('Scuse the little bald lilac in the foreground, please.)

And I know that I've already mentioned it, but Aunt Chrissy really outdid herself this year with the decorations. This, I think, is my very favorite part of them:
At night, the front porch light is so pretty on the different colors. Sometimes I stand out there in the front yard gazing upon it while you-know-who is examining every single freakin blade of grass.

That would be it for this particular Friday, my dears. We're off to the Michael's to pick up our framing pieces! Woo Hoo! Stay tuned for pics on Monday!


  1. LOL, thank you for the chuckle. Thank you for your blog. Thank you most of all for investing the time and energy to share your wonderful point of view with all of us. Have a GREAT weekend! :D Cathryn

  2. I hate the having to examine every single blade of grass. Especially when it's cold and I'm in a nightshirt with no shoes on (hey I only do that at night.. for now)

    and then there's the examining when it's cold AND raining. That's always really fun. damn dog. /shakes fist

    I've been looking at the trees more lately too. I chalk it up to getting older. :D

  3. If it's red and in a Prairie Schooler pattern, it's most likely a barn LOL Have a great weekend and enjoy all the autumn scenery. The white and gray colors of winter will appear soon enough.

  4. Is Aunt Chrissy avail for hire? I'm sure she'd enjoy a lovely trip to Colorado.....
    And, really, how can you call yourself a Hoosier, and not know a barn when you see it...???

    Thank goodness Stewey is around ;)

    Happy weekend!

  5. I keep taking pictures of trees too! The red/gold leaves are beautiful here in Northeast Ohio this year!

    Can't wait to see your framed pieces!!!

  6. The colors this year have been fantastic from Southern Indiana all the way back east to NYC. I haven't photographed them, but dreamt about how to try to reproduce them in stitching...and the skies! Especially when they have had those huge grey clouds interspersed with bright white and blue.

    Your house and barn look great, btw.

  7. Nothing but palm and mesquite trees down here in Arizona. I have visit the northerners blogs to get my fill of turning leaves.

    It's a good thing you all like taking pictures of them.

  8. Your blog is the highlight of my day!! I can't wait to look and see what you and Stewy are up to.Please don't ever stop blogging!!


  9. Your stitching looks great! That barn IS a house....for a horse, and the'm telling them you said their house looks whacky! LOL

  10. *waves to Sally*
    Loving the PS makes me want to dig one out and stitch...except I have 30 projects on the go and feel I should finish something...anything!!

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco..

  11. Hi MJ!
    I just added your blog to my Lunchtime reading list! Are you a member of the EAG in the Springs? I am the Membership Officer of the Colorado Columbine Chapter of ANG...
    You should stop in for a meeting, if your ever in the neighborhood!