Sep 13, 2011


Once upon a time, a spinster and her father were talking about life.  "There's a book that I want you to read, CJ", the father said. "It's called Who Moved My Cheese and it's all about change and how we adapt to it.  I think you could learn a lot from it."

"What's THAT supposed to mean, Dad!", the spinster cried in her usual hyper-sensitive voice. "Are you saying that I'm incapable of changing and that I'm going to die lonely and alone, frantically trying to put stuff back where I think it belongs?"

(Sighing heavily) "Pass the peas, honey.  Forget I said anything".

Somebody has moved my cheese all over the damn place and I don't like it one tiny little itty bit.  It all started with this here computer and all of the crazypants crap that seemed to change with it overnight.  New programs, new formats, new interfaces!  Why didn't anybody send me a memo on this?!  How in the world am I supposed to cope with the fact that I finally learned how to turn the darn thing on and now there's a whole new set of crap happening that I can't figure out!

(She breathes heavily into a paper bag).

Since this is, after all, supposed to be a stitching blog, I guess I have to confess that there has been precious little stitching going on.  There's been a lot of futzing and organizing and putting of things into baskets, but actual stitching?  Not so much.

I thought I had come up with the perfect idea, which was to gather projects for September, October, November, and December, but that seems to have placed me in a tailspin of cataclysmic proportions.  How am I supposed to figure out whether Autumn Arbor is September or October?  What if it really is a November and I'm just too clueless to understand?  Can I stitch Halloween stuff now, or do I need to wait seventeen days until the calendar clicks over?  What about Christmas stitching?  Too soon?

Do you GET why it's not easy being me?  These dilemmas have had me pacing the floors and pulling my hair out for weeks now.  Methinks I need a sedative.

Speaking of which, Aunt Chrissy and Stewey had a huge surprise for me on Saturday past.  They decided to decorate Chez Dog Pee to within an inch of its life with all of the gorgeousness of the season!  Who knew that in addition to all of her other fabulous talents, my little sister is an expert autumnal decorator? (Stewey supervised and gave her efforts two paws up).

But first, here's a shot of the measly progress on Thine Is The Trick And The Treat:

I offer Exhibit A in the "Doesn't my sister have the very best taste in everything?" category.  Here's the frame that she selected for Rusty O'Toole.  Isn't it swell?

And here's the dining room tableau that she came up with (I added the dust and spindly plant that really should be re-potted but that just seems to do whatever it wants to anyways):

And here's the big white wall with a few new things added.  You'll notice that the table is now nicely covered with some autumnal stitching and my Liberty Hill collection and that there are three new pics on the wall.  The first is a Sam Toft print (the one above the shelf), the second is Rusty (above the light switch), and the third is a little sign that reads "Witch and Famous".

Who's happier than me?
So that's the report for a Tuesday.  I hope that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be today. 

A personal note to Anonymous: Oh, my dear sweet friend.  Yes, I do understand, and hope that you will wrap yourself up in love from all of the crazy dog people whose hearts are breaking for you now.  I gave Stewey an extra little head pat for you and he says to be well and that he's so very sorry for your loss.  Please take care.


  1. Oh, geez, the cheese! They (those who are in charge) gave us the cheese book several years ago. Yeah. They wanted us to take all the changes they were foisting upon us in stride. Whatever.

    I'm really not a Halloween gal, but I love that Quaker-ish project you're working on.

  2. Read the book! Loved the book!! Laughed all the way through the book!!!

    Your decorating looks fantastic.

  3. Great (not measly!) progess on Thine is the Trick and the Treat. I love your autumn decor. I need to dig out my fall decorations. I also like Sam Toft's artwork. Whick print do you have?

  4. HATED the "cheese" book. seemed like every time someone wanted to "push" it was when their world was coming apart and they wanted us to change to make them feel better . . . almost made me want to give up on the real cheese :0} But NOTHING can take my cheese away.

    Great looking dining room!

  5. Well, -I- think that's GREAT progress on that piece. You started it only on Aug. 23 or so. It looks like a big ' tain't gonna be finished tomorrow!

    Glad to see ya back again!

    Lynn in southern NJ

  6. LOVE Rusty O'Toole!! I think AC missed her calling as an interior designer!

  7. Love the autumn decor in the dining room! I think you have made super progress on the Halloween Quaker!

    The cheese book was a forced reading at my school when it came out. Can't say it was fun!

    Robin in Virginia

  8. I love your blog and everything Chez Spinster. I love Master Stewey his very self. Everything includes even those times when stitching is on pause. We've all been there, haven't we. :) Thanks for taking the time to share with us no matter what that may be. Cathryn

  9. I haven't read this "cheese book" you speak of. So I'll leave it at that! I do indeed love the decor Aunt C has done to your place. And I believe the Trick or Treat project is coming along fine. I little needlepointnewbie have actually put on my big girl panties and have been able to start a stitchy project myself. I will post pics on blog later. Granted its not as GRAND as yours but I am enjoying it. I have set a goal for myself (1) project every other week. Hope I can keep up!! my days are busy. Glad to see your back up and running.

  10. hi coni
    your home looks very rich with all the abundance of harvest and your sister,s caring touch . stewey must be very proud of his aunt .
    i am taking liberty of adding somthing to anonymous here .i know
    how she is feeling . my eyes well up even now whenever i think about my brownie . my friend ,
    Be happy for them.They have gone to the place of love. Some day we are going to meet them. Love to all and hug for Stewey.
    Susmita, India

  11. And just when I think you've gotten past the darn scarecrow, you frame him and put him on the wall! Oh well. I guess it is good he is under glass and not sitting at your dining room table asking for a refill of the very best merlot that money can buy. That, of course, sould be reserved for JDM.

  12. Just remember Coni, remember the prophecy, THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE. Just mention that next time that book is mentioned.

    Halloween is my favorite holiday, I was delighted you are stitching something for the season. I tend to stitch "Halloween" all the year round, except for fall when I start Christmas gifts.

    For Anon, I am so sorry for your loss. From personal experience I know how hard and how heavy your heart must be.

  13. There's really a cheese book? Cool...not going to read it, I like things where I like them and living with a 18 year old and my husband is not always compatible with that obsessiveness...

    Love the halloween stitch, thus far. This one is on my list to acquire and stitch.

    Your big, white wall is spectacular and way cool!

  14. oo love your progress on the whitchy quaker :) you house is looking fab with the halloween decor ... must show DD1 as she is made on it :) and some one mention cheese ??? love mouse xxxx

  15. I also wish people would leave their damned hands offa my cheese, but it just isn't meant to be. Good luck, and thanks for the laughs. You're the best, you know - really, I adore your posts.

  16. I happen to think that that's very good progress on Thine (for short!) and I may need to add that to my stash. Your sister has a good eye for decorating. I guess maybe I need to read that book. I'd never heard of it. Did you end up reading it? And most importantly, did it help?!

    I am exactly where I want to be home with a day off and stitching! Enjoy your day!