Sep 14, 2011


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  She's in the office hollering at the computer and anybody else who'll listen to "But I DID that!  I FOLLOWED the directions!  WHY WHY WHY?!!!!"

You would think this whole "It's time to upgrade your computer software for the first time since 1982, dear spinster" was a call to arms or something.  My goodness, but we're having a tizzy today.

I thought I would take a few moments to check in with you, my very dear and faithful friends, to bring you up to speed on all of the comings and goings from here in Spinster CrazyTowne.

(sound of crickets chirping)

Yes, you guessed it.  Not one single exciting thing to report.  Life continues on in its same old fashion with my silly mo-ther flitting about like a nervous Christmas ham and my Aunt Chrissy reaching for the antacids.  (I don't think the poor dear has had a single quiet evening in about six years.  If it's not my pesky cousin barking his fool head off at nothing in particular, it's the telephone ringing with my fraught mo-ther on the other end wanting to babble incoherently until it's time for bed.

I think I've finally figured it out, though, so we're going to try to remedy the situation. 

My mother needs a hobby.

And by hobby, I mean one that will provide her with hours and hours of distraction and one that will most assuredly NOT involve firearms, celebrity stalking, and/or the necessity of a local needlework shop.

I'd suggest that she also invest in a pet, but we all know how that goes when the owner/person is about as bright as a 40 watt bulb.  (God knows I could have thrived with a smarter owner.)

So as much as I would love to post gorgeous pictures of all of the stitching that's going on around here, we've got nothing.  There's been a lot of TeeVee viewing and grilled chicken eating and blog stalking, but the actual stitching has crawled to a snail's pace.

Never fear, my trusty associates.  All will be well again, and as soon as the new meds kick in, I'm pretty sure that we're going to see a bit more normal around here.

How's your normal?

With all of the love that one can muster in a household such as this,
Your loving pal,


  1. Dear Stewey, I love to hear about your Mother's computer problems and can sympathize with her because our family just went through a similar upgrading process. Complete havoc!!!! Could you take some time and list some of the favorite blogs the Spinster enjoys reading? I don't have a blog myself (having nothing to write about), but do enjoy reading stitchy blogs. Adele

  2. Stewey, you light up my day. As does your mo-ther, but since she's busy with her breakdown, you can always be relied upon to step up and fill her fuzzy slippers.

  3. Stewey, so sorry to hear about your mo-thers computer problems. I am sure she will work it all out. You mentioned your cousin? What is their name? I know YOU! believes your mo-ther needs a hobby but rest assured she does not agree. Her hobby is you and needlepoint. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

  4. I understand where your Mo-ther is coming from. I was trying to play a game on Facebook last night and my shock thingy kept on crashing!

  5. Darling Stewey, you need to understand that sometimes things like blog stalking and TeeVee viewing are very important and can be considered productive uses of time. If not for seeing wonderful projects on other blogs, then sometimes there is a lack of ideas of what to stitch. Hopefully your mother can work out her computer woes, maybe you can help her since you're such a smart dog?

  6. Stewey! Good to hear from you. Hope you are feeling well. I hope things return to your normal soon. My normal is doing well today, but who knows what's in store tomorrow. :) Cathryn