Sep 6, 2011


I was all set to post some pictures of stitchy stuff, but the camera threw a hissy and told me that it's not going to do one more thing until I go to the Targets to buy it a new memory card thingie. If I would have been smart enough to read the instruction manual, I'm sure that I could have figured out how to by-pass the memory card thingie, but this is me we're talking about. (Besides, the time it would take for me to read said instruction manual and then finally give up and ask Stewey to figure it out would be significantly greater than the time it will take to put my bra and shoes on and go to the Targets.)

So no crappy pictures today, folks. 

(This should give the haters plenty of opportunity to say "Stop your silly blathering and just post pictures of stitchy stuff already".)

Lovely and quiet weekend at Chez Spinster. I'd love to tell you that a lot was accomplished, but alas, it was not. I did manage to do some laundry and homekeeping and such, but not before I lounged about in my pajamas for the better part of three days feeling poorly. I don't know if it's the sudden change in weather or if I've been the lucky recipient of an early flu, but there is most definitely a hitch in my giddyup.

The Spinster Stitcher Basket O' Fall Stitchy Fun has been assembled, so we'll see what things I can come up with to occupy myself in the next several weeks. I've pulled several cross stitch pieces and two or three counted canvas projects, so there should be a little something for whatever mood strikes me. I'm also thinking about throwing in a crewel project and maybe even a painted canvas or two, so there should be absolutely no excuse for me not to be well entertained.

That's the report for a Tuesday morning. Hope yours is swell and that you get to do whatever it is you want to do today.


  1. The thought of putting on a bra and shoes can often times change my plans for the day. I'd much rather sit in my jammies and stitch. Make sure you get a BIG memory card.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Its rainy here and I call it melancholy. A real big memory card will keep this from happening again soon and they don't cost too much more than a regular memory card.

  3. If you take your memory card out of your camera, you should be able to use your camera's internal memory (which ain't much, but usually there's some) to take a few pictures today. The problem is you will have to use the cable to connect the camera to your computer to download the pics. Can't wait to see what you've got lined up for the Fall.

  4. Sorry you are feeling poorly. TS Lee dropped lots of water in Tennessee and the temp dropped 30 degrees! WOW! We went from hot summer to instant fall! Am sure you will choose something awesome from stitching stash. Good luck with memory card--isn't technology wonderful?

  5. know where you are coming from with this one ... make sure you get the biggest memory you can afford :) and ooooo can't wait to see what you pull out of your stash bag next :) love mouse xxxx

  6. It's never any fun to not be feeling well (unless your a kid and it means you get to stay home from school!).

    How come you need a new memory card? Just upload your pics to your computer, wipe the existing card clean of all previous pics and you'll be good to go! But if you must have a new card, be sure to get one with a big memory.

  7. I hope you are feeling sunny was cool and drizzly for a bit this morning in lower Michigan - now it's still a WONDERFUL 68*, but sunny.

    Looking forward to your pics, but no hate here - sometimes technology wins in this house too! Who am I kidding, that is at least 3/4 of the time.

  8. "Cleaning up dog pee was my cardio".
    Just read this.... too funny!!!

  9. Sorry you have been feeling poorly Coni, I hope you will be much better very soon. Pray tell what exactly is in your Autumn basket of stitchy fun...... I love making plans and lists (I'm never so good at following through though ;-) ).

    Jackie x

  10. I don't understand the memory card thing. I always dump my pictures on to the big daddy computer so my card always has plenty of space for whatever I demand.

    Yes...It tooks several sighs and eyebrow raisings to convince my dear Masterchief that today was really Tuesday.

  11. Coni, I hope you are feeling better soon and good on you for spending time in your pajamas. I am an advocate for National Pajama Day, or so I tell my family. It should be at least a monthly if not weekly event .
    It is Spring in Aus. and I have one SB project planned so you always delight me with the variety of stitching that you do each season.
    I am looking forward to your pic's of stitchy stuff, and yes, get the BIGGEST memory card you can. :)

  12. My Dear Coni...

    I am still waiting for the Stitch Mobile Logo in the sky ;) And you have not addressed my question about teaching a class. I am in dire need of a tutor, any bone you can throw my way would be greatley appreciated! I only hope Stewey doesn't get jealous (lol) Can't wait to see what you have picked for the fall (my absolute fav time of the year) I know it will be fantastic. Chase away those blues...clean your camera memory card and post some pics.

  13. Please Coni, don`t ever stop with the personal craziness in favor of an all stitchy blog. Your blog is THE funniest and bestest out there in cyberland. Ignore the works for me!

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco, and ((hugs)) to you...hope you feel better soon!