Sep 2, 2011


I really don't know what to say about all of the lovely comments that I've received with respects to Stars.

A normal person would accept them graciously, thank you in a courteous and succinct manner, and then make sure to credit the real hero of the story...Tony Minieri.

But this is me we're talking about.

The minute the comment total hit 50, I bolted out of the chair and started hollering for Stewey to bring me the hairbrush. I know what you're thinking...that I wanted the hairbrush so that I might tame the forty pound squirrel of fuzzy brown hair that is atop my head. Right?

Again...this is me, remember?

The hairbrush is actually my Oscar. And my Emmy, and my Grammy, and my Pulitzer, and my Nobel. It is every single trophy that I should have won in the sixth grade, but didn't, because Shelly Mullen was smarter, faster, and stronger, and it's every single prize that didn't adorn my bedroom bulletin board.

(Come to think about it, I didn't even have a bulletin board in my bedroom. Was this because my mom knew somehow that I would fret over its vast expanse of nothingness that rendered an adolescent life meaningless?)

And so this morning I clutched that hairbrush to my big fat self, looked triumphantly into the shiny side of the toaster oven, and said...

Well, I suppose that this comes as no surprise whatsoever that I am totally stunned by this recognition. I'd like to thank those of you who commented, and all of the people in my life who've made this moment possible. Most importantly, however, I'd like to accept this applause on behalf of the talented designer, Mr. Tony Minieri, who created a true masterpiece and gave me the freedom to make it my own. Now if you'll forgive me, I've made just a few notes...(reaching into the pocket of my nine year old summer robe that should have been put in the Goodwill box eight years ago)...It all began on a lovely Spring day in Lima, Ohio. They say that the flowers had started blooming in anticipation of my arrival...


What I'd really like to say is a very heartfelt and a very sincere thank you for putting up with me and my shenanigans and for taking the time to say such lovely, lovely things.  Please know that your encouragement will help me channel my stitchy powers for good.  I promise.

If you're in this neck of the woods, I hope that you have an excellent three day weekend.  If you're not in this neck of the woods, well then, I hope you have an excellent weekend too.

(Now in the event that you were thinking I was going to close with a rollicking GO IRISH!, I'm afraid that I will have to refrain.  The opposing team this Saturday is coached by a fabulous and handsome man by the name of Skip Holtz, and I think he's swell.  When I was a freshman at ND, he was very kind to me and never once made me feel like the dopey fat kid from Lima, Ohio that couldn't tell that his cowboy boots were made of ostrich and not, in fact, alligator.)


  1. An my comment was 51st. You DID not read it ;(

    You are so modest Spinster - that is why I like you so much ;)

  2. Congratulations on your well-deserved award! ;) And I'll say it for you. Go Irish! :D Cathryn

  3. Coni,

    You should be proud of your accomplishments!! Its okay to be good at what you do!! Its your time to shine!! Though I applaud your modest demeanor (I have to say I would do the same thing) I loved your acceptance speech by the way. Who was your date for the award ceremony? Looking forward to hearing more from you. Oh! I was wondering if you have ever thought of teaching an
    e-mail needlepoint class? I would be the first one to sign up. I'll keep my eye to the sky for (The Stitch Mobile Logo) Have a good weekend...and seriously think about teaching a class.

  4. Coni, Tony Minieri certainly designed an amazing pattern, but he didn't stitch it for you. So stow the false modesty and DEMAND even more praise! We,your adoring public, will happily comply.

  5. You deserve every ounce of praise you received. You are a fantastic colorist, a great stitcher, and one of the funniest people I have ever known -- (I feel I DO know you and your family).

    Keep it up young lady!

  6. "They say that the flowers had started blooming in anticipation of my arrival..."

  7. You are such a stitch (and there is no pun in that compliment), Coni! When I was in elementary and middle school I would use the upright vacuum as a microphone, our deck was shapped in a perfect stage area - so I would sing there and accept awards. And remember the deoderant "tickle" - if you snapped off the plastic polka-dot cover, it was the ultimate award!

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend - I plan on stitching, quilting and reading!! Gotta stay cool in this humid, hot weekend in Michigan!

    I second you teaching a class - I am not that far and would travel...I think you would be a very entertaining teacher, as well as informative.

  8. Really love to read your blog. You always make me laugh. Please keep up the beautiful stitching and the great writing.

  9. Hi Coni

    I have been reading your blog for last 3 years and loved every moment of it. I am impressed by your creativity and colour co-ordination but am more impressed by stewy.
    Lots of love and hug to you both.
    Susmita, India

  10. You need to quit being so hard on yourself! Your work and blog are awesome, and I am sure your house, hair, etc. are awesome too!!

  11. Your post made me surprise my DH with my knowledge. He came in to tell me about ND's game being delayed, and I said yes they are playing Skip Holtz's team right? I thought he was going to pass out - LOL. Didn't tell him I learned it from a cross stitch blog, that may have put him over the edge - LOL!

  12. Coni your stitching is as lovely as always. I took a short hiatus from blog reading and returned to be entertained and mightily impressed!

  13. Well we certainly got a lot of stitching time in watching that game! Wow. I was working on a project I bought at a shop in the area when I went to Notre Dame for a game a few years ago. (I can't remember the name.) My husband is a USF alum so around here we are quite happy with the win. Must have been rough for the crowd though to sit through all that. Stars looks fantastic. I really admire your canvas work...way beyond my league I think .

  14. At first I read it as "Humidity" and wondered why anyone would think it a very good thing. Give me dry heat! Humidity and humility be damned! Stand up girl and accept your praise and awards (Don't forget Stewy likes to be photographed in case CNN picks it up)Love you stitching and your blog and your little man too.

  15. Congratulations on your award. Who were you wearing for the event?