Aug 25, 2011


On any given day I am completely tickled pinkety pink pink to be the blushing recipient of several wonderful comments and emails. I do get a random "I hate you, your writing style, your stitching, and everything about your stupid spinster life" every now and then, but then I see that the return address is and I ignore it completely.

SALLY asked about the dog in window canvas that's in my 2007 slideshow. This is a painted canvas by Two Dog Dezigns and I purchased it forever ago from a LNS that is now closed. I did, however, find it (and a few other canvases by that designer) here:

ELLEN and DAWN asked about the colors that I used in the Aquamarine piece, and whether or not I followed the chart. Well, the answer to that is yes and no. I pulled my own colors and then used the chart as a general guideline, but I didn't think too much about it (to be perfectly honest with you). I just pulled whatever I thought would be pretty in a given area and then stitched it. Here's the thread list:

Caron Watercolours: Oasis
Vineyard Silks: Iceberg, Seaport, Reef Waters, and Seafoam
DMC #5 perle cotton: Ecru, 959, 991
Anchor #5 perle cotton: 169
Splendor: 865

JENNIFER asked about Aunt Chrissy's stitching, and which big-ass sampler she recently completed (while I was blathering on the phone about something completely inane, I'm sure). Well, Jennifer, I'm afraid that I used a little poetic license there, and that AC has been working on several different things. One of these days I will convince her to let me show you her work, since it is positively exquisite. (I've refrained from doing so thus far because then y'all will quickly realize that SHE is the stitching queen in our little universe and that I'm just a big fat loudmouthed fraud.)

MISS QUOTED asked if I've seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Supernatural yet. Nope, MQ. Haven't done that yet. But you will be happy to know that I've printed a list of every single thing he's ever appeared in, and I'm slowly making my way through it all. (I will confess, though, that I've worn a groove in the disc of P.S. I Love You because I've paused the heiney scene so many times.)

SHELLY stays with the Jeffrey Dean Morgan theme with her comment that he looks like Robert Downey, Jr. on steroids. Well, all I can say to that is.....well. Um . Gee. Give me a minute.

(We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming right after the spinster is able to recover from her latest case of the vapors.)

I did receive a rather lengthy email warning me that all of this talk about Jeffrey Dean Morgan is getting old and that nobody wants to know that much about the inner workings of my brain, but to that I say....piffle. I mean, come on kids. Have you SEEN him?

I was wracking my brain the other day trying to figure out what it really is about him that blows my skirt up so, and I've come to the conclusion that it is, quite simply, thus: He smiles with his eyes, he looks like he would be nice to me, and I bet he would never get tired of my strange compulsions, my crazy little dog, or meatloaf.

And in the event that you think I am incapable of devoting myself to anybody else, may I just point out my James Gandolfini obsession of 2006? And wasn't last year the year of Gordon Ramsey? And, least we forget....Chef Robert tomorrow.

Here's the latest progress on Stars:
I'm really going to make an effort to finish this one this weekend. The overdyed colors in that outer border are driving me nuts, so I might have to re-think that area, but from here I think it will be all downhill. Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow is Aunt Chrissy's turn for a procedure, so I will wish you a Happy Weekend a day early! Woo Hoo!


  1. JD Morgan...I have to now admit that I didn't know who you were talking about until I googled..of course I know him....Denny on GA! MY.OH.MY. Can you say FANTASY???

  2. Pfffttt to the person who said we don't want to know the inner workings of your mind. You have spirit, spunk, imagination, intelligence, etc. You are a riot to hang out with (even if it's just in cyberspace)

  3. Stars looks great and its in my favourite colours!

    I love comments and I love questions others have as well. Its nice to be able to reply now and again with a lovely messge.

  4. JDM definitely peaked my interest on GA - he's got that cool easy sexy thing about him. I think the international equivalent is Javier Bardem. Ok, back to stitching....

  5. I watch PS I love you all the time too (whenever I am flipping channels and its on). Love his eyes and smile, especially at the end when he comes out of the barn and sees her!

    I cannot believe people take the time to send you nasty emails! Do they not have anything better to do?? Ridiculous.

  6. Ohhhh - I must stop reading your blog during my lunch hour (along with Front Ranges Stitches and Colorado Stitcher)- my productivity for the afternoon just plummets as I daydream away! Thank you so much for the Two Dogs info - my Christmas shopping list has just filled up! I drove round trip from CO to IN last summer to adopt our black Lab (Simon) - so that canvas is a must have.... and then we have a large yellow dog (Tilly), so there's another must have....and the two cats - why not make it a trio of canvases...???? Yep. Ain't nothing gettin' done this afternoon!

  7. Oh I am dying for you to see him in Supernatural - even the guy that plays "young JDM" is hottness... and I think you might like the show too. I love it, but I'm spooky that way.

    The Resident and Dead and Breakfast, are not worthy of him by the way ... but yeah, I watched them.

  8. Stars is gorgeous - I'm a red white and blue freak and think it's so nice you're doing it as a 9/11 remembrance piece. Gee, wish I'd thought of that!

  9. Your Stars are absolutely gorgeous!!! I aspire to be like you when I grow up!!! And as far as your ramblings about JDM...sounds like the person who said "doesn't want to know the inner workings of your mind" may need an attitude adjustment... just tell me who they are "I know people" lmbo...your comedic comments are what helps get me through the rest of my day!! Hell!!! everybody needs to laugh these days... I have a thing for Sean Connery (King Arthur:)...Patrick Stewart (Star Trek TNG:)...Cary Grant:) An Affair to Remember)...Kevin Costner:)Dances with Wolves...looking forward to your next blog

  10. Stars is looking absolutely gorgeous!
    I also think JDM is a hottie! He can park his boots under my bed anytime :)
    I'd like to say that I can't believe someone would email you to say they don't like your writing style or whatever but I've heard from other bloggers who have wonderful blogs like you that they receive the same types of emails. I mean really?? Do these people have nothing better to do?? Obviously not! The only reason I could think of is that they are jealous that they can't articulate their words or share wonderful stories that make us laugh like you do. And let's not forget they don't have Stewey to fill in for you at times.
    I truly enjoy reading your blog even if at times I just lurk.

  11. Thanks for the Q&A! Love your blog and reading about your life. I, too, am a JD Morgan fan! Have you seen him in Weeds - the Showtime Series? Incredible!!! He's only in the first several episodes but he was enough to help get me hooked and I am now a HUGE fan of that series! "Rent" them from your library or netflix and you'll be hooked - hours of stitching ahead!!! Thanks as always for sharing with us!!

  12. O.K. I love following your blog but Chef Robert has to be mine and mine alone, what a body he has and the lips need I say more, please donot let on about him to my husband he will ship me off.
    I love your blog I always smile and Stewey himself is the greatest, my Peanut the Dog is head over heals for him.

    Thanl-you for all the giggles you give me.

  13. Please...of COURSE you like Jeffrey Dean Morgan - what woman wouldn't?! The charming smile on that manly man just makes me swoon! And yes, I completely agree with you on his smile - he means it. After reading this entry I had to watch P.S. I Love You this afternoon - and I must admit he had a lovely um, part, in the film. However, I'd also say that Gerard Butler wasn't too shabby as an oh-so-charming Irishman either :)
    Thanks for that nice break from reality!

  14. Love your 'Stars' progress. Such a pretty piece. Everyone is dreaming about someone. Sending prayers for Aunt Chrissy. Hope you both have a peaceful weekend. :) Cathryn

  15. Have you watched JDM on Grey's? He was great...loved "Denny". HOpe AC's procedure goes well. And my goodness, "Stars" is looking mighty fine.

    As to the person sending you an email about too much talk on JDM - tell them to move on then. If someone doesn't like what i write on my blog, I hope they just keep on moving - no one is forcing anyone to stay....or check back in a post or two...

    I love your posts and you make me smile!!

  16. Love stars!! It is coming along really nicely!! As for all the talk about JDM? He is definitely worth writing about!! Keep it up!! Did you really get an e-mail about that?! Too funny!

  17. Coni, please stay the way you are. We fantasize and dream when our reality is boring, or stressful, or bleak. It is healthy! And, may I say, you have very good taste in men and stitching projects! Your candor and humor make my day! I love Stewey too! Can't wait to see the finished Stars.

    Karen in Maryland

  18. Good thoughts going out to Aunt Chrissie for an Easy day.

  19. Coni,

    You are NOT a fraud, of any size, shape or whatever!! You are being awed by moi, dear friend. You have more projects done than I have gotten done this year alone! (sadly, I only have two projects done; one small stitchy piece and a crocheted wrap) Pitiful, really.

    AND I have to say, I love the looks of JDM his very self, at first I thought it was Antonio Ballatore of HGTV. I love Antonio, he's such a sweetie. And he has great sense of decorating style - it's not to all tastes, but he makes me take notice. :)

    I enjoy your ramblings, and don't you dare let some sourpuss rain on you!

    Hugs to you and the little Stewball!
    Say hi to Aunt Chrissy for me. Tell her I would love to know all the projects she is working on. One wonders if the list is shorter or longer than your list of projects to do? :P

    Hugs and Love,

  20. Stewey, I know Dear Mo-ther is about done answering questions for awhile, but perhaps you could persuade her to answer just one more. Please. In the 2007 finishes, there is an adorable Halloween band sampler done on a yellow cloth. I would love to know whose design that is. (If you require a bribe, Stewey, I'll mail you a box of cookies. Just have Mo-ther tell me what kind and where to ship.)