Aug 29, 2011


Stewey and I had a rather uneventful weekend. Given the alternative, I suppose that this is a very good thing, so I'm not going to complain one little bit. There were the usual chores and errands...

uh....(she looks dismayed and scratches her head in wonder)

I didn't do any chores or errands.

(I guess that this means that it was a very normal weekend at Chez Spinster.)

Stewey grounded me from the hurricane coverage on CNN and The Weather Channel, so we watched Cleopatra in its entirety instead. He was fascinated by the hair and costumes. I was fascinated by Richard Burton's short skirt.

(As he surgically removed the remote control from my grip, he explained that a person with my level of anxiety really shouldn't be allowed to sit there for sixteen hours wringing her hands over the fate of New Jersey, and that I should probably find something more productive to do with my time.)

So I stitched. And stitched. And stitched.

If all goes according to plan, I should have a colossal Happy Dance for you within the next day or so. And if said Happy Dance happens before sundown on Wednesday, it will mean that I accomplished my goals for August.

How the heck did THAT happen?


  1. I, too, was pretty glued to the t.v watching Irene - have relatives in SC and VA and several blog buddies along the coast. I know it's hard to not watch! And while watching, stitching is a must. Sounds like a good weekend was had there in IN though!

  2. I live in NYC and it's as if the hurricane powerwashed the city. It looks and smells so clean. I in no way mean to minimize what happened to the other boroughs and the burbs. It's the flooding and the down trees that causes all the havoc. I think the government and media (not two of my favorite things) did an amazing job in getting people to safety. It was a weekend to stitch....

  3. Being from the southeast I am used to hurricane season. I lost my home to hurricane Rita several years back.Thats why I now live in north texas. Most all of my family still live back in the southeast so I too watch the weather. Haven't been able to stitch anything, having a hard time getting a hold of my supplies. There's not alot of needlepoint shops in this part of the world. I guess I'll have to rely on the internet. I'm glad to hear that you believe you will accomplish your August goals, can't wait to see it. Hope Aunt Chrissy is doing well.

  4. Living just outside of Baltimore, MD, it was lovely weather to stitch (which I did a lot of). Thank the Lord, our power did not even flicker but we did have massive leaf downage. There are however, several people (300,000) still without power and some are being told 'two weeks' before it will be restored. After the Earth Quake last week, we are calling it our week of hurriquake. Schools remain closed today as many are either damaged or without power. Can't wait to see your next finish.

  5. Woooo Hooo! Looking forward to the happy dance and pics of your accomplished goals! :D Cathryn