Aug 23, 2011


As y'all know from reading this here blog, we work on a reward system here at Chez Spinster. This means that for every good thing that I do, I get a little treat.

(Kind of like the way Stewey gets a cookie when he pees OUTSIDE instead of INSIDE, or when he gets a Snausage for not alerting the ASPCA that I am completely incompetent as a mo-ther.)

Now before you think me totally self-indulgent (which I am, by the way), I'd like to point out that after 45 years of perfecting procrastination, I have finally hit upon a system that seems to prod me into motion and out of the Happy Chair for more than six minutes at a time.

I write a list of all of the crap that I have to get done, and I review said list with the idea that if I finish all of the crap on it I can have a treat.

Seeing how Jeffrey Dean Morgan has yet to accept my invitation to come over for meatloaf, I figured that a nice reward would be a day of stitching. Yes. You read that right. Just a day to sit in the Happy Chair and stitch whatever my wicked little heart desires. So that's what's on the agenda today. Stitching.

(But I'm still available in the event that Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants meatloaf.)

Here's a little progress that I made on the Prairie Moon piece:

* The title of my post is the result of my unfortunate choice of footwear for yesterday's excursion to the eye doctor. I figured that I would run a bunch of errands since I was already out of the house and had a bra on and all, but I forgot that running through a Wal-Marts and a Targets and whatnot while wearing cute little sandals that really don't fit anymore but are just too damn cute to throw away would result in sore tootsies today. My poor little pinky toes look like they've been in a cage match.

I suppose that would be another good reason why my big b-u-t-t will be planted today rather than attempting to re-tar the roof or dig up the back forty for a cutting garden.

Too bad. I would have really liked a cutting garden.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOVE your little mouse!

    You deserve a "stitching" day...enjoy!

  2. hope you enjoy your day stitching and i can sympathise with the feet issue love mouse xxx

  3. Hi Coni!!! I will join your stitching day in spirit :)
    Sidenote: can you tell me what designer/where did you get the Dog and a Chair chart (2007 finishes, picture 9 of 17)? It taunts me....

  4. Enjoy your stitching day! I hope to have one of those days soon.

  5. You sure made me giggle! I keep looking at my gardnes and think they would look lovely if I'd only weed them. Then I think about all the hard work invovled and I go stitch instead!

  6. Ohhhh...hope your piggies recover soon. I too plan to spend most of the day stitching if I can ever get off this DARN COMPUTER!!!

  7. Ah, that's a dirty word: procrastination. I am so guilty of it as I am sure many are. I love the new start and think I may have to add that chart to my Wish List.

  8. Coni, I just love your "Aquamarine" but when I look at Kathy's web page and her colors, it doesn't even look like the same pattern. Did you pick your own colors for it? Or was it another of her color schemes? Ellen

  9. Sorry about your tooties :( Prop your feet up and enjoy your day!! I hope Stewey was good while you were gone? You know, not any wild parties or anything. He does look like a party animal!!!

  10. What a lovely design you are stitching. LOVE your little mouse.
    Still giggling here over your post.
    Wishing you lots of fun stitching away

  11. hmmmmmmmm yum. What a lovely day. Stitching! Take care of those tootsies and keep the feet up. Looking forward to seeing your progress and hearing more. So love your blog. hugs to Stewey. :) Cathryn

  12. Okay, as usual you made me laugh out loud. I would like a cutting garden too but since I hate, with a capital H, to garden that's not too likely.

    I love your stitch progress and think that piece is awesome. It is on the "must acquire" list to take with me next shopping trip. Or I may just have to call and have them send before. You started at the bottom - I am a traditial center start gal but am working on starting on the top with samplers...I have a halloween needleminder too - similiar to the one in the photo. Never dawned on me to use it while stitching a halloween project instead of just during the halloween season - which I forget half the time to get out my Halloween stitching accessory box until Thanksgiving. After all, still have out my snowman scissor fob pair of scissors - maybe it's wishful thinking seeing as it's going to be 90 freaking degrees here in lower MI again!

    Hope your toesys are doing better today! And why do we have to put a bra on to go out = being a larger boobed woman, I think we should start a revolution LOL!

  13. My toes hear what your toes are saying! ;-D

    Enjoy the heck out of your stitchy-day!

  14. You go girl! Wish I could join you for the day in the stitchy chair!

    Love the PM start, that little mouse is just so cute! I have this kitted but not started because I didn't like the monster with the crab claws in the upper right which is where I usually start. HMMM - maybe if I start on the bottom my stitching will look as great as yours!

  15. Great start! I'm still waiting for fabric and floss - am finishing up Halloween Towne by Raise the Roof to keep the Halloween stitching urge in check. Your finished aquamarine piece is lovely as well.

  16. Wow! That Prairie Moon design is amazing!! I can't wait to see more progress on it!! Don't worry, I'm sure JDM will get back to you, he's just busy, you know? Just workin' the Hollywood scene and doing whatever those hot actor dudes do...LOL...Hope your poor lil' footsies get better soon! But! Hey! a perfect excuse to stay in to stitch, right?