Aug 22, 2011


Despite Stewey's fears that I would do nothing but think about Jeffrey Dean Morgan all day on Friday, I turned myself into a big fat ball of energy and got a lot done. (But yes, in case you were wondering, I still managed to think about Jeffrey Dean Morgan all day long.)

(Note to self: Must really get a more age-appropriate hobby.)

(Like needlework.)

(Or collecting cardigans.)

My kitchen is now officially clean. I mean crazy lady white glove ODC get down on the floor and wash baseboards and then take the window screens out for a good scrubbing and then dismantle all of the appliances clean.

(The repairman will be here Wednesday.)

I'm not sure what got into me exactly, but let's just say that things are much better here in Spinster's Corners now that we know that the cuisine will be Health Department inspection approved. Aunt Chrissy and Bosco even came over for Sunday dinner last night, and I was able relax and enjoy the meal rather than worry about when she was finally going to call in the authorities.

(There was, however, an unfortunate incodent involing drool, a sugar coma, Ina's brownie tart with vanilla ice cream and Mrs. Richardson's Butterscotch Caramel Fudge, but that's another story for another day.)

I finished Aquamarine on Friday night while watching The Losers. (This movie has replaced You've Got Mail as the one that I watch obsessively when I'm just too damn lazy to get out of the chair to switch the disc thingie in the machine.)

I think I'll mat and frame this sucker, but I haven't one clue as to where it will hang in my house. Maybe I'll re-colorize the laundry room to accommodate the colors. Wouldn't they be perfect as the underpants and such splosh around in the washing machine?

I putzed and putzed and putzed on Saturday, and when I finally made it into the Happy Chair for a little stitchy time, I picked up Stars for the New Millennium.

A lot of you have asked why I've selected red, white, and blue as my colorway. Sometime back in April, I was thinking about the fact that this will be the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, and I wanted to "do" something in observance of it. I've always really loved this project (designed by Mr. Tony Minieri His Very Self), so I figured this might be a good time to stitch it. So far, I've been really thrilled with the results, and I've enjoyed every moment stitching it.

Aunt Chrissy got a fabulous little surprise this weekend. She had ordered some stitchy things (as she is wont to do) from The Silver Needle in Tulsa, OK. When she opened the package, there were two perfect little bags of treats in there labeled "Stewey's Mom" and "Bosco's Mom". Now while this wouldn't seem interesting to most people, it just blew our skirts right up because we didn't realize that the girls in Tulsa had ever heard of Stewey and Bosco, let alone heard about us, so we were both just tickled pink and more than a little humbled. Woo Hoo!

The peepers are going to get checked today, and I suspect that Dr. Rhodes will say "Well, Spinster Stitcher. I told you that the day would come when you might need bifocals. Judging by the fact that you can no longer see anything up close with your contact lenses in and no magnifiers in sight...methinks it's time."

(I am ridiculously nearsighted, which means I wear contact lenses so that I can see further than seven inches from my face. I slap a pair of magnifiers on to stitch so that I can still see the TeeVee, but in the course of normal every day life, I can't seem to see a damn thing close up anymore. So I guess I have to a) perch a pair or magnifiers on top of my head, or b) think about bifocals.)

(Given my propensity for setting my hair on fire with the damn magnifiers....perhaps we should look into the bi-focals?)

Oh, and in case I forgot to tell you all this.....Dr. Rhodes is the one that told me that you CANNOT "ruin" your eyes by stitching yourself silly. He said that your eyes are your eyes are your eyes, and unless you injure them, you won't wear 'em out by stitching to your heart's content! Don't you just love that guy?

Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. Fantastic finish Coni - love those colors and yes it will look great wherever you put the finished framing.

    How sweet of the Silver Needle..should we expect you to be on CNN's blog any day now? LOL

    I've had transition bifocals for at least 10 gets worse with age unfortunately and I can't see a darn thing close up unless I take off my glasses. I asked my eye dr the same thing as to whether I was making my eyes worse with the stitching and got the same answer. I use a big lighted magnifier and as long as they keep making them I'll be stitching.

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  3. Too funny about the repairman! :)

    That is way cool about The Silver Needle! Hopefully, you and Aunt Chrissy will come to the Camp Wannasew in November that the Silver Needle puts on! It really is alot of fun. This will be my 5th time to go and the girls that I am going with this year have been like 18 years straight or longer. Check into it!

    Stitching is impeccable as always!
    Amy from Oklahoma

  4. They are both just beautiful. Can't wait to see the stars finished. Hug Stewey and tell him he is a good dog.

    I have to use single vision reading glasses, a magnifier and a strong light to stitch. No, stitchy chair for me, I stitch at a table.

  5. Congratulations on your finish. I love the colors you selected. Can you share?

  6. If you can't make a home for Aquamarine, it would go perfectly in my living room. Bonus: It would feel right at home because I also can't seem to stop watching The Losers and thinking about JDM! :)

    Both pieces look great, and congrats on getting stuff done around thoughts of tall, dark and hunky guys. I know what a struggle that can be!

  7. sLove that aquamarine finish!! Those are such beautiful colors, and the stitching is perfectly wonderful too!!

    Thanks for sharing the comment from your eye doctor...since we can now lay that worry to rest.

    I should follow your example with the kitchen cleaning duties... maybe when Fall arrives I'll get the cleaning mojo...

    Happy Stitching!

  8. Way cool about the Silver Needle! You are surely a popular one by now. Everyone knows about your blog! Aquamarine turned out gorgeous, of course. And so is Stars. Love to Stewey.

  9. beautiful canvas work!!! I love the colours of both of them

  10. Oohhh that Aquamarine is awesome! And yes I think it would go perfectly in the laundry room!

    Very nice of the SNN ladies!

    I love your Dr. Rhodes too. My eye doctor told me to just not stitch if I can't see it. Boo on him.

  11. I love what your doctor said...I've had progressive bifocals for about..oh, 25 years and I am not yet 50! But I love them and have had to have stronger prescriptions over the years.

    I think that's great about The Silver Needle - didn't realize how famous and popular you, AC, B and S are did you?! You are almost as famous as JDM!

    As always, your stitching is stunning and the colors on your 9/11 anniversary piece.

    Have a good week, Coni - looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  12. Aquamarine looks gorgeous! Great progress on Stars...

  13. Pretty, pretty Aquamarine!

    I had no idea that you're blind like me, Coni, and I have the same issues you have. When I stitch over one on 36 or 40 count fabric, or on black fabric, I have to do it totally bare-eyed. Because I have to hold it less than four inches from my face, the tv watching while stitching is a challenge.

  14. As always, your stitching is almost as beautiful as your little dog!! (I know, I know, he's supposed to be handsome - but let's get real, he's just downright beautiful!!!)
    It's always such a treat to visit your blog and hear about your goings-on. I mean, how cool is it that Aunt Chrissy AND Aunt CJ BOTH get treats from the Silver Needle???? Seriously?????
    The only thing I'm not happy about with today's post is that whole nonsense about your cleaning...seriously, spinster? My idea of cleaning is letting my dog lick my kitchen floor!! LOL
    Love ya anyway and hope the eye doc can keep you happily stitching for many years to come!!! :)

  15. I, too, am nearsighted and wear contacts to see the distance. I do use reading glasses to read with (low number), but when stitching, I switch to a higher number pair of reading glasses. Plus good light :) So, I can understand what you're going through LOL

    I love to see what you are working on... and I love the color palette in Aquamarine :)

  16. Congratulations on the Aquamarine finish! I'm with you, sometimes I love the bright colors, and its a joy to stitch, but then when you get done you have no idea where to put it in the house because the colors are just so different than everything else.

    I just had my annual optometry appt this afternoon, and I think I'll be put in bi-focals within the next year or 2, I was close this time.

  17. Great finish on your aquamarine...its beautiful!!! I absolutely love your stars as well... I have recently had to get glasses for my stitching and reading. I can't focus on anything without them. I have a very bad astigmatism. I think thats how you spell it I'm happy for you and Aunt Chrissy gettin presents from the Silver Needle. Hope your day was grand!!!

  18. Coni- Your Aquamarine finish is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!

    That was very sweet of the SN ladies!

    Go for the bifocals! They really aren't that bad (I've had them for a couple of years now). Besides that I don't want to read about any mishaps you have with the magnifier lol

  19. If you really can't find a place for Aquamarine, there is a home for it here in KY!! I LOVE that piece!! Congrats on cleaning the kitchen!