Jul 28, 2011


When I re-did my front "gardens" a few years ago, the lovely plant person that actually planted the plants suggested lilies for the long walkway to the door. "Perfect", I thought to myself. "I love lilies."

Not only didn't I know what lilies were, I had no idea of the strong scent they had.

Today the entire perimeter of my house smells like a funeral parlor.

Who would have imagined that 90 plus degrees combined with the same approximate humidity as a terrarium would result in the strong sweet stench of death hanging in the air like so much bad perfume?


Here's the progress on Aquamarine (and yup....I finally learned how to spell it correctly):


  1. OMG... I agree.. I hate the smell of lilies! Something so pretty should not smell so foul. I always describe it as my Grandmother's Jean Nate perfume circa 1968. blech

    I love love love the colors you are using for Aquamarine. You a major fiber mix-master!

  2. I'm with you on the lilies - they're very pretty, but they stink. No other word for them!

    Love Aquamarine. Another great piece!

  3. Lilies belong along the back fence line if you have a very big yard!

    I love your color choices for Aquamarine. It's going to be a beauty when you finish it.

  4. You are so right about the smell of lilies! They kick my allergies into high gear.

    I've always connected red roses with funerals too. I know, crazy association but it is what it is.

    Love those blues! It's already turning out to be a looker.

  5. beautiful stitching...this one will be amazing and would be in any color (despite the name).

    I like to look at lilies - but they do remind me of a funeral parlor when too many and too strong...

    Keep stitching and stay cool - we've had rain in Michigan but the humidity is the same, less heat but does that really matter with humidity?

  6. Personally, I have never met a lily that I liked. Well, maybe lily of the valley but I don't think they are real lilies. Had a thought--try spraying them with Febreeze. I wonder if that would work. Their ads say that it removes nasty smells and that sure is a nasty smell. lol Worth a try. Let me know if it works. I really do like your version of Aquamarine.
    Pamela, Tucson, AZ

  7. Right there with you on the lilies - can't stand the smell and by your walk you are sure to end up with pollen from those stamens on your best white shirt sleeves...stick them in groups in pots and have them as lovely focal points out of pong range!

    Loving Aquamarine - your colour choices are great.

    Guildford, UK

  8. I love the scent of lilies (I guess I haven`t spent enough time at funerals for it to be negative for me?) and love the look of them too. I seem to be in the minority here though....

    Aquamarine is GORGEOUS! Looks like you could dive right in...

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  9. Well, even though your house may smell like the dead, you're obviously not, by the look of that gorgeous stitching!! Aquamarine is coming along beautifully

  10. I have two large day lily beds in my back yard, but they are 150 feet from the house. They look pretty, and I can't smell them - LOL! Aquamarine is gorgeous - love, love, love the colors!!

  11. I can't stomach the smell of lilies. It has nothing to do with funerals, they just make me nausceous .

    I would pull them out and replace then with ANYTHING else!

    Your stitching looks great.

  12. I'm no expert regarding dog allergies, but I am highly allergic to oriental lilies (as opposed to daylilies). My husband used to bring me home arrangements with those Stargazer lilies - you know the ones, pink and white. And I'd get so sick with eye problems and headaches until we finally figured out it was the lilies. You have orientals. And, I was wondering if it was possible that it's the lilies that are bothering little Stewey's eyes?

  13. I love the smell of lilies but lots of people do not. It looks like a good spot for some pretty coralbells not scent and dainty clump forming and some pretty daylilies (most have no scent except the yellow ones). Love the stitching.

  14. I'm another one that loves the smell of lilies. They are so pretty too. I guess I'm weird that way.
    Aquamarine is so beautiful!

  15. Those are Stargazer Lilies and they do have a very strong scent! However, if you had re-blooming Daylilies along that walk way they'd be beautiful, and they have a very light scent that even multiplied by several isn't over-powering. They come in all kinds of colors - I have yellow, a deep magenta and a medium pink - they're just beautiful!