Aug 1, 2011


Have you ever had a day when you just can't bear the thought of being you?

That's me today.

When Stewey poked his little head out from under the blanket, I threw my forearm across my eyes (quite dramatically, I might add), and said "Oh, Stewey. Mommie Dearest is just too tired to move!")

This prompted him to snort rather dismissively, twirl himself around a few times, and then go back to sleep.

So...short and sweet today, my lovelies!

Progress on Aquamarine:
and Beekeeper's Cottage:


  1. Oh Coni, hopefully, you will be back to yourself soon! I swear, it's the heat!!!!

  2. You and my keyboard both. It simply refused to work today. Thank goodness Office Depot is 10 minutes away.

    Aquamarine looks fabulous. The Bee Keeper piece is lovely, but Aquamarine is fabulous.

  3. Love the bee keeper hun; I may have to pick that chart up. LOL Hope your feeling more like "yourself" soon; we all have those days hun. I agree w/Amy the heat this summer is awlful and getting to all of us..


  4. Don't we have all such days from time to time? Take that lovely doggy of yours and curl up in front of the tv may be? Or do some shopping? Buying stash helps for everything. I swear it helps even against cough, hairloss and so on.

  5. Your progress is beautiful, as all your stitching is! Hope you are back to your 'ole self tomorrow (or tonight)... I think Amy is right - the humidity here in Michigan is getting to me!

  6. Aw, crap I know what you's the heat, menopause, hot flashes, the, ahem, meno that didn't pause this go round...nothing like cramps AND hot flashing.

  7. Your stitching looks lovely as always! Hope your glitch gets unglitched and you're giddying up soon!! =) Give Stewey a hug and kiss for me!

  8. Coni, I hope you feel more yourself soon. Your blog entries always brighten my day! And I love Stewie and his posts. I have never commented before, but I want you to know what a difference you have made in my life and I am sure in many of our lives. I'll keep reading, so please keep posting. Take care.

    Karen K. in Belcamp, Maryland

  9. I hear ya Coni!! I went to sleep around 10:30 last night and didn`t wake til 2:15 this afternoon!! Talk about oversleeping!!

    I am in love with Beekeepers Cottage...

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  10. Coni, I hope you feel much better very soon. You certainly look to be having a terribly hot and humid time over your side of the world. I wonder what we will be enduring in Australia in a few month's, Spring is 4 weeks away and after a very cold Winter, I can't wait. I hope Stewey is coping with the heat.
    I love your Aquamarine, such wonderful colors. Your Shepherds Bush Bee Keepers Cottage is fabo, I am an addict of all things S.B.,
    I just can't help myself!
    I know you will understand, keep cool.

  11. I agree with lots of the comments. I sure do believe it's the heat. I've been doing a lot of "just too tired to move". Sending hugs and prayers, Cathryn

  12. Dear Coni,

    Just found your blog... just wanted you to know that you made me smile today. I love your blog name and your pics of Stewey. I have a Rosey, Zoey and my Granddog Buddy. Your work is very, very nice. One day I aspire to be as good as you are. And the heat here in Texas is hellacious!! its 109 degrees here today. Enjoy your day... get better soon.

  13. Oh Lordy Lord! Everyone has days like that. I hope yours is long gone now.