Mar 4, 2011


My mom still can't come to the blog right now. Today she's actually moved into the bedroom closet to contemplate sorting the laundry.

We're making progress.

Last night at about 11 o'clock, I discovered the perfect antidote to the whole "We watch bad TeeVee until our eyeballs hurt" problem here at Chez Spinster:

Just as I was starting to pray for death (or a cable outage), I discovered the "On Demand" feature of the flipper thingie and pressed it as though my life depended upon it.

Trust me. It did.

So Mo-ther sat with rapt attention for a full 120 minutes while we screened "Emma", starring Miss Paltrow Her Very Self. At the conclusion of the film, Mom turned to me and said "You know, Stewey, I always thought I would look good in the dresses that they wore back then, but now I see that I was totally wrong."

(She has upper arm issues, and, to my knowledge, they have not seen the light of day since circa 1987.)

So no more Charlie Sheen for a little while. Today I've queued up all of the Jane Austen I can find, and I'm expecting that I'll finally get a little peace and quiet around here once the old lady nods off in the Happy Chair with an orange pop and a threaded needle in her hand.

(What can I say? She just doesn't seem to tolerate those sedatives like she used to.

(Guess it's time to call my apothecary for an updated dosage.)

I hope that you have a simply splendid weekend, and that you get to do whatever it is that you want to do.

With love from your pal,



  1. There's plenty of Austen out there! Much better for you than Charlie.

  2. There is nothing better to watch while stitching than some Jane Austen! Have a grewat weekend Coni!

    Kisses to the Stew-meister...

  3. Very, very good indeed Master Stewey! Jane Austen productions are the perfect partner to stitching. I highly recommend the newest Emma with Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightly! **swoon** BTW, if you by chance have a Costco and a membership there, it's available for purchase on dvd. As is Downtown Abbey! Love me some PBS!

  4. What a fantastic idea Stewey! I think Chloe May, Buster, and I will be having an period-piece movie-fest this weekend as well. I have "Girl With a Pearl Earring" from the Netflix thing, and there IS a lot of Austen in my library. Thanks for the antidote to my week-of-work woes.

    And @Laura, I can't wait for the next installment of Downton Abbey!

  5. Just what the doctor ordered...getting lost with Miss Austen is so soothing...and the men who are cast are so handsome.

    See if you can catch a Jane Eyre (the one with Orson Wells as Mr Rochester) flick too. The one with George C Scott is pretty good too.

  6. Jane Austen movies are very calming, dear friends. Good job Stewey!

  7. My idea of heaven - Jane Austen and stitching for a whole weekend! Especially if you are watching the "Pride and Prejudice" version with the delightful Colin Firth as Mr Darcy!! Yumm!! Who needs chocolate when you can have Colin Firth as Mr Darcy!

    Enjoy your weekend viewing and stitching Coni, and Stewey make sure Charlie Sheen has finally left the building!! :-)

  8. Jane Austen rocks Stewey! I still have "Lost in Austen" to watch sometime...but in the meantime, I'm addicted to The Help audiobook...Stewey, you should totally get that for Mo-ther. She will thank you for it...nothing like orange soda, stitching, and a good book or movie. Love you Stewey!

  9. Good job, Stewey! Much better than Mr. Sheen. :) Cathryn

  10. Yes, Yes - totally agreeing with Cathy Lloyd - LOST IN AUSTEN is wonderful!!!!
    Happy Stitching!

  11. I just watched this too!! I also watched Downton Abbey, after reading your blog, and the Tudors.....! Love them all, love your stories and your wonderful sense of humor!