Mar 3, 2011


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's glued to the TeeVee, flipping through all umpteen hundred channels watching the "All Charlie, All The Time" coverage. I personally think we've entered CrazyTowne when we have news headlines like "Charlie Sheen and Mohmar Ghadafi....Are They Secretly Trying To Overtake The World?", but that's just me.

Life with Spinster has been rather nuts lately. We seem to have fallen into a routine of writing lists about Spring cleaning, purchasing products for Spring cleaning, reading how-to's about Spring cleaning, and then accomplishing a lot of napping. I've decided that there's no point in getting upset about all of it, but if things don't straighten out soon I'm moving in with my Aunt Chrissy.

On the stitching front, Mo-ther has completed another row of outlined boxes on Rainforest Crunch:
I'm rather partial to this one myself, since it seems to incorporate many of the colors on my personal color wheel. (My colorist, Sheila, thinks that the olive green color is particularly fetching when worn with my signature orange scarf, so I might have to snag this one for my fort.) I'm a little surprised that the old lady hasn't thrown herself into a nervous breakdown over this by now, but she seems perfectly happy to pull a skein of thread and just go for it without care or concern as to what's going to butt up against it or constitute the stitches inside of it. Could it be that we've turned some kind of stitchy corner?

Today's agenda includes a mani/pedi with Miss Nekka at 3:30, so I suppose I had better get started with my twa-lette. I like to look nice for the girls over there at "the spa" (which is what I call the v-e-t to get over any unnecessary anxiety), so methinks it's time for a little shave and a spritz.

Don't worry about Mommie Dearest. She'll burn out on the whole "I just want to fix him, and feed him, and take care of him, and become Martin Sheen's favorite daughter-in-law" thing. I just hope it happens soon, or we're going to have to call Comcast for a new channel flipper thingie. (This one is getting worn out with all of the flipping back and forth between stations.)

Happy Thursday, my friends! I hope that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be!

With love from your pal,


  1. Stewey, I have to agree that the world has gone Charlie Sheen crazy. Mother's Rainforest Crunch is looking oh, so fabulous!!!! I think this one is my favorite of hers yet. Enjoy your spa treatments!!!

  2. Love this one....the colors are great!

    Once again the media has run a news story into the ground! Unless I this lowers my tax bill or enables me to quit work, I don't really care about his rantings!

    happy stitching.....

  3. That man has gone "round the bend!"

    Keep a close watch on Mo-ther, and don't let the same thing happen to her.

    I DO think tho that as long as she keeps producing such gorgeous stitching, all will be well -- perhaps we need to get Charlie to the nearest Stitchy Shop and let him get lost in Stash Heaven! That should calm him down a notch or two.

  4. Hi Stewey. Spring Cleaning takes some planning and has to be done on just the right day. Don't worry, your mo-ther will take care of it. Just be sure she doesn't disturb your fort. If I were you I would grab that cheerful Rainforest Crunch for your bachelor pad and you don't want her finding it and stealing it back!

    Enjoy your day at the spa!

  5. Stewy ... I don't watch this charlie sheen chap so can't tell you what all the fuss is about either .... hopefully it will pass soon for you and normal service resumed with the tee vee :) hope the spa treatment went well ... love mouse xxxx

  6. Stewey have you heard of Ranting of a Mad Man.. That is Charlie Sheen. The man's eyes even look crazy. He is on some kind of trip and it does involve riding in a car... lol Mom's stitching is looking great... As always !!! Also it takes awhile to plan to clean... I know this from experience myself... Take Care, Coni & Stewey!!!

  7. I think drugs and/or alcohol have taken their toll on Mr. Sheen. Very sad...I remember when he was a good actor and a pleasure to watch. Between him and Lindsay Lohan, I am profoundly thankful I am neither an actor nor rich. It just doesn`t seem worth it.

    Tell your mo-ther that Rainforest crunch is just gorgeous!!


  8. Well, some things can't be fixed Stewey. You ought to tell your Mo-ther that. Rainforest crunch is gorgeous!

  9. Glad you like the colours in the Rainforest Stewey your mo-ther is doing a wonderful job on that one.
    Enjoy your afternoon spa treatment.

  10. Watching Charlie Sheen loose his marbles makes me more grateful than normal for my normal hum-drum life. I've always thought that to whom much is given much is expected. It's such a shame that he cannot channel his energies into something good.

  11. Martin Sheen's favorite daughter in law - that is hilarious. Good luck on the cleaning thing. When company comes to my house I hold up my certificate of completion of Theoretical Spring Cleaning. Your stitching is beautiful.

  12. I hope you enjoy your day too, Master Stewey. I pass on any comments regarding Mr. Sheen. Take care of Mo-ther. Perhaps you could hide the remote? :) Cathryn