Feb 3, 2011


When Stewey and I went to bed on Tuesday night (after all of the Apocolypse Now! weather reports), I said to him..."Oh, Stewey dear, tomorrow will be a perfect snow day. Mommie is going to stay in her comfy jammies, brew some tea, finish some laundry, look at some pretty snow, make some delicious chili, bake some cheddar biscuits, watch some good movies, and stitch."

Instead, I was on the phone with Aunt Chrissy at 9pm bitching about how frustrated I was that the entire day was one big exercise in disappointment. It seemed like no matter what I did, it fell apart in my hands....the chili sucked, there wasn't one good movie on the TeeVee, I couldn't get a stitch into anything to save my life, and as for the rest of it...well...phooey on all of it.

I went to bed grumbling that I wanted a do over.

Today I awoke and decided that it would indeed be do over Thursday, so we're off and running with some laundry merrily sploshing away, some fresh jammies on the nightmare that has become my fat self, You've Got Mail on the TeeVee, and Cirque de Fleur in the Happy Chair:
Once I finish the border, it will be time to affix the Ultrasuede. I am so excited about this, but am more excited about the fact that the designer, Orna Willis, gives you total permission to evaluate your piece and think for yourself as to whether or not it's finished. Don't you just love that...when a designer says..."Look at your piece and see what you want to do next. If you don't like something, change it. If you want a different color, go for it. If you want to re-think something, do it." It makes me feel like they're right there beside me, patting me on the shoulder with a "You go, girl" that gives me confidence to proceed.

So MY Cirque de Fleur will be completed once the hot pink Ultrasuede is on there and then I will Happy Dance for all the world to see.

Your comments are always so wonderful and appreciated, but I did notice a theme of "Oh, poor little Stewey. Where will he GO?" So today I went outside and huffed and puffed and lugged and tugged, and came up with this:

The unusual shape is due to two factors, really. The first is that I lost steam before I could square the whole mess up, and the second is that Your Highness has asked for a separate area in which a bidet might be installed. Damn dog.

(The best part of my effort is the fact that immediately after I created this magnificent space, Stewey took one look at it and peed on the drapes instead.)

One of the things that I DO love about my house is the fact that I can show you photos of the front path filled with snow on a Wednesday and on a Thursday I can show you photos of the front path that look like this: No, there's no way that I could claim responsibility for all of that work. I have the boys at MAAC Property Services to thank. (It's good to live in a neighborhood that knows you're an incompetent and hires people to do everything outside for you.) So, bless you, dear young handsome men with snow shovels who came in the wee hours of the morning to do this for me. You just rock.

It seems that it's time for me to go now. Stewey has just bellowed into his little bullhorn that it is poopcicle harvesting time. Better go find the scooper and gloves and get to it or I'm going to have more than drapes to launder today. Cheers!


  1. Must find a place like you live . . .automatic shoveling service :0}

  2. Stop, you're killing me! :D You made that sweet, neat-as-a-pin, private little area just for little Stewey and he still watered the drapes?! hee hee!!! (^o^)

    Seriously, that snow was HEAVY yesterday...I gave up after a few minutes. I'm sure Stewie will appreciate your efforts once the tiling is in.

    Looking forward to seeing the addition of the ultrasuade...the icing on the cake!

  3. I love the stitching, very pretty. Did you know you can hire folks to do the poop patrol too?? I often dream of hiring them, but trudge on out to do it myself. Too much of a cheepskate I guess!

  4. Love the needlework. The colors are great, I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for the continuing story of Stewy....always makes me smile.

  5. Lol....

    On another note, I love your works that you pump out. They are stunning!

    Oh hey...my word verification is untan......lol.

  6. Cirque de Fleur looks beautiful.

    Your poor drapes. Buy them cheap and buy them often. Laundry and pets can be a full time job...

  7. Poor Stewey! No Bidet? What ARE you thinking? And I really am shocked - shocked I say! That you haven't yet installed the jacuzzi for him. That poor dog's needs must be met! Poopsicle! Too funny!

  8. I was going to say, why do all that shoveling when he's just going to pee on the drapes. Poor you.

    Love your stitching piece. Looking forward to seeing your finish and happy dance.

  9. While I am sorry about your soggy drapes, it serves you right for making me giggle so hard I need a new chair.

    lol shame on you!

    Good luck with the border and the ultra suede!

  10. You certainly have had s-n-o-w, thank heaven for having some one to shovel a path for you. Plastic drapes(yuk) might deter his highness as I am sure it would not be as satisfying as fabric.
    If you have poopcicles over there, we have fried one's here. yep, hot enough to almost hear a sizzle noise when they hit ground.
    I am looking forward to seeing your finish, ultra suede sounds wonderful.
    Miss Molly sends a kiss to Stewie.

  11. Wonderful post. Love your stitchy piece. It's so colorful. His lordship really does run that house doesn't he. ;) Cathryn

  12. I'm so happy your do over was a bit more successful! Your stitching is amazing! Stewey seems like quite the character, and is the perfect comedian (with perfect timing! LOL) Thanks for the giggle! *Hugs*