Feb 2, 2011


I guess when they said "We're going to have a blizzard" they meant it this time. Stewey and I awoke to nature's majesty and the forehead-smacking realization that "Ye Olde Snow Shovel That Was My Very First Purchase As A Real Adult Person With A Path That Would Need To Be Shoveled" is now buried under seven feet of snow out there in the back forty. (What can I say? Keeping the snow shovel on the back patio so that I could make a little path for you-know-who seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Speaking of....methinks he's got the right idea as to how one goes about enjoying a snow day:

He's been tucking his little nose into anything that's warm today, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes in the big girl sleigh bed and saw his little heiney sticking out from under the Target fleece blanket. Normally he sleeps sprawled in the exact middle of the bed, but apparently we're trying something new. All I know is that I will be SOLO for nap time today, with hopes that I might actually get a little shut eye.

(Oh, who am I kidding? This damn dog is impossible to sleep without. He's warm and soft and cuddly and sometimes he even smells nice. How the heck am I supposed to resist THAT?)

We're having interesting potty issues here at Chez Spinster, since no matter where we look there is a pile of snow that comes up to my boobs. This makes for a rather difficult treck outside to find an appropriate place for Little Lord Fauntleroy to leave a deposit. Just moments ago, my neighbors were witness to me standing in the middle of the nicely plowed driveway (in my pajamas, no less) saying "This is a good spot, Stewey. Just go here and Mommie will dispose of it later. No, I can't get you to the grass, Your Highness. You're just going to have to go here and fret about it later."

To which he replied...."You first".

Needless to say, I've positioned several potty pads in the master bathroom with hopes that he will use them whenever the need arises. Damn dog.

I know that the world is sick and freakin tired of all of this darn snow talk, but I thought I'd leave you with a few pics looking out the back and front doors of my little hovel. I just think it's so pretty to see, especially if you like this kind of thing:

(I have no earthly idea what the heck that smudge is on the window, but it almost looks like a feather. I just hope that the spring thaw doesn't reveal any nasty surprises out there.)

OK, everybody. Stay warm and safe and dry today. If you're in the path of anything ominous, please be careful and make sure you take an extra pair of socks.


  1. Oh no! No place for the little pup to prinkle his precipitation? The world is truly coming to an end! Seven feet of snow? You're kidding right?

  2. I have a similarly fussy little dog of the female variety and we have the same conversation. She reluctantly accepts making her "deposits" on what I call "flat snow"- the stuff along the edges that has been rolled over a few times. "Come on Chickie- here's a nice patch of flat snow- it's just as good as grass!"

    *SIGH* Yeah, right!

  3. We've been getting a snow storm every Tuesday and Saturday! This yesterday was ice - ugh! I have the potty pads down by the back door and the boys are being really good about using them. I hear we are in for more snow this Saturday and Tuesday oh boy! Stay warm and safe and thanks for the giggle!

  4. Ain't it great living in the frozen tundra? We've got ice that is now getting covered by snow in SW Ohio. Oh Joy, oh rapture!

    Thank goodness the weather rat didn't see his shadow today. I think there might have been one big mutiny if he did.

    Lisa P in Ohio

  5. I do not envy you...and I'm so glad we are at our non-Indiana home right now...not that we are in the south or anything, but the Apple is getting mainly rain (you know, the stuff they get on the plain in Spain). Hopefully it will stay warm enough (with the understreet steam pipes here in the city) so it won't become one frozen hockey rink.

    Stay warm and dry Coni and Stewey!

  6. Would a dose or two of Kaopectate solve the dilemna? Just joking - truly I am. One must keep a sense of humor in the midst of such weather chaos...s

  7. I remember well the days of shoveling a spot for my Min Pins, then carrying them to it, putting them down and begging them to hurry and just do it! The snow would pack up in their paws and their feet would pain...I would pick them back up and warm their feet in my hands, and we would go through the whole process again. I was tempted to litter box train them, though I never did.

    I found it helpful to teach them to 'go on command' with a special phrase...theirs was 'hurry quick'. (It`s advisable to pick one that is not to embarrasing to say in public...like 'do your poopsie whoopsies'...this saves you from the odd looks of non doggie people)

    I hope it stops snowing there soon...I would like to see a little more here in 'The Springs'

    Kisses to Stewey


  8. Over here in Aussieland we are having the very delightful temp. of 40C(105F) with heavy humidity (our area always has high humidity) which we all whinge about each Summer.
    It might be nice if we could do a little swap, I'll send some warm weather over to you if we could please have some cooling breezes and a little rain (the grass is now brown).
    If only!!
    I'm off to now make Miss Molly some ice blocks(chicken flavor, of course).

  9. Looks like you got the whammie. I am so sick of snow and ice and artic wind I could spit! If it doesn't loosen it's grip soon I'm trading the SUV in on a dog sled. Which means my 4 legged 'lady of leisure' will get to earn her kibble (yeahright).

  10. Humans might try to delude themselves into thinking they're the boss, but Mother Nature still kicks butt! LOL.

    I let Lola out the back door for a quick wee and when she stepped off the top step ... she disappeared! OMG, I almost couldn't pull her out, I was laughing so hard! (She was fine, of course, and accomplished her business in record time.)

  11. For once the storm missed us here on Long Island NY. We did get enough ice to keep me home form work but it sure didn't keep my nutty pup from going outside. He just loves the white stuff. Though he was ouzzled since it crunched this morning from the ice.

    I hope Stewey is managing. Oh and you too. :) Stay warm.

  12. OMG - I can't believe all that snow... Here in Aussie we just don't see that sort of thing so to me it is fascinating to pics of snow! But I can imagine that you are all pretty sick of it!

    Stewey, that the snow must be a bit cold on your tummy and other bits, I do feel for you...

    Take care in all that snow!


  13. Oh my. Poor Stewey! I have a tall dog and last year I was much amused by the sight of her trying to squat in snow up to her belly. I'm betting this just isn't funny anymore for you two. Stay warm.

  14. Poor both of you. It is an awful lot to have to deal with. Ahhh snow shovels... they go the way of most umbrellas - always somewhere opposite of where you need them. ;) Cathryn