Feb 25, 2011


I have done everything in my known power today to procrastinate cleaning the house. (Kell soo preese). So far I've managed to flip through all of my Ina cookbooks looking for the perfect recipe for Sunday dinner, I've given myself TWO pedicures (we don't want to talk about the first one), I've taken Stewey out for about a dozen romps in the snow (he's starting to catch on and is now refusing to budge from the perch until I get this place cleaned up), and I've gawped at, and lusted for, and sighed heavily over all of the sheer loveliness that is you....my stitchy universe.

Perhaps the thing that accomplished the MOST procrastinating, however, was the exercise in futility called "Let's go up to the studio to count how many works-in-progress we have".

Thus, the title of the post.

I won't bore you with craptastic photos, but will instead reveal the LIST:

Sampler Game Board
Wildflowers in Sage and Stripes
Indiana Summer
Mosaic Tiles
Rainbow Birds
Winter Banner
This Heart's For You
Liberty Pin Cushion
Happy Easter, Happy Spring
Reflecting Pools
Cut Glass Dishes
Blooming with Inspiration
Victorian Ribbons
Top of the Hill
Rainforest Crunch
Le Printemps
Springtime Bouquet
little bright geometric
big red sunflower
Spring Training
The Big Zipper
Cooper Oaks floral
Into The Night
Christmas Eve
4 Santa Patch Sampler
PS annual Santas
Curly Hat Santa
It's Cold Outside
LHN ornaments
Little Bunny in the Neighborhood
Maggie funky flowers
Black Cats and Flying Bats
Box of Ornaments
Maggie geometric
Snowflake Serenade
Stars For The New Millennium
Red Hot Peppers
Spring Quakers

Well, I guess the good news is that I am an equal opportunity offender. There's a little bit of everything in there....cross stitch, counted canvas work, and painted canvas. The only things missing are crewel, hardanger, and wool applique, but the day is still young. (This means that God only knows what else I can get my fat little fingers into today.)

Thank you for all of your concern about the coyotes. I found the perfect solution for dealing with them last night at about 2am when the howling started. With Stewey tucked safely in the big girl sleigh bed (snoring away, I might add), I went to the back patio door, opened it up, and shouted at the top of my lungs: "Night night, coyotes! Night NIGHT!"

That shut 'em up.

The weekend is upon us, and I am looking forward to a few hours with Dr. Zhivago and the entire Godfather trilogy. What's on your agenda?


  1. I like all the ideas for procrastination! And I love your list. What fun to choose from. I am planning on working Spring Quaker for a while then BBD Easter Parade. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. lol I imagine the coyotes have never been wish a good night. The shock may have done them in.

    Good luck with your 42-and-counting. I refuse to count on the grounds that it may thoroughly depress me.

  3. I'm scared to think about what's lurking in my craft stash.

    My mom's coming tonight for a week's visit. I suspect I'll be out romping with her and my girls this weekend while DH is out of town.

    Enjoy your movie fest!

  4. You're so much braver than I am! Both counting UFOs and hollerin' at coyotes!

  5. Wow I thought I had a long list. LOL I love reading your blog hun; it always puts a smile on my face; I have to work all weekend. Tomorrow is my 50th Birthday; I can't believe it. :( Hope the coyotes leave you alone. :)

    Hugs,, Shar

  6. ROTFL...2 am! er...are your neighbors very close?

    I have no idea how many wips/ufos I have, and I don`t want to know!! I take meds for my depression, and don`t want to hamper the effects! *wink*

    I LOVE your Spring Quaker, btw...gorgeous fabric!!

    Kisses to Stewey...

  7. Isn't 42 the meaning of life ..lol ??? and well done on scaring the coyotes.... hope you manage to get a bit of the dreaded H word done :) love mouse xxxx

  8. Ooh, I love Rainforest Crunch. Bring that one out, please, and finish it! 42, ah, that ain't so bad! LOVE The Godfather trilogy.

  9. Sorry, but you still loose. A friend of mine had a "friendly" contest for our stitching group to guess how many WIP she had and I guessed 141 ( joking) and guess what I won ! Since then she has MORE. Guess what I won ? A bag of all her really, really old charts that noone would ever consider doing. So I did what any good friend would do- I gave them back to her. Why do we do this to ourselves ? I don't even want to go there. I so enjoy your blog and all the adventures of Stewey ! I guess we need to get busy stitching. Jo Ann

  10. Night night worked? I have a couple of wild dogs roaming in my neighborhood. The dogcatcher can't catch them, so my furbabies are no longer allowed outside. I HATE those nights when I hear them running underneath my window, barking and chasing who knows what. Maybe next time I'll wish them good night and see what happens!

  11. My suggestion would be to pee in the yard.... establish your dominance! Oh, and if you do, pics would by muchly appreciated!

    This weekend's thrill-a-minute adventures include stitching on LJP Indian Summer... AND, I think I am going to take a crack at making a Roman Shade for one of the kitchen windows. Never made one before, so what ever happens, it will be the best one I've ever made!

    Oh, BTW - hand's off Colin Firth. I called dibs.

    Happy Hoosiering!

  12. I thought you were going to share the secrets of Life, the Universe and Everything. Lately I've been wanting to know. Love some of the stuff on your list!

  13. I'm going to try the "nighty night coyotes" next chance I get! Your w-i-p list scares me. It was certainly brave of you to count!

  14. Coni,

    Hi, I love reading your blog. I especially like hearing about the special bond between you and Stewey. I lost my beloved Gracie a month ago. I have a new little puppy now that is creating her own place in our hearts.



  15. Oh Coni I would be totally stressed if I had 42 WIPs. I have about a dozen and that's way too many. However, that said, you get a lot more done than I do! The thing is, there's no end to it. Once you finish something then it moves to the finishing or framing pile so if it's not one thing it's another LOL.

    We hear coyotes quite a bit as we have a desert preserve behind our house - it can be a little unnerving when you hear them all yipping at night - I always figure they've gotten some poor rabbit.

  16. Bring on the Oscars!! Let's skip Saturday!

    On the WIP front, I have 4.5. I will be working on the .5 tomorrow to finish it.

    Have a super weekend!

  17. Coni, I love seeing your WIP list. It makes me feel a bit better. Not for long, but for a fleeting instant... Have fun figuring out what gets finished up next.

  18. So, now that you have the WIP list, does that mean you are going to finish them all this year?!?! LOL

    Funny that the coyotes shut up their howling when you said goodnight to them. Maybe that's really what all of their fussing was about. They just wanted to be recognized!

  19. I can't wait to hear if that scared the coyotes away for good! I have never counted all of my projects only one form of stitching at a time. Dr. Zhivago, well if you weren't made cold by the snow outside your house, maybe that movie will give you a chill. Unless you are as big a fan of Omar Shariff's eyes and, well eyes as I am, was, am.

  20. Glad you have so many WIP's, it makes me feel much better looking at your list. I have not gone to count how many I have!! Just watched "The Social Network", and I would recommend it to be added to your list. Say hi to your coyotes, I actually miss hearing them here in Cleveland.....

  21. OMG Coni, I love your posts, and am so glad I found your blog.

  22. If you feel like procrastinating just a teensy weensy bit longer, you could always post pictures of all of them. That should be good for about six weeks' worth of blog posts!

    And if you're looking to shorten your list, I'd gladly take on "Big Zipper" for you. I'd offer to take on "Rainforest Crunch," but it's been a while since I've done counted canvas work.

    There must be something about Hoosier winters and watching "Dr. Zhivago." I just watched (again) the first week of February, so I'm good for another year.

  23. Ah pro-cras-tin-a-tion. My theme song. I do it so much that when company is threatening to come it take me d-a-y-s and hours and hours to get this dump clean. :)

    Procrastination. How well I know thee.

    My dear, you are in very good company. :)