Jan 5, 2011


WARNING: This is a picture-heavy post with lots of craptastic photographs taken by someone who is too lazy to read the instruction manual that came with her spankypants digital camera and who couldn't take a nice clear color-true picture if her life depended on it.

I spent some time up in the studio yesterday afternoon futzing around in Ye Olde Stash, and I came up with a few projects to put into the downstairs stitching basket. (This is a new system for me. I have designated a "downstairs" basket as the one that I need to work out of, as opposed to those days when I want to go upstairs and lose ten hours of my life to needlessly pawing through stash to find something that will eventually ring my bell.) (I did manage to completely purge the studio of its contents that no longer interests me, and we now have an "Archived" section of Chez Spinster that houses all of the crap that I don't want to be bothered with at the moment, but just can't bring myself to throw away.)

(My goodness! Could these sentences BE any longer? Perhaps decaf might be in order...)

Here are the results of the First Official Organizing Session Of 2011:

1) Plum Street Samplers: Dust of Snow
This was Christmas-gifted to me by Aunt Chrissy and I luerve it with all of my pitiful little heart.

2) Shepherd's Bush: Come Tarry
I've lusted after this one for quite some time and decided that this was the year to do it!

3) Bent Creek: Live, Laugh, Love - The Big Zipper
What can I say? I'm ashamed that this one has been languishing in the WIP pile.

4) The Prairie Schooler: ABC's
OK, so I jumped onto the bandwagon with everybody stitching this on one biga** piece of linen.

5) Maggie: Geometric
Considering that this has been in the works since 2004, methinks it's time to finish it.

6) Orna Willis: Cirque de Fleur
I missed graduation from this cyberclass. Time to get back to it!

7) Maggie: Springtide
What is it with me and the Maggie canvases?

8) Cooper Oaks: Floral
I've agonized over this one long enough. Stitch it, already!

Number 9) is the Laura J. Perin: Color Study: One Long Panel piece that's next to the Happy Chair (I won't torture you with yet another crappy picture). Hey! Did you notice that FIVE of these are WIP'S!? That would mean that I'm in some kind of zen-like place that is telling me to finish what I've started, with just a smidgen of new stuff thrown in for good measure and to keep me motivated. Who KNEW that this would be the year of finally getting my proverbial act together?!

Uh-oh! I've just realized that I only need two more projects to hit the magic number 11 for the year 2011. Do you think I'll be smart enough to go upstairs and pull two small ornaments to add to the pile so that I can achieve 11ness perfectitude in all its glory, or will I be an eeeejit and pull two more big projects that I have no hope of completing by the end of the year?

Stay tuned.....


  1. I love your stitchy choices for the year! Good luck!

  2. Looks like you've chosen well.

  3. Hmmm makes me want to go stash diving!

  4. I'm new here and your writing absolutely takes my breath away. Wry, fey . . . and brilliant. You oughta be writing books, and I'll be first in line at Amazon to buy them, Coni!

  5. Fabulous choices! Now go pull the missing two so you will be able to plunge into the basket with a light heart and no worries!

    PS. I hope you nitce that I too am a huge fan of run on sentences. I hope to be just like you one day. LOL

  6. Coni, could you please give me the dimensions on the size of fabric that you need to stitch the abc's. I have these graphs and haven't done anything because I didn't know what to do with them. Did not want 26 small pics. Great idea! I also have the big zipper! (forgot about this one) You are great inspiration. Thanks.

  7. Please please be an eejit! I love looking at what you choose to stitch. You have the best stash ever. The Bent Creek piece and the floral are drool-tastic!

    How nice that you are stitching the ABC sampler! I am in that SAL... woefully slow, but still part of it. I'd be willing to bet you will be leagues ahead of me before long. How do you manage to stitch so much?

  8. Coni!

    Love the pieces you pulled out to work on. It's a great idea to have a downstairs basket to hold all things stitchy that one wants to work on.

    You know you are supposed to tell us what is in the "Archived" section! :) It's called sharing! LOL

    I love run on sentences! LOL Even though they are an editor's big no-no in writing.

    Hugs and Love to you and the gang,

  9. As I read your first paragraph I thought to myself "wait, I'm taking her photos now??" -- lol I see however that you and Mr. Camera are good friends.

    I like the downstairs bundle. I hadn't spotted that Mindy with the litle bird on the flower. Hmmmm. I'm going to TNNA this weekend, and I just might have to keep my eyes out for it. Just what I needed, more stash! You're a baaaad influence.

  10. Oh, YAY, the little birdie with the lazy daisy tailfeathers is back! It's gonna be an awesome finish!!!

    I'll tune in tomorrow, same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel to see what else, if anything, comes down from the stitchy studio....

  11. Very nice selection there - look forward to seeing some finishes - ooh and what's a year without at least a few starts.

    Enjoy your 2011 stitchy goodness.

  12. NOTE TO SELF..... go rummaging through my stash tomorrow.....

  13. Love your stitching hun; would you be interested in selling/trading the #3 chart when your done with it? I've never seen it before and love it. I love your blog; you make me laugh when I need it the most.

    Hugs, Shar



  14. What gorgeous pieces! This'll definitely be a lovely year to follow you~

  15. Wow Coni, you are going to be a very busy stitcher! Yep, sorry but you have to go and get those 2 lonely ornaments and add them to the downstairs basket...

    Thank you so much for making our day - hubby and I just love reading your blog and I have to agree with Orlythe you should be writing books :-)

    Hope Stewey is not feeling too left out of things now that Mo-ther has got all this stitching stuff organised in her downstairs basket! :-) ;-)

  16. Lovely projects! Look forward to your progress pics.

  17. WOW! Great pieces! Talk about lusting! LOL Cathryn

  18. Great projects for 2011 Coni! I love Come Tarry. I have it in my stash and keep going back to it - thinking that I must stitch it sometime soon!!

  19. LOVE #5! & I love the refreshing tone of your writing! You'll find me with Orlythe standing in line at Amazon!