Jan 4, 2011


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's in the closet, wondering why all of her clothings have suddenly become two sizes smaller than they were pre-holiday. (Do you want to tell her, or shall I?)

I'm afraid that there's not much to report today, especially since we're at the four day mark of the new year and my stupid mo-ther has yet to enact any of the life improvement ideas that she had for making this year the best ever. There has been no dieting, no homekeeping, no organic food buying, and not one bit of organized stitching activity. In short, 2001 seems to be on the same unproductive and stupefying path as 2010.

She has, however, completed another section of Stitchy Aunt Laura's Color Study: One Long Panel, and I have to say that she seems to be loving every moment of this one. The stitches are interesting and complex (*) and the layered effect of both smooth and sparkly threads has mo-ther transfixed beneath her stitchy lamp for hours and hours at a time. (This is a good thing.)

Snow is spitting from the sky and I am hoping that we will get some accumulation soon. It just doesn't seem like January when you can see the grass.

I hope that this finds you well and that your little corner of the world is warm and safe and dry. Thanks for all of your lovely and insightful comments...please do come again soon!

With love from your pal,

* Mo-ther wanted me to tell you that complex doesn't mean impossible. The chart and instructions are wonderful, so even if you're a beginner (or a nincompoop like Mo-ther), you will be able to stitch this without one bit of trouble.


  1. I heard Stewey using the sewing machine! I bet he took your clothing in! Shame Stewey!

    One long panel is GORGEOUS!

  2. Stewey...now remember, if you go outside, be sure to wear a jacket....you do not want to catch a cold....is Denise correct? Did you mess around with those clothes?

  3. It's only day 4, cut your Mo-ther some slack! No one really starts with the resolutions until after the Epiphany.

  4. Coni - Your stitching looks wonderful as always and Stewey... I am pretty sure you threw her clothes in the washer and washed on HOT and then DRIED them OVER AND OVER and OVER...LOL!

  5. Stewey, I am guessing that Mo-ther has to EASE into the new year quietly. Many of us do not have your energy or wherewithal. LOL. The LP looks great!

  6. Aw Stewey have a little compassion for your Mo-ther! Holiday's have NO mercy on the waistline...OR the hips!

    It might be a good time to dig those 18-year old sweat pants out of the closet.

    Just sayin'

  7. Stewey, there seems to be an epidemic of shrinking clothes lately, the same thing happened at my house :/ and believe me, if my Reggie says anything about it he won't be invited to sleep under the covers with me on these cold, winter nights! You guys are just lucky that your natural fur coats stretch along with you.

    Please tell your mo-ther that she is doing a fantastic job on that long panel. It is gorgeous!

  8. Well Stewey, we look to have a world wide phenomena happening. Clothes are shrinking in Australia as well! Go easy on your mo-ther, she needs some gentle understanding after all the festive celebrations. She would not comment on your waistline after New Year's, would she?
    Stewey,Miss Molly sends you a big kiss.

    Coni, wonderful stitching.

  9. Your long panel is just stunning - I adore Laura's designs, and this one is definitely no exception, and makes me tempted to add it to my wishlist too ... hmmm just what I need, more charts :P

  10. Stewey, darling, don't worry about 2001. It is done. Focus on 2011 and it will be all right.

    It sure is hard to change years, isn't it????

  11. Thanks Master Stewey. Glad you are keeping us informed. You make me smile and I am hopeful for a wonderful 2011 for both you and your mo-ther. :) Cathryn