Dec 1, 2010


Well, it's not exactly the tundra just yet, but we did awake the dawning day to a bit of snow on the ground. Enough that Stewey insisted on wearing his little mink coat and woollen mittens for his morning constitutional, so that meant that I had to make an early morning run to the dry cleaners to pick them up. If I don't get all of his seasonal wardrobe cleaned and in place prior to his wanting it, there is h-e-l-l to pay around here, and today was no exception. Damn dog.

As you can see from the photo above, I've made a little progress on Box of Ornaments. It's a very relaxing stitch and I'm enjoying it immensely. Aunt Chrissy and I were talking the other day about our "go to" designers for those periods of time when we get ourselves in stitchy funkety funk funks. For her, it's always Shepherd's Bush that pulls her through. My saviour, as is evidenced by this here blog, is Ms. Laura J. Perin Her Very Self. Who gets you out of a slump? Do you have a favorite designer that you always turn to when you're just not sure what to stitch next? Or, more importantly, do you have a super secret ritual that you're willing to share with this hapless stitcher for those times when you find yourself staring at the walls instead of plying a needle and thread? What blows your skirt (or shirt tails) up?

Today will be grocery and Target day, but thanks to a very accommodating sister, I can wait until she comes home from work for company. Isn't it so much nicer to go in pairs to these things? I find that my grocery cart makes a lot more sense when Aunt Chrissy is along for supervision and is likely to remove things from my cart that shouldn't ever gain entry to Chez Spinster in the first darn place. Like a seventeen-pound ham and chocolate marshmallow cookies.

That's the Hump Day report! I hope that yours is the humpiest!


  1. I love Stoney Creek designs. When I get into a stitchy slump, I usually look at all the wonderful projects other stitchers are doing on the net. Or I just peddle my spinning wheel until inspiration strikes.

    Inappropriate grocery purchases are the most fun. Like a 20 lb turkey for 2 people and 4 cats.

  2. I wanted to say your current project has me wanting to pull out one of my seasonal cross stitch projects. However, I have a ton of gift knitting to finish up and get in the mail. Darn gifts.

  3. Blackbirds Designs is my Go To designs if I get in a Slump. I never get in a slump in Dec. To many Ornaments to stitch by various designers. Happy Target day !!!

  4. B-O-O looks fabulous. Yes. Miss Laura J is definitley a go-to designer.

    I keep taking classes at Seminars or starting Correspondence courses and never finishing them...well not never; I've decided I HAVE to finish some of them before starting new ones, except when emergencies, like weddings, new babies, shopping trips, etc come up. I rarely have nothing to work on, its just a case of figuring out which piece deserves my next spurt of attention.

    Have fun at Target -- I will be joining you there -- only I will be in the Jersey City, NJ store today.

  5. Blackbird Designs works for me. But, reading your blog works too! You keep me happy! I thank you for that!

  6. Coni, I am LOVIN' your new holiday background graphic! It's so light and pretty -- just perfect!

    I agree with others who've said they check out other blogs, ESPECIALLY YOURS. You need look no further than Nov. 5, 2009....check out all of your fantastic Christmas stitching itching to be done!!! Darn, I am now in search of that cutie-patootie Squatty Stitching Santa....think I can finish that by Christmas....?

  7. Bent Creek is my go-to because they bring a smile to my grumpy stitchy face! I suffered my worst slump this year. It lasted for months. I just waited it out and found that I love my stitching more than ever now! I even joined our local ANG!

  8. Lizzie Kate or a freebie is my go to when I don't know what else to stitch.

    I love your newest stitching! What is that type of stitching called? I have seen a few other people doing this and it looks really interesting. What type of thread do you use?

  9. I will admit that I'm not a dog lover but your Stewey is the exception to my "rule".

    I can't say that I have a go-to designer. I just look for something small to take a break from a big project.

    Love those marshmallow cookies!

  10. Unfortunately at this time of year, there is never time to indulge in a slump! I have Christmas at Hawk Run to finish, two lousy blocks left, but I am thinking not this year since I have a stocking for my 6 month old grandson to do. My biggest problem is feeling like I have been beaten after sitting on my rump trying to get it all done. I personally find the only thing that gets me through is a huge ham and marshmallow cookies. I only wish I could rig up some sort of hat thing, you know the ones with the beer cans on either side with the straws, except it would be dispensing ham and marshmallow cookie stuff. Guess I will start dinner now!

  11. Go to designer? Primitive anything. Blackbird Designs, Prairie Schooler--it all works, in my book.

    But the best way to jog me out of a stitching slump is to:
    -Go stash diving
    -Go blog surfing

    Tried and true remedies for all my stitching slumps.

  12. I am a big Teresa Wentzler fan, but lately my get out of a slump go to has been Prairie Schooler. I find when I get in a slump I just power through by insisting that I must stitch at least 15 minutes a day. If that doesn't work within a week I get a new audiobook or movie I've been dying to hear/see and that almost always does the trick... that and a cup of coffee.

  13. Country Cottage Needleworks or Little House Needleworks is my go to for a stitching slump. Easy to read patterns, not too many color changes, simple fabric, and voila! I actually find it easier to go to the grocery store alone. If I take my significant other with me he piles all sorts of junk in the cart that I would never buy and then our bill is twice as much! LOL. Where did you get your blog background? LOVE IT.

  14. When I find myself in a stitching slump, I read blogs to get inspired. If that doesn`t work, I turn to doing something else entirely....strangely enough, housecleaning usually does it for me. There is something sdatisfying about sitting down to stitch in a super squeaky clean house. Either that, or I just start wishing I was stitching instead of cleaning...either way it usually works.

    Kisses to Stewey...