Nov 30, 2010


So here I sit waiting for the rain/snow mix...yet again. Aunt Chrissy and I think it's a vast right-wing conspiracy that these weatherpeoples here in Hoosierville start each evening's newscast with "Apocalypse! Take cover! Massive amounts of snow is headed our way!" and then we end up having to wear shorts and t-shirts to the grocery store.

Speaking of which...I am procrastinating going to said place today because I just can't bear the thought of having to strap on the big gyrl sports bra and battle the post-Thanksgiving crowds. I'm pretty sure that my baditude will catch up with me tomorrow though when I realize that I will be sans cream for the morning cup 'o joe. And that will suck. Prodigiously.

Do you think that it's possible to become so addicted to one's stitching that a few days without can send you into a tailspin? Methinks I had better get my fanny in gear and just get on with The Spinster Stitcher Basket Of Christmas Stitching Cheer, or Santa Claus is going to fling a lump of coal my way and call it a day. I can't seem to get over my "Oh, won't you look at my latest finish" happy dance and just find something that will occupy my evenings the same way Rusty did.

(Isn't that just like a man? You jump up and down for months to draw his attention, and then once you've got it, you can't be bothered to take him to the Michaels for the 60% off framing sale.)

(And if you understood THAT, I think it's time you considered some very serious therapy.)

I did start Ms. Laura J. Perin's Box of Ornaments and am enjoying it very much. I feel rather bad, though, since I called Aunt Chrissy late one night and said "Hand it over, sister" and then found myself in her driveway stealing her chart and all of the threads right out of her studio. Who does that?! I'll have a photo for you as soon as the sun decides to return to the northern hemisphere.

So Stewey and I are seriously considering a nap, and I find myself useless when it comes to resisting. He prances into the office and looks up at me with his sweet little face and then before I know it we're snuggly warm under the covers and I'm thinking that I'm a genius for using such good smelling soap on him during his last b-a-t-h. It also doesn't help matters that his fur is so darn downy soft. Damn dog.

That's the rather blah blah blah report for a rather blah blah blah Tuesday here at Lake WoeBeSpisnter. I hope that your little corner of the world is more lively and fun and that your needles are flying!


  1. I get into a really bad mood when a day goes by without at least a few stitches!! And, when packing for a trip the first things that get packed are stitchy items. Don't want to be caught away from home without...

  2. I wish I could get over my sickness of making sure the house is completely clean before I allow myself to sit down and stitch.....because if I continue on this path I will surely GET NO STITCHING DONE!!!!!

    It's a sickness!

    I enjoy reading your blog SO much! You have a way of expressing yourself through the typed word that is very entertaining! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us here in blogland!

  3. When I was in nursing school and working weekends as a CNA there would be times I was so busy I couldn't find time to stitch for days. I would have a hysterical, hissy fit after a few days.

    My daughter used to come over and steal my charts, threads, yarns, etc when she lived close by.

  4. OMG I SO love your blog and am happy to have come across it! I get a chuckle or more out of every post!

    Yes, I have stitching withdrawal too, but I have a hard time choosing what to do next....I'm in the stash cabinet pawing through everything usually!

  5. It must be the time of year. I'm feeling blah de blah these days too.
    Peggy Lee! I used to be that way too, well, still am to a certain extent. I want everything crossed off my list of things to do before I stitch so that I can stitch for as long as I want. The fly in the ointment is that a) the house is never clean.... b) if by some miracle I do finish enough to feel entitled to stitch I end up all glassy eyed in my stitchy spot, just staring into space trying to will myself to thread the needle. Anyway... I have started a new policy of 'front loading' my free time. First thing in the morning I sit for an hour and stitch. No excuses. Then the rest of the day is for all the horrible chore things that need to be done. If I can get more time for me then great, but at least I finish the day knowing I had my stitching time. Otherwise, I am grouchy.

    I wish I had Stewey to nap with. Grace Kelly is so bony and not very cuddlesome.

  6. Today was decorate tree day....I wil have to get a few stitches in later...I am in stitch withdrawal like many others lately. Have a good night Master too Coni!

  7. I feel the same way when I finish a project, it is hard to get ready for the next one sometimes. If ou get snow I an going to jealous! All we have here so far is cold and wind!

  8. Oh I do think that stitching is quite addictive...and it is hard on my O.C.D. tendancies. I wish one or both of my sisters stitched - it would be less guilty on the mind to steal from them instead of my friends...LOL - hope things get brighter (including the sun) there - here in southern Michigan it was very gloomy today.

  9. I so enjoy reading your blog. You are very entertaining !! I am a stitch addict too and it is hard for me to do anything else: work, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry.... you name it !!! I think if I could stitch all day long I would be a happy camper... not so sure my hands and eyes would appreciate it that much, though.