Dec 16, 2010


First a little view from the Happy Chair on a gloomy Thursday morning. I'm supposed to be cleaning the house, wrapping presents, and planning our Christmas meals, I am! Stalking blogs with wonderfully indulgent impunity! Bully for me!

I think I've come to the conclusion (for the tenth or eleventh time), that I like stalking blogs and looking at and lusting over all of YOUR stitching more than I do actually stitching MINE. And considering I really really enjoy stitching my stitching, you can do the math there to determine how much I love yours.

Blog stalking has become such a part of my day that I find myself planning everything else around it. For example....this morning I wrote a big long list of all of the crap that Stewey wants me to do, but not ten seconds after it was completed, I high-tailed it into the office to see what all of you are up to today.

I think that the most interesting part of this scenario is that I am not finding one thing wrong with it, and every time I read an article about how people have become addicted to Facebook or this or that, I say "Oh, how silly...I can't imagine such a thing" as I'm bookmarking more and more stitchy blogs for the list.

Last night Stewey threw his spaceship at me and demanded that I fill it with treats. (The spaceship is this hard rubber toy that comes apart in the middle, and you fill it with treats and replace the top and then the dog has to figure out how to get it open.) He's had this toy in his toy basket from the very day he came home and he never paid too much attention to it (preferring the New York Times Sunday Crossword for problem-solving exercises), so I've been kind of surprised that he is now obsessed with the damn thing.

So this morning I sat down to blog stalk and before my fanny could even hit the chair, he was in the office throwing the spaceship at my feet. "Stewey," I said. "You've got a problem, my little friend. We're going to have to find a spaceship rehab program for you to deal with this new addiction of yours."

Then I shoved the fourth rice krispie treat into my face and turned my chair around and got back to blog stalking.

What can I say? When they finally send me to the Betty Crocker Clinic, I want to make sure that I'm caught up on everything and that I will have had enough marshmallow to spackle my veins shut.

Here's hoping that you are getting YOUR exercise today! Pace yourself, and remember that there are only so many days left know.


  1. LOL. I love all of your posts. Also, LOVE that Christmas canvas. Can't wait to see your progress. So amazingly colorful!!!! Luckily, I am finished all Christmas shopping and wrapping (only one gift left to wrap).

  2. Betty Crocker Clinic. My whole family needs to go and dry out.

  3. Beautiful progress on your Christmas canvas Coni!

    Don't worry, I've only bought two gifts this year and no tree. I plan to do the rest when I'm in Florida. I think I'm the world's biggest procrastinator. I'd much rather stalk blogs. :)

  4. Coni, I so needed this laugh today. My transmission died and with it being this close to Christmas....I am just so very depressed. Thank you so much for the laugh.

  5. I heart you and Stewey.

    That is all.

  6. Oh I love Krispie hubby makes them really good. I also enjoy visitng all the blogs...alwys look forward to what Stewey...I mean you have to say!

  7. Now here is a key arguement for being Jewish (as I am)...Our holiday is finished---most of the gifts were wrapped and given two weeks ago! Only one family left (my son's family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve), but since everybody else's gifts had to be ready early, those for his family are too!

    Now is an easy time for me -- to stitch and to blog read...ah peace!

  8. I must confess that I find myself spending more of my 'stitching' time blog hopping than I used to. It is wonderful finding new blogs from your favorite blogs, and on and on. The tutorials are amazing, the eye-candy is inspiring.. Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm ready for blogger rehab!

  9. I love your blog hun; please if you have time "stalk" on over and check mine out.. :)

    Merry Xmas

    Hugs, Shar

  10. Yup, I think I got my workout today. It's been a difficult week, so I got way behind on my blog reading. But today I caught up, and it took about three hours. That sees to be a good workout! Thanks for making me laugh today.

  11. Love you and Stewey and enjoy reading about your days and outlooks on life. Thanks for taking time to post. Wouldn't miss it. :) Cathryn

  12. You and Stewey were put on this earth to bring extra joy to my life!! I'm sure of it, especially today!! I hope all four of you (can't forget Aunt Crissy and Bossy...ummm, I mean Bosco,) have a wonderful Christmas filled with LOTS of love and laughter!!! :)PS - what's on your must-stitch" list for 2011? Inquiring minds (a.k.a. "snoopy" minds want to know!!!!!

    PS - What's on your "mus

  13. I LOVE this blog - and I stalk for the same reasons, too! My day runs right when I read you and Stewey!

  14. I agree that blog hopping is a total addiction !!! I love it though.... it is great to see everybody's work. It is the web equivalent of getting together with stitching friends and check out what everyone is working on.

  15. Who designed that wonderful canvas?

  16. Blog stalking... yep I have that problem too!!

    Since I have discovered blogs I find that hours go by without me even realising it - good to read that it is a cardio exercise!!! But it is not good for my stitching time.... (or the housework - but who cares about housework!)

    I am so glad that I have found your blog - it really cracks me up.. I will be back!!!!

    If you're in the mood to do some stalking on a new blog please do come and visit me at

    Look forward to reading and laughing at the further adventures of Stewey and Coni and Aunty Chrissy!

  17. Mishawaka, Indiana . . . . formerly of Logansport, Indiana here. I knew there was a reason I liked your blog . . . .
    Hoosier hysteria, ie. h
    Hoosier humor.