Nov 22, 2010


Rusty O'Toole
Laura J. Perin Designs
18ct. mono canvas in Heritage Sandstone
threads as called for in the chart plus DMC memory wire

Well, here he is. The new man in my life. This one doesn't have a face, so he can't sit on his little perch and make smarmy comments about me and my fumble-bumbling through life. He can't, furthermore, complain about the thermostat set to "meat locker", he doesn't veto my choice of lounge wear, and he certainly can't call his Aunt Chrissy to report on the latest shenanigans involving me and whatever failed craft project is now strew about the studio floor.

In short, he's just perfect for me.

I can't tell you how much fun I had working this piece. I followed all of the instructions (which are fabulous, by the way), but ran into a big fat roadblock when it came time to make mums. Laura's look so...autumnaly festive. That's how I wanted mine to look. But after three days of futzing and frogging, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to make mine look anything like the ones on the front of the chart. So I punted and used the DMC memory stuff and a few little extra green leaves instead.

At first I thought..."too many leaves", but then I smacked myself in the forehead and said "That's what autumn is all about, Charlie Brown. Too many leaves." So too many leaves it is.

I'm off to do some banking today in the midst of a thunderstorm. Who the heck decided that rain and wind and thunder and lightening was what Hoosierville needed on a Monday morning should be given a stern talking to. Time to go wake up Stewey and let him have the honors.

(Besides, he's better at shaking his little paw at the skies while muttering "Go away, rain!" and I've got the added bonus that he will then pee on the drapes for emphasis.) Damn dog.


  1. Love your new man. Perfect in time for Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful. And, he won't even steal the remote, eat everything in sight, and add to your laundry pile. :)


  3. Ahhh, the perfect man. Silent and strong. :)

    Love your decorations on the front of the house. Beeeee-u-tee-full!


  5. YAY, Happy Dance! (Uh-Oh, maybe Stewie thinks you did a rain dance by mistake and the weather is all your fault? Hence the drapes...) Fantastic job on Rusty, as usual. I think the mums and leaves are perfecto!

    My little doggie won't go in the rain, either....she just stands there staring woefully at me while reacting to each and every raindrop like I'm a big Blue Meanie for letting her get wet. Silly doggie.

    Can't wait to see your next project!

  6. What a perfect man! You did good girl...can't wait to see it framed. Are you picking on Stewie again?!

  7. That damn scarecrow may be silent, but STRONG?? He's stuffed with straw!! The perfect man? He has a stick between his legs. OK, maybe THAT part is acceptable. But really, No, Coni, no. He is not the perfect man for you. I'd rather see you with anything but the damn scarecrow! Even that fat old man who calls himself Santa and has elves for friends, that I mentioned yesterday. Ay least he brings presents, and not crow poop all over his shoulders after a hard day's work. URRGGHH! I can't take anymore of the scarecrow!

  8. Beautiful! The border is really nice. For a second I thought you said you had some barking to do. Time for new specs I guess.

  9. Yes, the perfect man! Does he have a brother?

    Beautiful work, Coni!

  10. I love Rusty Coni! I think you did lovely on the border...

    Kisses to Stewey (STOP PEEING ON THOSE DRAPES!!)

  11. He's terrific, and I love his anonimity!
    btw, your house looks fantabulous too!
    Have a scrumptious Turkey Day!

  12. Rusty is wonderful! Your house is beautifully decorated. I've been thinking about you and Stewey today because I think the weather is bad where you are. Hopefully you both are warm and toasty. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see your next project.