Nov 26, 2010


Aunt Chrissy and I have concluded the Spinster Stitcher Sisters Official Thanksgiving Extravaganza of 2010 with a few delicate burps (followed by a patting of the chest area and an "Oh, excuse me! I beg your very pardon!"), a two-litre bottle of Mylanta, and splitting barometric pressure headaches that sent us both to bed at 7:30 last night. (Note to area weathermen...when you say it's going to snow, please get on with it and stop monkeying around with the damn barometer. Some of us prefer a nice steady high pressure, thank you very much.)

We did have a lovely meal, but after all of the fuss was over and we were seated at the dining room table wondering when the crew of elves would arrive to clean up the mess, we both looked at each other and said "You know. I really don't like turkey very much at all. As a matter of fact I think I hate turkey and I would be happy to never see, smell, touch, or taste another turkey again." (I personally think it tastes like a wet dog smells, but that's just me.)

We did, however, both agree that we simply love us some stuffing, and Ina's Sagaponack Corn Pudding is one for the record books. THAT one will stay on the menu into perpetuity. The turkey though? Not so much.

I would also like to call my girl Martha and tell her that the pumpkin cream pie on a gingerbread crust was simply divine, but that she probably should have poked me with a wooden spoon and told me to cook the filling longer. It we say...rather unsettled.

(Stewey, bless his little heart, thought it was perfect and reminded me that anything with the word PUMPKIN (!) in it was just fine with him.)

So there you have it kids. A full report on the comings and goings and eatings of this particular portly stitchin' spinster and her fabulous little sister (who is not, by the way, the least bit portly and who looks smashing in her new l.l. bean fancypants jeans).

The boys somewhat behaved themselves, the fireplace lent a warm and festive atmosphere, and thanks to some Wednesday afternoon cleaning, the fridge was up to the task of housing all of the leftovers.

Next year, though, we're having ham.


  1. I agree with you on the turkey !! We are Ham eater in my house. Does sound like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    I'll have your share of turkey.

    BTW, I picked you for The Beautiful Blogger Award. Stop by this post to pick it up.

  3. Happy belated to the Spinster family! You know, I bet you'll have turkey again next year though. I think we all forget the hugh mess that results from turkey roasting, side-dish and dessert preparation about mid-Feburary. I know I do, because every November, I can't wait to find a great deal on the "perfect turkey" with thoughts of an incredible turkey feast. After all, the clean-up only lasts a few days!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Aunt Chrissy. I'd say pass the turkey leftovers this way but even with only roasting a breast, we have plenty.

  5. So glad you had a good on to the weekend, a LOTS of stitching -- at least for me, hopefully for you guys too!

  6. I agree with you - turkey is not my fave either :) I'm lucky that my Italian mother-in-law always has large quantities of homemade pasta on Thanksgiving - this year it was ravioli! And she knows I love ham so we always have that for Christmas.
    Glad you and yours had an enjoyable holiday!

  7. All in all, sounds like you had a nice day...I wouldn't mind skippingturkey...ham alwasy sounds good to me...

  8. The stuffing is always the best part, isn't it? Yum! I'll have to check out the Corn Pudding. Ina can do no wrong in my book. I made a pumpkin pie this year and thought I would channel Martha and cut out little maple leaves from the leftover dough to adorn the edges and middle of the pie. But I forgot to brush butter on them so they would brown and at first my sister thought the one in the center was a little dollop of whipped cream....(pic on my blog...I think she needs new glasses....the cheek...;) Tasted good, though! It sounds like you cooked up a real treat at Chez Spinster. Re-heated leftover stuffing is even better than stuffing straight out of the oven in my book! Have a fabulous stitching & re-heating weekend!

    p.s. I hope the barometric pressure is better there....I get those headaches, too. What a bother. Can't stitch with one of those.

  9. I like turkey well enough, but not more than a couple of times a year. I like the stuffing best too... we had Italian Chard stuffing and it was transcendent! What is best about cooking a big bird is the turkey pot pie!

    As to Thanksgiving cleanup... I am not the cook, just the kitchen drudge and I clean as he goes... basically washing up all day long. Then, the after dinner clean up only takes a couple of hours.

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

  10. I tell you what, Coni, I am thankful for your blog - you make me smile! Glad you enjoyed your day (you don't even like a nice turkey with some salt and pepper, lettuce on a yummy rye bread the next day? Yum!

  11. so. that's why my sinuses felt like they were exploding out of my head and face Thursday night?!

    my tummy is still trying to recover. Ugh.

  12. LOL! A friend of mine at the office always serves osso bucco at Thanksgiving, and lobster at Christmas. Glad you had a good holiday.

  13. Coni, glad that you had a festive Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinner (complete with turkey) is my absolute favorite -- of course it involves a dozen sides & three kinds of dressing. It also lets me indulge in one of my favorite things - the Thanksgiving sandwich (best for breakfast the next day right after a big slice of leftover coconut cake): two slabs of thick bread, sliced turkey breast, a healthy dose of stuffing and slices of cranberry sauce). Yum - I think I'll go have another.

    Looking forward to reading more of your antics. Happy holidays.