Nov 8, 2010


Sometimes I forget just how much I love to switch up my stitching. As y'all know, I've been on the cross stitching bus for quite some time, so picking up a counted canvas piece has been a nice change of pace. (I suppose this means I need to make a mental note to vary my projects every now and then so that I can keep myself nimble in the stitchy area, no?)

(Oh, but wait. If I have to make a mental note, then I need to delete one that's already in know, only so much space in the tiny little brain that belongs to me so that when something new comes in something old has to go out.)

(Wonder how much space I could free up if I deleted everything I know about fat grams, carbs, and calorie counts of all of the things that I stuff into my face on a daily basis?)

(I bet it's a lot...)

Sorry. For a minute there I got lost in thought and didn't realize that you were still along for the ride. Amazing how a semi-literate person can abuse those ( ) to show an off-topic thought every four and half words, don't you think?

Progress continues with Rusty. As you can see I am almost finished with his shirt and then it's on to the pants! I haven't finished his facial features yet, and I'm not really sure if I'm ever going to. Somehow having a boyfriend who can't hear me screeching, see my disheveled hot mess of a look, or smelling the Ben Gay that I use on the inside of my elbow to prevent stitching soreness is a plus.

Oh, and that not having a mouth thing so that he can't gripe about what an idiot I am or how the house is a mess or berating me for how much time and money I spend on all things stitchy related is most definitely a reason to keep him the International Man O' Mystery for just a while longer.

Stewey woke up with a terrible cold today. He's coughing and sneezing and runny nose-ing all over the place. I was worried enough to call his v-e-t, but they assure me that it's just a little seasonal thing and that a few hours sleeping in the sunshine will do wonders for him. I added tea and toast and a fresh hanky tucked into the pocket of his little robe for good measure, so methinks he'll be up and ready for PUMPKIN (!) later this afternoon.

That's the Monday report. I hope that yours is swell and that you are doing exactly what you want to today. Woo Hoo!


  1. Oh my Monday is just swell 'cause I got to read your blog!! Whoo Hoo... Love your progress on Rusty. Have a great week !!

  2. Get well Stewey! And enjoy stitching Rusty. I did him a couple years ago -- he's fast and fun ;)

  3. I like your progress on Rusty. I also like your ideas of not putting a face on him yet! :)

    Take care of Mr. Stewey!

  4. Great progress! I hope Stewey feels back to his (ahem) normal self (ahem) soon!!!

  5. Ok... the mental note thing? Get around the lack of space in the skull with post it notes... that's what I do.

    Rusty looks wonderful... except that without a face he inexplicably reminds me of Freddy Krueger. Don't ask why, 'cause I don't know.

    Poor Stewey, I hope his seasonal thing goes away soon.

  6. Poor Stewey !! I seen on the news where dogs can get the Flu and now they have come out with a flu shot for dogs. Tell Stewey to let you know asap if he starts feelin worse. Rusty is looking so cute ~~~

  7. Very Handsome -- and I like Rusty's about "A Face in the Crowd" -- dating myself a bit now.
    Hope Stewey is his very self really soon!

  8. Awe...poor Stewey! Add some honey and lemon to his tea, and tuck him up in his blankie!

    I love your scarecrow...i`m trying to remember it`s still fall and not put up the xmas tree yet...

    Kisses to the Stew-meister...

  9. just what exactly is the difference between cross stitching and cross stitching ? I am cornfused... how is this sitching it up a bit? Huh? Huh?
    maybe canvas vs. cloth?

  10. Great start Coni!! Poor guy definitely needs a face though! :) Hope Stewey feels better soon!