Sep 13, 2010


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's all weepy and va-clempt over the love that y'all sent her over her ridiculous shenanigans. I tried to tell her that you probably make fun of her in secret and that she really shouldn't prance around the house with my tiara on her head, feeling like the Supreme High Exalted Princess of the Universe Because So Many Nice People Make Her Feel Special, but she didn't hear a word I said.

So please allow me to send a very heartfelt thank you out there to Stitchy Blogville for your kind boo-hoos over my mo-ther and her stupid propensity for getting herself in trouble with the most mundane things.

As for me, I thought I'd give you a little peek into my day so far. It started bright and early when I decided that Mommie Dearest needed to get out of the bed already and take me for a walk around the block. She wasn't at all happy about having to put on a b-r-a that early in the day, but she did so and hauled her fat heiney around the 1/2 mile block two times in the spirit of finally losing enough weight to stop qualifying for her own zip code. This would have been really really good had she not come into the house and decided on a tomato bagel for breakfast. She takes an everything bagel and smears chive/onion cream cheese on it and then tops that off with a thick slab of tomato. I suppose it's not the WORST thing she could eat, but would a smoothie every once in a while kill her? How about some yogurt or oatmeal? Good God...doesn't she realize that the calories and fat content are bad enough, but that the BREATH is enough to knock the hands of a clock?! Oey.

I trotted out to the back garden to do a little weeding for the old lady once she jumped into the shower. Our very back garden has been looking terrible all summer long, so I decided to get out there with my gloves, hat, and clogs on and see what I could do to remedy the situation. I think I did a pretty good job. Here's me checking out my progress after I had bagged and removed all of the detritus: I also wanted to make an official apology to Mom over her previous decision to whack the rose bush to within an inch of its life. Apparently, it's just what the damn thing needed:
Finally, I'll give you a glimpse of the progress on Quaker Diamonds. At the rate she's going, we might actually have to start thinking about a frame for this one by the end of the month! I believe that she is now almost finished with the fourth section, so that means she only has five to go. But, based upon my calculations, I think she might be a little more than half done with this one, since the top doesn't seem to have as many large moteefs.
That's the report from Lake WoeBeSpinter today, folks. We're off to a fast-paced week of eye exams and mammograms. All she needs now is a lady doctor appointment, and all of her parts have been officially checked out for the year. I had my check up last Tuesday and am happy to report that I remain, as always, perfectly perfect in every way.

I hope that you have a splendid Monday and the week brings nothing but good things to you!

With love from your pal,


  1. Stewey, you always brighten my day and I think you take very good care of your mo-ther! The garden looks beautiful and so do you! What color are your clogs, by the way? Mine are lime green. I hope you have a wonderfully wonderful day, too!

  2. Quaker Diamonds is beautiful!!! I really want to stitch this one day soon! :)

  3. The yard looks terrific, Stewey! As always, another job well done by you! You should have snapped a pic of you in your garden garb. I would have loved to see that!!! Quaker Diamonds is still looking fab. I have to say it's nice to see your Mother doing a cross stitch piece, although I do love her needlework pieces also.

  4. Just a question and hope you can include the answer in a future blog. Do you and Stewey do your own framing or do you have it professionally done? Thanks. I have several pieces that need framing and am thinking about going door-to-door asking for donations. It's just so darn expensive.

  5. Quaker Diamond is just gorgeous. And, Stewey, you always make me smile but so does your Mommy. Your Mom did a great job on the rose bush thats for sure, but sometimes you have to be kinda ruthless to be kind.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  6. Hi Connie. Lscoove the stitching. How are you getting on with 'Her Fearful Symmetry'? Every time I go to London I try to get 'The Other Half' to take me to Highgate, a visit not yet achieved!

  7. Thank goodness Mo-ther is feeling better after her spill.

    The garden looks as it should at this time of the year.

    Quaker Diamonds is on order for my grubby paws...Mo-ther's looks great!

  8. Stewey, Please thank your Mo-ther for me for posting about her dryer sheet incident. It saved me from a nasty spill myself. Chrissy, my 18-year-old siamese kitty, was evidently playing with a dryer sheet and left it in the middle of the floor. I almost stepped on it but the vision of your mo-ther falling made me stop and pick it up. I'm glad you could help your bruised up mo-ther in the yard. That's very kind of you. Hope you both have a very good week.

  9. Quaker Diamonds is really coming along! I am glad you helped your mo-ther with the weeding. I wish Grace Kelly would do that for me! Perhaps you wouldn't mind dropping her a hint?