Sep 21, 2010


*****EDITED TO ADD*****The purple thingies on the left are indeed peppers. When you cut them open they are bright lime green and they are very tasty indeed. The little red thing is a tomato (duh), and the yellow thingies are bannana peppers that I think are supposed to be mild-ish.

OK, kids. Channel your inner Martha for me and tell me what to do with the last harvest from the Spinster Stitcher Sister Garden. Should I chop it all up and make some kind of salsa? Pickle it all? Puree and freeze? What?! I was so proud of myself for actually going out there into the hinterlands and getting this stuff off of the vines that I don't want it to go to waste. Ideas, please.

I'm off to an appointment while Stewey sleeps in the sun. He and I didn't sleep very well last night, but at about 4am he put his little paw on my arm and said "Mo-ther. Turn off the damn lights already and go to bed or you'll have bags under your eyes tomorrow and you'll be crankier than usual." And then he gave me a few Valium and a martini and all was well.

(Just kidding about that last part. I don't drink and/or do Valium. I figure I have about three wits left and I'd like to keep them about me as long as I can.)

(Besides....I have a theory that we are all allotted a certain number of "stupid points" in our lifetime, and I believe that used all of mine up during that particularly frenzied summer back in the 80's.)

I'm still plugging away on Quaker Diamonds and am determined to finish it this week. I have one last big motif to complete and then it's all down hill from there. I wonder if I would be able to get it done before the expiration date of the 60% off sale? Hmmm. Motivation, thy name is SAVINGS!

Are you all having a fun and fabulous Tuesday?


  1. By a happy accident I stumbled upon your lovely blog. Your post about your little dog is so funny.......I now have visions of your darling dog mixing you up a martini whilst raising his eyebrows (can dogs raise their eyebrows, I they even have eyebrows) and giving you a good telling off for staying up so late. I'm off now to have a little peek through your archives........if you'll pardon the expression.
    florrie x

  2. Are the purple ones peppers or eggplant? If eggplant, make yourself some ratatouille!

  3. Pickled Peppers
    1 cup sugar
    2 cups water
    1 dessertspoon salt
    1 tsp pickling spice

    Boil together 5 minutes.
    In the meantime prepare 14 peppers, wash, core, remove seeds and slice into four lenthwise. Add peppers to the syrup and simmer for 1/2 minute. Pack into sterilised jars. Add a piece of cinnamon stick to each jar and cover to overflowing with syrup. Seal. They are ready to use in about 3 weeks.

  4. Salsa, that's what I would make.

  5. Pickled peppers! Definitely!!! That's what we did this past weekend.

  6. Martha said to make sausage and peppers out of the green and purple ones. Pickle the others and when they are ready get some salami, spread a little (or lot) or cream cheese on it, put a slice of pickled pepper on the end and roll it. Stab with tooth picks, slice and serve. Never tried this with pickled peppers, BUT it is excellent with pickled okra. I KNOW! But truly, it is! Enjoy

  7. Peppers Eggs & Potatoes with some? that is my Italian showing.

    Clean them and chop them...freeze them and use them later to cook with.

    Ooooo Giardenera? Pickling them with other veggies?

    make some stuffed peppers. Don't cook them but freeze them raw. Then pop them out and cook them whenever you like. I always freeze mine with tomato sauce...out of the freezer and into the over or crock pot. Then leftovers become stuffed pepper soup.

  8. The first time I found your blog I laughed and laughed till I cried. My son came out of his room to see if I was o.k.
    Clean cut and freeze your peppers and you can use them in several dishes this fall and winter.

  9. With your banana peppers you could try threading a needle with some string and passing that through the stalk part and then hang them to dry (like chilli peppers).

    Try a pepper and tomato chutney with the rest.

  10. We always freeze them and I use them in spaghetti sauce, soup, and other things I can't remember all winter long. The salsa sounds really good, though!