Aug 1, 2010


Aunt Chrissy and Bosco came for a light Sunday evening supper, a rousing game of Doozie Ball, and then I settled in with some stitching and a movie for company. Mistake. Big mistake.

Now, please understand that I will watch just about everything when it comes to movies, and if there's a hunky handsome man involved in the overall plot I'd probably watch paint dry if it meant I got to see Kevin Costner in a robe.

I suppose what I'm trying to say here is that I'm not a movie snob. I'm really not at all. As a matter of fact, if you ask me what my top ten movies would be the list goes something like this:

1. Ghostbusters.
2. Out of Africa.
3. You've Got Mail.
4. Cinema Paradiso.
5. Jaws.
etc. etc. etc.

So when my dvr thingie suggested that I might like to see Basic Instinct 2 I figured "Hey, I like Sharon Stone. And I love a good plot twist or two, so how bad could this be?"

Well, let me tell you that I could not tear my eyes away from the damn thing and it had nothing to do with the fact that I was interested in the story or that I thought the location was fabulous (hello, London!) or that the clothes were beautiful. I kept watching the damn thing because I fully expected Sharon to turn to the camera and say "Surprise! I thought I'd star in the National Lampoon version of Basic Instinct and since these nice people paid me all of this money and all, I thought I'd show a nipple or two and be done with it".

Eye yai yai yai yai. Bad, I tell ya. Just bad.

Stewey was so disgusted that he turned his back to the TeeVee and decided to channel his inner snooze. He was completely tuckered out from his Doozie session with his Aunt Chrissy, and he thought I was a complete boob for not turning the damn thing off already and just reading a book or something.

So I'm working happily along on Laura J. Perin's Daisy Collage. I am in the home stretch now and think I might complete this one by the end of the week at the rate I'm going. I still love love love it and am thinking about what I might do with it once it's stitched. Pillow? Box top? A fabulous summer tote? I'll keep you posted.

The only other news from here in SpinsterVille is that I seem to have done something completely catastrophic to my right knee. I don't know what that means exactly, but let's just say that I'm envisioning a trip to an orthopedist this week. As it is now I'm hobbling around with a Target brace thingie on it hoping that the diagnosis does not involve the letters A, C, or L. Drat.

I know, I know. It's not like I'm an athlete in training or anything and this will set my schedule back for completing that triathlon next month. But when I head to the kitchen for something that I shouldn't eat, would it be too much to ask that it not hurt so much to do so?

That's the report for this time, kids. We're off to August like a herd of turtles! Do you suppose that it will be any cooler than July?


  1. My grandmother tore her ACL *dusting*. I believe her, since I am positive she doesn't have a secret NFL career. Hope you are better soon.

  2. Oh I love the Perin piece - such pretty colors and the stitches add great texture. Hope the knee isn't too serious. My best friend messed up her knee getting out of bed --- tsk tsk -- getting older isn't for sissies. Happy stitching -

  3. I love your progress on Daisy Collage...the colors are so pretty. So sorry about your knee, I hope it feels better soon. Only good thing is that you will be forced to sit and stitch more :)
    As for the weather in August, it won't be cooler than July here in So. Calif. I have yet to turn my air conditioner on, which is very unusual, but I suspect the heat will come in Aug, Sept and Oct, as it usually does here.

    Love the photo of sweet Stewey all curled up in a cute!

  4. The Daisy Collage is beautiful. Stewey is just a little cutie. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!

  5. I adored Cinema Paradiso! Love Stewey too!

  6. Get the ice out and prop that leg up! I do hope you didn't tear it. No fun being immobile. Although Aunt Chrissy could wait on you and you could stitch all day, or watch movies. No, you'd also have physical therapy. No fun there.

  7. Love the Daisy Collage! I think it would make a fabulous Fabulous Summer Tote. Sorry about the knee. Replace that with heel, and you have my current predicament.

  8. I laughed out loud at the title of this post, as BF and I say this all the time when we see something atrocious on TV, even if it's for five minutes. I did see Basic Instinct 2 when it came out. NOTHING like the first one. Daisy Chain is looking fab. I vote for a box top. Hope your knee is not bad at all. Sending good thoughts your way.

  9. Oh no!!! So sorry about your knee. Hopefully all that will be required to set it to rights is a little knee r&r! I injured mine about 12 yrs ago, never really attended to it, and lately it has really been acting up.

    Stewey is such a doll. :) Love the LJP piece!

  10. Poor Coni! I've had to have knee surgery for both knees (torn meniscus). One when I was actually doing some serious exercising and the other when I was getting into my car. Hope you don't have to go through that.

    Sharon Stone? Mmmm, never have thought she could act.

    And Daisy Chain looks wonderful! I want that one and the latest from Ms. LJP. Not that I need anymore projects mind you.

  11. Coni, I also hope it doesn't involve the letters TKA (total knee arthroplasty-or-knee replacement) it isn't much fun, but 2 weeks post op I can say it does allow one to STITCH, STITCH, STITCH!! THe only catch is you pretty much have tostay with a handpainted canvas-counting and pain meds do not a good match make!!

  12. Good luck with the knee -- Just plant yourself in your big comfy chair and prop it up! The rest of the house will wait -- believe me, those dust bunnies don't travel at all -- they just hang around and wait for you to be ready for them.

    Love the Miss Laura J piece!

  13. Owie! Any knee acting abnormally is no fun at all. Hope it turns out to be something not-so-serious.

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