Jul 15, 2010


So it appears that y'all think that I am the only amoozing one in our stupid little family of two. (Ahem, I meant to say family of FOUR...forgot the pups, don't you know.) Actually, that letter was written by Aunt Chrissy Her Very Self, and if I may say so, she is most definitely the better EVERYTHING of the two of us.

I will admit that her humor is a little more sophisticated than mine, but if I think real hard and get all concentrate-y and stuff I can almost understand her subtle sarcasm.

Anywhoose....seems that Bosco is not the only puppy around here that's peeved at moi. Stewey has decided that he is going to run away from home if I don't let him back on the 'puter to write to his adoring public, but I am trying to be THE MOMMIE and make sure he behaves himself like a fussy little gentleman this summer. That means that he has been enrolled in Comportment Classes at the local library and that we are trying to dial down the overall "attitude" around here.

In short, I am trying to re-establish myself as the alpha.


It's not working very well.

In the Mergers and Acquisitions department, I do have a few new things to share. First up is Laura J. Perin's Daisy Chain. Isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on? Isn't it? Well, let me tell you that the photograph doesn't do this justice. The colors are simply....divine. I can't wait to get this one on stretcher bars.

Next is a BAP that I saw on a bunch of blogs that caused me to have lust in my heart. It's Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor, and I'm going to stitch it on a fabulous piece of 28 count "Country Mocha" linen. Methinks this one is going to have to go on scroll rods. I can already see myself getting flusterated with the excess fabric hanging over the q-snaps. (Well, will you look at that? I'm actually THINKING AHEAD and not getting myself into fizzy tits over a simple problem that has an even simpler solution.)

Ooops. I just typed "fizzy tits".

(Tee hee hee hee hee.)

Sometimes I just crack my own self right up. Can you tell?

Finally, I want to share a lovely RAK that came from our VBDSF "Daisy Girl". She said that she thought of Stewey when she saw this. Isn't it the cutey-ist? I was only able to play with it for a few moments, though, since Stewey snatched it from my paws and took it to his stitching studio in his little fort under the bed. Methinks he has a new summer project commencing soon.. Damn dog. But...THANK YOU DAISY GIRL! You just rocked our little world over here in Hoosierville.

Last night I added some stitches to my canvas, and, in the light of day, I am wondering if cocktails and stitching past midnight are really such a good idea. The stitch guide (written for me by Ms. Ruth Schmuff Her Very Self) told me to do a basketweave twill with Planet Earth silk and Rainbow Gallery's "Fuzzy Stuff". Here's what I came up with:

Too much? Or just the perfect little puff of whimsy that will give this canvas that something extra? I actually like the little poofs of white fluff and will probably leave them there as an o-modge to my little Stewey and his downy white furry little self. I'm just a little concerned about getting the beads in there adequately. Maybe I'll randomly space them for a little bling without getting too terribly fussy? (But wait....soft white downy fur naturally calls for fussy, doesn't it?)

So those are the decisions and updates for the day. I'm off to find a cool drink and an even cooler Happy Chair. It's going to be a real scorcher today and God knows I'm not built for this.

I hope you're doing exactly what it is you want to do today! Woo Hoo!


  1. "In short, I am trying to re-establish myself as the alpha."

    You could try my Dad's approach.

    "Master Stewie, I have provided you with three hots and a cot; sent you to good schools and colleges. I am your lord and master and will be obeyed!"

    This has not worked with five children, 10 grandchildren, and countless numbers of animal-children and animal-grandchildren. I think it makes him feel better but it doesn't accomplish much.

    I know alcohol and yarn and thread don't mix but it never stops me.

  2. When we had to teach my father's dog that Mother and I were also alpha, we got down on the ground and growled at her. It didn't really work for too long, but it helped ease our frustrations. Since then, I've also tried that method on my cat, but he just thought it was funny and dusted my face with his tail. :)

  3. I love the white fuzzy spots. A friend of mine just finished Quaker Diamonds. It's a gorgeous
    piece! Lucky you.

    Good luck with the alpha-stuff.

  4. Coni, Love the Daisy Chain !! That fuz looks great! Don't change a thing !!

  5. What a variety of projects. The canvas one all that pink reminds me of cotton candy. (but very cute) I have not tried canvas yet. Goodluck with the "alpha". I bet Stewie will let you think you are the pack leader!

  6. You always make me smile. You are one brave woman to post all those projects at once. Doesn't Stewey get upset when he sees your stash? Stay cool. It is going to be hot for a while so turn up the air and find something cool to stitch!

  7. I just love Quaker diamonds - I'm going to get that chart :)

  8. Well, Coni, you just about have me ready to take up a needlepoint project with all that Daisy stuff. First ribbon, and now fuz! Love the fuz.

    I must have had a really bad migraine last nigt (worse than I thought) becuse I missed your legal post. Adore the law firm's name. Having worked in the legal field for far too many years, I think it is a rather accurate title for a law firm :-). Especially one representing dogs. Hey, now you know why I use moniker! Cheers. Enjoy your hot weather.

  9. Love your aquisitions.

    I do BAP's with q-snaps, but I keep the excess fabric rolled up and secured with those hair clip things used to double up your ponytail. They kind of look like this:
    ( )
    Know which ones I mean?

    Suffering the heat with you in the southern part of Hoosierville!

  10. The Rosewood Manor trunk show is at my LNS and on a "whim" well really not because of a "whim" more of because I did a trip back axle when I saw Quaker Diamonds and then when I saw Quaker and Quilts I did another....they. are. simply. fabulous. So both came home to live with me. Someday soon, I hope to start at least one of them because as I said...they. are. simply. fabulous. (!) in real life....

  11. Oh Coni, you crack me up too! Your blog brings a smile to my face every time I read it! Love the new stitches you are going to start - the colors in Daisy Chair are so stunning...and quaker - that is a big (BIG) project. stitch happy!!

  12. Your blog brings a smile to my face every time Iread it. My little dog, Sammi gets to read Stewey post so she would like you to let him blog again. The quaker piece is wonderful.