Jul 14, 2010


I came home to a rather unpleasant "situation" today. My puppy tot nephew, Bosco, has apparently retained an attorney and is suing my big fat white heiney over my recent post....

I herewith attach a copy of the letter for your perusal.

(And yes, Aunt Chrissy and I REALLLLLY need to get a life.)


Law Office of Sniff-em, Poop-em and Pee-em
53920 East Park Ave.
New York, New York, 51126

Constance J. Rich
AKA: Aunt C.J.

RE: Bosco Oliver Willowswamp Rich
Blog Post of July 13, 2010 and posting of picture

Dear Ms. Rich:

Bosco Oliver Willowswamp Rich has retained this law firm to represent him in a dispute he wishes to discuss with you regarding your Spinster Stitcher Blog post, dated July 13, 2010.

The picture posted on your site was taken without our client’s knowledge. Mr. Bosco feels that it depicts him in an unflattering pose and he is concerned with his on-going web image. He is rather concerned that his ‘money maker’ was not properly positioned for optimal viewing.

Although he is rather flattered that you choose to include him in your blog post, in the future he would like to be able to discuss any posing, lighting and possible eyes closed issues.

Mr. Bosco would also like to be included in all past and future profits for his image posted on your site. His remit address for payments is XXXXXXXXXX.

Finally Mr. Bosco would like to extend his greatest love and appreciation for his ‘Aunt C.J.’ and would like to humbly thank you for including him on your Spinster Stitcher Blog.

Jack T. Flying-Monkeys, P.C.


  1. Oh my gosh! You all just crack me up and bring me a much needed smile.

  2. You are too funny! Where do you come up with this stuff? LOL But you know - he does have a point. Do any of us want pictures of ourselves with our butts high in the air slung across the internet. Me things none of us! I'm going to be smiling about this one for a while.

  3. If you please, stop being so dam funny. I nearly peed up the drapes laughing.

  4. Can he be paid off in doggie cookies?? If not I have a son who's taking the bar exam in a couple of weeks, maybe he could represent you -- LOL!

    PS: the daisies are going to bloom beautifully on this canvas.

  5. Ha, ha, ha! I could gift you some Farmville coins, but that's all I've got. Best of luck with the lawyers.

  6. Where's Perry Mason when you need him?

  7. Ha ha ha ha. I swear your blog is my favorite out of all that I read. If Bosco is anything like Stewey, maybe you can placate him with a nice spa day?

  8. I do love reading your blog, you give me such a laugh.

    Loving your stitching.

  9. you are a funeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lady!

  10. You are priceless. Thank you for the laugh. (JRTs have the cutest little rumps, don't they.)

  11. LMAO! Great way to start the morning blog-trolling!

  12. How hilarious! You should tell Bosco-boy that he should be proud of what his mamma gave him! If you got it, FLAUNT it!

    Hugs to Stew-man!

  13. Dear Aunt C.J.,
    You better watch your backside or Bosco will sneak up on you and return the favor of a picture of you. He He He.
    Hide the camera.