Jul 13, 2010


Aunt Chrissy and Bosco came for wienies on the grill this weekend and my puppy tot nephew discovered a new friend....a frog! Believe me when I tell you that little Mr. Pudge Pot is all boy and he was under that grill before we knew what he was up to.

Stewey, of course, was much more tentative:
"Did you see it, Bosco? Was it ferocious and beastly? Does it look like one of the women on Real Housewives of New Jersey?"

So then I got the proverbial burr up my...nose and pulled out all of the daisies on the canvas that I'm still working on, and thankfully, still in love with. And instead of futzing with them further, I put some attention to the background and then tried just one daisy to see if I was on track:
See the center of the flower? It's couched boucle'....makes it look like one of those old fashioned bedspreads that your grandma had in the guest room. Don't you think? The green part will have beads in between the green silk stitches, so bling bling bling is soon to ensue.

I'll leave you with a pic of some glads that I picked up at the grocery store this weekend. They were a buck a bunch. How the heck could I NOT?

Aren't they pretty? I'm just amazed at how lovely they make the whole darn room look. Dog pee and all.

Gotta' go....Danielle just got the weave ripped off her head at the North Jersey Country Club....


  1. Great leapin' frogs! How did the pups make out? Did they catch it?? LOL

    Your WIP is looking great! And the glads are beautiful...

  2. Daisy looks spot-on! Good for you, not fearing the frog. Gotta love the process. Bosco is too cute with his money-maker sky high! And, holy hair weave Batman, Jersey?!!! What a train wreck!

  3. Coni - I've been looking and staring and looking and thinking and pondering that bird's tail. It just seems to be totally lost under the flower but it looks like it should be over the flower. What if you couched in some real feathers on that tail? Was thinking maybe two, three, or four nice brown feathers. Okay...so I'm a crazy fan. lol I've been having some problems with my own canvas and looking at yours was easier than looking at my own. Keep up the good work, Pamela in Tucson, AZ

  4. I laughed OUT LOUD when I read Stewey's comment about the frog, it looking like one of the housewives. Too funny! The daisy looks SO MUCH better on the end of the bird's tail. Can't wait to see more on the canvas. Your house, inside and outside, always looks so, so great, nice and neat, or do you just do that for the pictures? LOL

  5. Chenille! My mom has chenille bedspreads in one of the summer place's guest rooms. Very old fashioned. She hunted those down (she didn't want them to be "too grandma" or "too floral") like Bosco on a frog.

    I like that flower too.

  6. The daisy looks excellent!

    Bosco didn't have "frogs legs" for lunch that day, did he?

    I've given up on the RH franchise and didn't watch the last two episodes of Joisey. It's just too ugly.

  7. Love the stitch you are using for the background. And laying the daisy on top makes it pop.

    I MUST find me some painted canvases so I can play like you do.

  8. Hi Coni, I'm glad you're still working on this canvas and we didn't send you into a tailspin with our input! Love the stitching so far and I think it is going to look spectacular when finished. Speaking of spectacular, what a find those glads were!!! Good to see the boys having some fun in the sun!

  9. The daisy looks great, as do those glads! (Much better than the look on Teresa's face when she went charging after danielle!)

    I'm with Stewey, let others explore the dark places for various amphibians. It's much better to wait and make sure no one is getting bit.

  10. You and my daughter with the Housewives of New Jersey!! :)
    The canvas is looking good!

  11. Your stitching is beautiful as usual! Maybe those Jersey girls need a hobby like stitching to soothe their rich, savy souls!

  12. Your daisies are looking so pretty! Love the little bird!!!