Jun 15, 2010


As God is my witness, nature is going to be the very death of me.

Last evening, Stewey bolted out the back door and headed to our neighbor's back patio Mach5 and with his little hairs on fire. This isn't a very big deal, really, but my lovely neighbors were sitting on said patio enjoying the evening breeze and I was NOT dressed for public consumption. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that my outfit violated almost every single decency statute on the books here in Mishawaka Hoosierville, so I await the impending court date with breath that is bated. (My neighbors should receive the muffins and flowers any time now and will almost certainly appreciate my selection of the "I'm so sorry you had to see my big fat nekkid heiney hanging out of my eighty year old sweatpants that no longer have a seat and the matching stained and mutilated tee-shirt that presented my bra-less boobs quite nicely, if I do say so myself" basket.) I have GOT to get some new loungewear.

So anywhoose...as I was standing there in the yard trying not to turn my back to them (which made for a pretty funny looking exit), they told me that they had awakened to a rather gruesome scene on their front porch that morning. And, upon further investigation, they figured that a neighborhood dog or cat had gotten hold of several chipmunks and summarily dismembered them. Apparently, since these people are real live grown ups and are NOT freaked out by every little moment of wild nature sightings, they knew by looking at all of the guts and fur and stuff that the dead critters were, in fact, chipmunks and NOT our beloved baby bunny.

Then this morning when I awoke, I spotted the real live actual baby bunny frolicking out on the front yard with his Mommie in tow and I felt much better about the world in general. So I did what any rational person would do. I marched into the bedroom, snatched the sleeping mask from his little head and hollered "STEWEY! MOMMIE DIDN'T COMMIT BUNNY-CIDE AFTER ALL! IT IS ALIVE! IT IS ALIVE!"

Given his general tizzy fit yesterday and the resulting washing of the drapes, you would think that he would have immediately jumped up, given me a big fat kiss, and then made a lovely little iced cap to start the day.

Nope. He glared at me out of one eye, tooted loudly, and rolled over and stuck his head back under the covers.

Damn dog.

I'm on the very last block of Strawberry Shortcake and hope to have a Happy Dance pic for you soon. I am thinking about adding a border to this because I'm loving looking at it so much, but as I was brushing teeth this morning (Stewey's...not mine), I got the sudden urge to start Shepherd's Buch Come Tarry. Oh what is a spinster to do?

Stay tuned...


  1. Yay! I'm so happy it wasn't Baby Bunny!! Wahoo!

  2. Yay, the bunny is alive, it's alive, and with its mom!! Chipmunks are cute, though, too. Poor things. I laughed until I cried at Stewey's reaction and his tooting!!!! Can't wait to see Strawberry Shortcake all finished up! And thanks for your kind comment on my blog post today. I've calmed down a bit now.

  3. So glad baby bunnie is alive and he has his mom with him. Tell Stewey to get up and celebrate with you !! How will you be finishing up Strawberry shortcake? a pillow?

  4. I am happy for you and Stewie at the ressurrection of the bunny.
    Yah boo Hiss at the critters who make the destruction.
    Thank you for the visual - your blog is a hoot to read. Certainly a highlight of my blogging life.

  5. Glad to hear the bunny is alive and well!! Thanks again for all the chuckles! You always bring smiles to my day!!

  6. Oh your blog makes me laugh and smile. I have many comfy clothes that aren't public-worthy...and can't wait to see how you decide to finish Strawberry Shortcake.

  7. It's a MIRACLE!!! Yay Baby Bunny and Mommie Bunnie! But poor little chipmunks, they're so cute, too. I'd be afraid to open my door in the mornings at Chez Spinster!!!

    Come Tarry has a gorgeous color scheme....looking forward to that one. But first, let's see the Strawberry Shortcake Happy Dance! (Invite the Neighbors!)

  8. Well, that turned out nicely for everyone but the chipmunks. We have a load of them here living under my front and back porch. Grace Kelly tries to be vigilant but they are fast! I think our neighbourhood has only one outdoor cat so they are safe for now. There are lots of foxes though... I don't think they will deposit anything on my front step mind you.

  9. Thanks for the morning smile. Too bad Stewey can't come visit here and chase the squirrels out of our garden.

  10. LOLOLOL!!! Great little tale. :) So glad baby bunny is hale and whole!

  11. Oh I am so glad the bunny is alive! Baby bunnies are just so cute!

    I am looking forward to seeing your finished picture of Strawberry Shortcake!