Jun 17, 2010


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's too busy prancing about the house with her fancypants eyeglasses on her face. This in itself wouldn't be so much of a problem were it not for the fact that she has decided to wear ALL THREE pairs of said fancypants eyeglasses at once. Um, can you say....."MOMMIE DEAREST IS A BIG DOOFUS?"

I've also discovered that my stupid mo-ther and my Aunt Chrissy are crazy nuts for some restaurant here in Hoosierville that serves raw fish. Blech. What in the hell anybody would want with raw fish is beyond me, but these two have visited that place three times this week. (And it's only Thursday!) Mom doesn't even LIKE raw fish, but off she goes with Aunt Chrissy with the idea in her head that she is going to look really really cool eating with chopsticks. (She doesn't, but that somehow doesn't deter her very much.) (Please see: "DOOFUS" above.)

As for me, I am headed to my perch to watch a few movies. I've taped Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and I intend to watch it with the same rapt attention that my mo-ther gives it every single time it's on the TeeVee. I'm pretty sure that it is actually a children's movie, but she seems to really like it. No judgement, but I would imagine that she likes it because it's just about enough for her pea sized intellect to handle in one sitting. After that, I think I'm going to catch Vickie Christina Barcelona again, since the first time I watched, it was constantly interrupted by Mo-ther making kissy noises at the screen and then rewinding it over and over and over again. Woody Allen would be furious, and I intend to screen it the way he intended....in my little silk smoking jacket with some small plate appetizers and a nice sherry for company.

When Mom stops acting like such a freakin' goofball, I'll make sure that she plants herself in the Happy Chair and stitches. She's very very close to finally finishing Strawberry Shortcake, so I think I will push her along until this one is finally headed for the finisher. I asked her if we might make it into a pillow for the bed, but she said that she was thinking purse. Stay tuned.

Here's a few pics of the fancypants glasses. If you'd like to get an idea of what they look like on Mom's actual face, just imagine a very sweaty bowling ball and you're all set. (Just don't forget the pony tail hair-do.)

Good Lord, do you think that woman could look in a mirror once in a while? If her 1984-ish bangs get any higher, I'm going to have to break out the jelly bracelets and denim mini, and NOBODY needs to see that. When I said "Mo-ther, your look is SO 1980's, she just glared at me and said "Stewey, dearest, your Mommie was actually good-looking in 1980, so leave it alone, will ya'?"

I saw the pictures, and there was absolutely nothing good-looking about them. (You must trust me about this.)

Cheerio and all that.

With love from your pal,

Look how freakin' close she is to finishing this! Wouldn't you just sit right down and get it done already? Do you think my mom could have that kind of discipline? Noooooooo.

These are the sunglasses that Aunt Chrissy thought looked best. I can only imagine what the other ones looked like!

PURPLE! Who the heck needs PURPLE eyeglasses?!

These you've seen, but I thought I would include them here for accuracy. I ask you...who the heck needs TWO PAIRS of fancypants glasses when the only people that are going to see them are me and the poor unsuspecting neighbors that happen to be outside when Mo-ther decides to go out in her seventeen year old night clothes to get the paper in the morning? Who?


  1. I love your new glasses! All 3! As much as I hate it, I might have to get bi-focals in mine :( I just feel like I'll be an old lady if I get bi-focals! Wahhhhhh!
    Tell Stewey 1984 was an awesome year!
    Hugs from DaisyGirl

  2. I heart the Strawberry Shortcake so dang much! It is beautiful! If it disappears from your house, it's because I took it. Just sayin'.

  3. Tell Mo-ther that she looks beautiful no matter what she is wearing -- fancy-pants glasses or 1980's style...after all Mo-ther gives YOU unconditional love, and you should return the favor!

    OK, enough scolding for now. Enjoy the movies.

    btw, Connie - Strawberry Shortcake is mouth watering. Hope to see it finished really soon!

  4. Love those purple glasses! Stewey, you need all the fancypants glasses you can get. Especially to go with 17 year old clothing. Which are the best because they are worn in and soft and comfy.

  5. Those purple glasses are lovely. I love your strawberry shortcake, lots of beautiful texture in it and so much to look at.

  6. Ooooh ! Me! Me! I need purple glasses! So cute! I love Strawberry Shortcake, you are so close. I think it would make a great purse.

  7. Oi!!! Yes YOU Stewie !!!


    ........AND..... I perch them on the end of my nose and peer over them to see the computer screen, and food, and stitching....and anything closer than my elbow....

    I LIKE my purple glasses - so there!!!

    (If I were intelligent enough to purchase more than one pair of glasses at the same time I would wear them all at once too!!!)

  8. I had purple glasses! The only reason I don't have them still is that I needed new ones and they didn't have purple ones.

    There seems to be a trend to putting needlework on bags lately. A good trend.

  9. The glasses are awesome! Great choices (don't pay attention to Stewey on this subject).

    Can't wait to see the Strawberry Shortcake finish

  10. sweet stitches and specs.
    stewey you would have loved the 80s!
    and VCB is a brilliant movie and JB
    is the best leading man...mmm hmmm he sure is! I agree totally with your mom.

  11. Great specs especially the sunnies - they're really cool!

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  13. now if i can type right this time..

    My new glasses are purple too!!
    love your strawberry shortcake... and you can't gain weight on that kind!!!

  14. The middle pair is SO much like my 'fancy specs'! Which I've misplaced. Sigh...

  15. Stewie, your Mo-ther's new glasses are HOT!!! The sunglasses are soooo Hollywood, Baby! And 80's bangs are the best. We all looked good then!

  16. I love your new glasses. Tell Stewew that his Mo-ther isn't the only one who bought multiple glasses this time around. I did 3 pair (one purple!) and a pair of dark glasses to enable the stitching outdoors by the pool. I bet you'll look stunning in yours.

  17. Stewie, Stewie, Stewie....be nice to your mother. As for the glasses....love them! Loving watching the progress on Strawberry Shortcake, too.

  18. Just saw the glasses! I think all three pairs are great. Love Strawberry Shortcake. I vote for the purse idea.
    Give Stewey a sweet kiss for me!

  19. You are sooo close to the finish on Strawberry Shortcake - stunning! Love the glasses...

  20. LOVE your blog...very entertaining to read.
    and I must get that pattern Strawberry Shortcake OH and Rainforest Crunch is gorgeous too.
    What a job you did on both.
    I have only done one canvas work, NOVA. I LOVED doing it all the way through; waiting to be framed.

  21. Strawberry Shortcake looks fantastic! I love the purple "fancypants" glasses too! Stewey, anyone who wears glasses should be able to get a style that they like in whichever color they want. As for why two pairs, that is so there is a backup pair should one pair get broken or lost of course. LOL