Jun 14, 2010


Well this was certainly NOT the Monday morning that I had planned. When I put my big fat head on my pillow last night, I envisioned a day full of stitching and book reading and general putzing about as I took advantage of a stormy summer day.

Phooey on that.

As I opened all of the blinds this morning and made my way towards the front door to turn off the porch light, I noticed that Stewey was rather transfixed by something on the welcome mat. He seemed to be disgusted and sad all at the same time, so as I bent over to soothe his little head and see what he was so concerned about I saw what can only be described as a very very bad way to start a day.


Baby bunny.


I won't go into all of the specifics, but I presume that a neighborhood cat got to him. All I know is that as I recoiled in horror, Stewey turned and looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said "You're a moron, mo-ther. That little baby bunny didn't stand a freakin' chance, and rather than take it to a proper bunny facility, you let it go back out into the wild where some huge, monstrous creature chased it and then left it for dead right here at the very spot at which it sought shelter. Bad Mommie. Bad, bad Mommie."

He then stomped off to his fort, where he remains to this moment. I would imagine that he is secretly plotting my demise and that I should probably learn to sleep with one eye open.

In any event, after a call to Aunt Chrissy (who was of NO help whatsoever, may I just point out*), I called the landscaping company and asked if they had any crew guys over here today perchance, and could they please come help a spinster in distress.

Ten minutes later, a guy with a shovel showed up and that was the end of that.

I have been plugging away on Strawberry Shortcake and hope that I might actually finish it very soon. I would have accomplished more, but I had to give Henry my full attention last night since he's nearing that final stretch. (Oh, sorry. I forget that not everybody on the planet is riveted to every word I've ever written on this here blog....Henry is Henry VIII in "The Tudors", which is a show on Showtime that I have been watching /obsessing over ever since Aunt Chrissy and I finished "The West Wing" and were bored and looking for something else to watch/obsess over. Next Sunday is the very last episode of the whole entire series, so I am naturally a little sad to see that my whole watching/obsessing over routine will come to and end very shortly.)

How's THAT for a run-on sentence!

So here's a pic of the stitching:

Wherever you are is where I hope you want to be today...

*Now I know that you're probably thinking "Why the heck did she call her sister about road-kill on her front patio at o'dark hundred on a Monday morning? What exactly did she expect poor Aunt Chrissy to do?" And yes, I suppose that if I were a somewhat rational and/or considerate human being I would agree with you, but the fact of the matter is, sometimes you just need to be able to call a fellow spinster and start off a conversation with "I've got a problem" just so that you can see what said fellow spinster will come up with as a solution. Although sad and sympathetic, Aunt Chrissy's advise involved getting the big broom and just "taking care of it". And yes, I'm pretty sure that she's STILL mumbling to herself over what a complete jackass I am that I am still incapable of living life without an instruction manual.


  1. I so understand about the animal disposal issue as I once called my brother and another time my neighbour to dispose of dead rats that were found on my property (long story). I would not go within 10 feet of them even if they were dead!

  2. A dead creature on one's very doorstep on Monday morning no less, is a very bad portent for the week. I would advise many cordials and some stitching as a way to reverse this. I guess I have a heart of stone or strong guts or something because I'm the one everyone calls to dispose of.... well, dead things. I am an expert at mouse disposal, having had a marvelous mouser who felt that a mousy corpse in the water dish was fair trade for his daily kibble. I have scooped up garage door squashed mice too (one just last Friday) and my expertise even extends to clumsy falling from the trees squirrels and who knows what the heck happened glassy eyed pigeons. So you see I know about portents.... get thee to the stitchy chair and Henry. I hope the rest of your week goes much much more smoothly.

  3. Oh, Coni, that's just terrible. What an awful thing to find on your doorstep. I would have been traumatized, too, and would have called my sister and babbled for help. (She would have sighed heavily and said about the same thing as your sister!) A bird swooped into my windshield once and I got out to look for him in the bushes. Then a few days later on the same street, I was creeping along and a bird LANDED ON THE HOOD OF MY CAR. I swear, he just stared at me for a minute and then flew off....I was freaked out and was sure he was giving me the evil eye for hitting his brother, but everyone thought I was nuts. No one understands us sensitive spinsters!

    Don't pay any attention to Stewey. There was nothing you could have done. Who knew cats stalked bunnies??? Sheesh. It's very sad (I love animals) but the title of today's post says it all. Stewey will come around. Maybe at supper time...

    On a happier note, Strawberry Shortcake is in the final stretch and looking good!!! Don't you get revved up when a project is almost done??!

    I haven't seen "The Tudors" yet but I really like JRM. Have you seen "From Paris With Love" yet? JRM AND Paris....sigh...


  4. I am so sorry that your Henry viewing is coming to an end but, if he hasn't already, he gets pretty gross looking, so you may be glad to be shot of him!

    Stewey, brace up, you're supposed to be a help to your mum not a guilt channeler (is that spelt right, look odd!, Coni has quite enough to put up with on account of the peeing on the drapes, your sulks and general fussiness! Sorry, Stewey, it had to be said, but know that we still love you, lol! The word verification is adogmer, must mean something!

  5. I watched the very first episode of The Tudors on Friday (after locking both my children out of the bedroom. Even at 20, not something I care to watch with my eldest daughter).

    I'll be watching a couple more episodes tonight. :)

    Your strawberry piece is gorgeous!

  6. At least it was outside. I was awakened in the wee hours by my cat scrambling around all over my bed; when I turned on the light to see what up I noticed the tip of a tail peeking out from under the dishevled covers. IT'S A MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, I lept from my bed folded the sheet like an oragami swan and flung the thing outside. It was hideous and ever since when my cat jumps on my bed at night, I wake up wondering if he's brought me another "gift". Cats, always sharing. It just goes to show if you live long enough you'll see it all.

  7. I'm not even a spinster and would totally call my sister in a time of critter distress!!! My DH wouldn't be of any help. LOL

  8. I am sorry to hear about the bunny. I hope the rest of your day goes better. Some stitching on that gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake piece ought to change the tide. Back to the Happy Chair. Stitching always helps.

  9. There's an old Indian legend that says, "She who find dead bunny on doorstep, must step lightly on her buns." Or something to that affect... I would have said, "EEEEKKKK!!!" myself. So sorry for Stewey. He's acting like a man again. They always blame us for things and go hide in their mancaves until we pick up the pieces.
    I do hope you'll find solace in starting a new stitching project or something of the sort this week.
    'though I would suggest staying away from all projects having to do with rabbits, for a while. I think the spirits of dead bunnies are trying to tell you something....
    Hugs, Deb

    Oh, please, now I was avoiding any mention of rabbits and reproduction and what is my word verification word??? "ovulem"
    Gee, thanks!

  10. FYI: Most communities have people to take care of this kind of thing. They're in the phone book in the blue pages. Even in Los Angeles, they'd come and get the dead possums pronto. You can put that in your manual for future reference.

    Stella would have been happy to help with removal. Frankly, I would have put the bunny on a stake and then lined my property with them (of course I'd need more). Stella's driven so wildly crazy by the rabbits, I have come to hate them with a white hot passion. Stella thinks Stewey just wanted to play with it and was pissed you wouldn't let him.

  11. I used to have to dispose of the creatures my cat killed and brought home as presents... He was proud... We were grossed out... Most memorable was the time he left a mouse on the car after we ignored the perfect presentation of this gift at the doorway... My little cousin was not amused...

  12. Oh, Coni. You poor thing. I would have been totally upset about the bunny too. I have a cat (alpha male cat) who likes to bring in presents. One day I came home and there was a chipmunk part, followed by a headless chipmunk, followed by a whole but quite dead chipmunk all in the hallway. I'm wondering if he was trying to tell me something that day.

    Hope the rest of your week is much better. Please send some rain and cooler weather to me down here in hot and humid 'Bama. 96 degrees with a heat index over 100 today. And it isn't even officially summer yet.

  13. So sorry to hear about the bunny situation. My Jack is the killer of rodents in our house and by neccessity I have become the desposer of bodies. When my landlord catches a mouse, I get a call to remove it.

    For your next DVD obsession may I recommend Supernatural? 5 seasons on DVD, Season 6 starting in September. It's a slow build up - but a good one, and by Season 4 ... there are three hotties to star at. And there's always Dexter ... of course my tastes are a little gruesome.

  14. So sad about the bunny, may he rest in peace! I don't blame you for calling on someone to assist in the burial process though. I would do that very thing myself as I am no good around dead things. I even cried all the way home when I hit a bunny near my mom's (several years ago). Mind you, I am prone to kill things like mosquitos, ants, roaches, spiders and the like. LOL

    Strawberry Shortcake is looking delicious!

  15. Poor bunny. I hate that whole circle of life thing when I come face to face with it. Sorry about the blech start to your day. On the bright side, your SS stitch is fabulous!

  16. I`m sorry about your morning find Coni...I have had to bury many little dead animals, from mice cought by cats to birds who flew into the window to cats found in the ditch. I always say a little prayer and cry a little (I know, i`m a complete idiot when it comes to furry things)

    Have a rather largish coffee and an even larger chunk of chocolate and kiss Stewey...you`ll feel better!

    Your strawberry shortcake is gorgeous!

  17. The poor bunny. I can certainly understand not wanting to "take care of it". I have cats and occasionally they bring me "presents", only none of these are things you'd want to unwrap on Christmas morning or your birthday that's for sure! Twice I have had a cat bring me a present that wasn't deceased yet, the worst time being when one of them came into the house and went immediately behind the couch. I thought she had a mouse in her mouth, but when I moved the couch I realized it was a rat! I freaked out! It wasn't dead yet either, but it's back was broken so it couldn't run (which is good, at least I didn't have to chase it). The last thing I wanted to do was "take care of" any of these "gifts". I'm glad someone was willing to come and take care of it for you!

    Your stitching looks beautiful! I love the colors of this piece and the texture that the stitches create, it is just beautiful!