Jun 10, 2010


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's outside with a piece of broccoli and one of my old baby blankets trying to be Jane Goodall. We awoke this morning to discover that an itty bitty tiny little baby bunny had made its way up onto the front porch and seemed to be in desperate need of help finding its mommy.

(I felt that we should have just given the little squirt a bus ticket and a pack of smokes, but my dumb-ass mom felt that it was her spiritual responsibility to find a female rabbit in the neighborhood that would agree to raise the thing in the manner to which all little creatures around here have become accustomed.) Ahem.

One more block is complete on Strawberry Shortcake, and methinks that old lady will finish this by the end of the weekend. That will make for a whopping 10 finishes so far this year. (At this pace, I think she's on track for breaking the all time lowest number of finishes in any one given year thus-ly done by a spinster, so I'm chilling the bubbly as we speak.)

Nothing else new to report. I'm keeping myself busy with sun-sleeping and drape-peeing. Mom has taken to wrapping all of the furniture in puppy pads (which I find very unseemly, by the way), but she's also threatened to take the cleaning fees out of my allowance, so I'm learning to live with them.

I do hope that you are enjoying your summertime and are considerably more productive than Mommie Dearest over here. Enjoy something cool and sparkly today and know that I forever remain....

Your loving pal,

"I smell PopTarts! Is somebody eating a PopTart? Is it a cinnamon PopTart? Are you ever going to look down here and see that I need to have a Pop Tart? Give it to me! Please! I need to have a Pop Tart! Now, Mommie, now!


  1. A baby bunny? Oh, my, I hope she gets it to the mother. Strawberry Shortcake is looking fab, as always. Stewey, I love the brown sugar and cinammon pop tarts, WITHOUT frosting. They are good with a cup of coffee. Love your pic!

  2. Ooooh, a teensey-weensey baby bunny? I hope your Mom finds a mommy to look after the poor liitle thing. How good you are, Stewey, for not barking and scaring the baby. I think you deserve a Pop Tart morsel!!!

  3. Strawberry Shortcake is looking great !!! I love all those pinks.. Looks yummy!!! I may have to hunt that pattern down to stitch for my sunroom.

  4. I love those pop tarts too and Stewey I'm not sure I'd share mine. LOL! I always have to chuckle over the drape peeing 'cause growing up my mom always said "I can't ever have anything nice because of you damn kids"....now she said it with lots of love but I sure can relate to what she meant and bet you can too

  5. Give the dog the Pop Tarts. With butter melted on top. That'll keep him busy so WE can have the champagne!

  6. Stewey, have you heard of potty training? it is a new technique wherein you leave the drapes alone and instead assault every blade of grass and turn it a nice dead yellow color... maybe then you would get a cinnamon pop-tart. ahem. you see, it is a quid pro quo system...

  7. Stewey, I must ask, did "Mommie Dearest" wrap the puppy pads with the plastic side to the outside or inside? Just wondering??? Might speak to her amount of bubbly with those pop tarts??

  8. stewster
    your momma cannot have stitchy time as she is busier with tasks at hand- pup clean up and bunny baby care
    but her stitches are always lovely.

  9. Strawberry Shortcake is looking great. I love reading your blog and Stewey.I'm trying to potty train my puppy. You gotta love them.