Jun 3, 2010


Hey Aunt Chrissy! Notice anything amiss in the above photo?

So there I was...coffee cup in hand, checking out the back 40. Stewey was finding the exact blade of grass on which to have his morning constitutional, when I became transfixed by the vegetable garden.

"Something's not right here", I mused as I slurped my caffeinated goodness. "I could swear there were more things in this damn garden. Didn't Aunt Chrissy plant anything other than tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers?"

It was about that time that I turned to my left and noticed a lovely little brown bunny rabbit pushing a tiny little shopping cart full of broccoli.

Yup. Stewey gets NO claim to fame as a steadfast hunter around these parts. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't circulate a flier through the neighborhood bunny hutches announcing that broccoli was on sale this week. (*)

Damn dog.

No stitching last night. Aunt Chrissy and I went to the fancypants eyeglass boutique to pick out a new pair of specs for yours truly. My current fancypants eyeglasses have been a little problematic, so the fabulous chicklets that own the place told me to come in to find something brand spanky and new. So in about two weeks I'll be sporting some chic' purple glasses that will probably make people wonder exactly when the midlife crisis came upon me.

After a little stop at the Outback for some sustenance, we took a lovely drive up to Diamond Lake to see the latest project that Aunt Chrissy has been working on. Without gushing too terribly much, I can tell you that I am completely awe struck that my dopey little sister has the smarts and experience to manage the construction of something that will eventually appear in Architectural Digest. Stunning. Just freaking stunning, Aunt Chrissy. You should be very very proud. God knows I am.

So we're off again like the proverbial herd of turtles. Once I'm properly dressed, I'll mosey on over to Lowes for some pepper sprinkles for the garden perimeter. That should close the buffet for now.

At least until Stewey decides to put peppers on the menu.

And again I say, damn dog.

(*) This is where I tell you that we do not hunt in this house. First of all, the idea of killing a tiny little living creature (except bugs and spiders, of course) makes me a little wobbly around the edges, and second of all, the only things my dog knows how to hunt are bargains at the local Macy's. So please don't fret that Chez Spinster has turned into a bloodfest or anything. We're still holding hands and singing KumBaYa while the bluebirds twitter about and the wildlife frolics in the sunshine.


  1. We had a similar problem back in NJ until the year my kitty adopted us. He never killed a rabbit or anything, but I guess his smell kept the bunnies at bay, and we got to have our broccolli.

  2. Ha! I laughed out loud at the shopping cart line. I love bunnies, BTW, but maybe not if they were eating my veggies!! Purple is my favorite color. I just bought a pair of purple sunglasses today at Target. I say wear what you want. You only get to go around once, you know? And Architectural Digest?!??! My, oh, my. Would love to see a pic when it's finished.

  3. We always plant marigolds around our vegetables. Someone once told us rabbits don't like the smell. It seems to work. (but no guarantees!)

  4. While broccoli is good for you, it is a little overrated unless it is buried in cheese. I have purple glasses and love them! Purple is a hot color this year.

  5. Just as long as you aren't singing "The Circle of Life" from the Lion King. Somehow prey singing how wonderful predators are is just creepy.

    We have bunnies and I love them, but then again we do not have vegetables, so they eat our abundant grass and all is in balance.

  6. Be still my heart!!
    I grew up in Detroit and spent the Summers of my youth st my grandparents cottage on Diamond Lake - Kamp Kozy. Oh the memories that word brings back - especially falling and being pushed in the lake!!
    My DH and I went to the Lake on our way to Columbus last year and I was thrilled to see the cottage still there. It was pretty much the way it was when we owned it!

  7. I'm sure Mister Bunny Rabbit was thanking you profusely in his head as he was enjoying his yummy fresh broccoli salad!

  8. What a visulization, Miss Coni. A bunny with a shopping cart of brocolli! I lived in Kansas for about a year a looong time ago. The jackrabbits went wild when we planted a huge garden. Then the locusts made their 40 year loop and took out the garden and the orchard. Made the jackrabbits look tame.

  9. I swear my kitties post a sign on the basement door for all wildlife to come on in and party down. I can't begin to tell you how many racoons, rabbits, possums we feed and house nightly. We recently invested in a no harm cage which we use to trap the little varmints then we transport them in luxury style to a new home over the river and 10 miles down the road. They probably beat us back home but it makes us feel better.

  10. Lol at the bunny salad. I`m with you Coni, I can`t bring myself to kill anything either...except for spiders, then all bets are off!

    Inspired by you, I reorganized my stitching basket last night. I don`t have as many projects as you do on the go, but i`m a slow stitcher.

    Planting marigolds is a good idea...it does seem to work.


  11. Coni,
    You can use Liquid Fence on your veggies to keep the bunnies away. It's organic and non-toxic. You can get it in a spray bottle at Meijer in the garden aisle. We've had very good luck using it in our garden over the years.

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