Jun 1, 2010


Am I the only person who wonders if Toyota sent a big muffin basket to the folks at BP?

Is it wrong to want hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, and relish for breakfast at 7:30 in the morning?

If I remove the fabric from my dining room chairs by myself and try to wash it in the washing machine, will I be able to hide the staples when I re-attach it?

How aggravated will Aunt Chrissy be when I tell her we have to go shopping for dining room chairs this weekend because somebody decided to Bob Villa her way through the house today?

What would really happen if I didn't wear a bra to the bank?

How does one delicately mop up sweat that's running down her face as she tries to look impossibly chic when talking to a handsome police officer?

Should I go back to bed?

How hot will it be if I go up into the studio to put together a SummerTime Basket of Stitchy Fun?

Will the SummerTime Basket of Stitch Fun pull me out of my SpringTide Stitchy Slump of Epic Proportions?

Would Stewey eventually explode if I put a clothespin on his peenie? (Don't even think about calling the ASPCA....you KNOW I'm kidding and only looking for a cheap laugh here. I would gladly throw myself in front of a bus for that damn dog and would never ever never ever never do anything to hurt him or his fragile sensibilities.)

(I would, however, manage to put a very nice dent in the bus).

Wherever you are is exactly where I hope you want to be today. Think a few deep thoughts with me, won't you, and let me know what they are in your comments!


  1. If I have a Java Chiller on top of my morning coffee will I vibrate sans batteries? *wink*

    Hugs and kisses to the Stew-meister..

  2. Hi Miss Coni,
    I've started on the Daisy project that you sent me! I'll have pictures soon!
    Thanks again!

  3. Sorry Coni, but my deepest thought is...if I take a nap now - will I be able to sleep tonight?

    Decisions, decisions...

    Smiles - Denise

  4. Oh my god - you crack me up!! I can't think that deep, I'd fall in and never get out!

  5. Yeah, some of those thoughts are just way too deep for me! I do like that bra one though, LOL!!

  6. You are too funny! No deep thoughts from my end. I need some coffee and then maybe that will jump start my brain.

    Enjoy your week.

  7. "would never ever never ever never do anything to hurt him or his fragile sensibilities"

    Ummm...you had him neutered, though, right? LOL If you're like me with my Reggie, I even felt bad about having that done, but the first time he tried to h-mp his bed, I was on the phone making an appointment with the vet faster than you can imagine!

    I want to hear about the police officer...

  8. Will I weigh less if I exhale and hold my breath before getting on the scale?

    Thanks for being there for us! Love your blog. ~Kirby

  9. Anything you want for breakfast is fine breakfast food.

    Bob Villa-ing can be both dangerous and contagious -- one project leads you see how crappy things next to it looks!

    Shopping, on the other hand is FUN!

    You can always take another shower after you assemble your "Summer basket of Stitching Goodies."

    I wouldn't go bra-less to the bank in this weather...when you can wear a sweatshirt, it is perfectly acceptable.

    Enjoy the rest of the day!

  10. What if the neighbor had bought Stella last night when I offered her for sale?

    Where would we be if there wasn't doggie day care?

    Should I just stop in for the ingredients for a cobb salad on the way to pick up the dog? Or should I do a full grocery shop today?

    Why are do so many people have hot dogs on the brain? (See tomorrow's post.)

  11. Speaking of Stewey, his very own self, I hope you make sure he is well slathered with sunscreen while out in the summer sun. Stewey with a sunburn conjures up an entire litany of deep thoughts which could possibly ruin the entire summer; you'd be waiting on him paw and paw and get nothing else done among other things including trips to the vet, etc. SPF 50 naturally especially on his little tummy.

  12. You are so funny!! I can't even think deep today - it's too darned hot!!

  13. Toyota didn't send muffins, but NALCO did. They make dispersants.

    It's not wrong to want a hot dog at any time of day, but it is seriously wrong to EVER put ketchup on it.

    If you remove the fabric from the dining room chairs and wash it in the washing machine it will shrink and get gnarly, but you can get better fabric to replace it. (I love home dec fabric stores.) You could also make bargello seat covers for all of them as my mother-in-law did. Three colors in eight different patterns on 10 count canvas. They are SO lovely as long as you have a year or two to work on them. At least bargello is faster than most other needlepoint.

    I didn't wear a bra to KFC last night, but then again I didn't leave the car.

    Because it is 1000 degrees with 1000 percent humidity in Tokyo in the summer, all the Japanese commuters take a dainty white handkerchief with them and constantly wipe their faces ... in public.

    I'm afraid all the rest of my deep thoughts are too depressing to express, having mostly to do with how long cancer treatment takes and how you keep feeling worse and worse during it.

  14. Lolol! Loved this post. :) BTW, nice progress on strawberry shortcake.

  15. I think my DH has taken too good care of our back yard. We are mowing every other day. Now let's get reasonable. Pat that sweet Stewie for me. We know you are kidding.

  16. The things that make you say "hummm" LOL I enjoy your blog hun.

    Hugs, Shar

  17. Do you have to be so funny? I nearly choked on my breakfast laughing this morning when reading your post!
    I fully understand about the peg threat. I have 3 Papillons who feel using the outside toilet is sometimes beneath them.Never threatened to use a peg but have made subtle suggestions about a well placed wine cork!!
    Cheers Karen in Australia.

  18. No deep thoughts from me, except.... if I press the button a thousand more times will my coffee maker turn on?

  19. If I laugh really hard at blogs, can the blogger hear me???

    How funny is the picture of many of your thoughts...the clothes pin - too funny, the bank san bra...people would throw themselves under a bus if I ventured out in such a state...

    love your stitcy pics....strawberries are coming along nicely.