Feb 10, 2010


Somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature that the weatherman predicted snow OF CATASTROPHIC PROPORTIONS FOR ALL OF NORTHWEST INDIANA! SNOW!! IN NORTHWEST INDIANA!

Now I'm all for the drama and all, but Geeze Louise...

Several months ago, Aunt Chrissy and I made a pact to stop watching the news. We were getting all caught up in the urgency of everything and we found ourselves walking around like vibrating tuning forks waiting for the world to end. Most of it was caused by our weatherman (waving a big hellooooooo to Mike Hoffman!), who seems to love standing in front of his green screen yelling about this or that and terrorizing the old people with threats of something falling from the sky.

(Now before you go and get all offended about the old people remark, may I just point out that I am one of said old people, and I rush off to the grocery store the very moment a cloud passes within eighteen miles of my house.)

So I'm sitting here waiting for the snow while Stewey harumphs on his perch and the sun shines brightly. Oh well, at least the pantry is full. (Just in time for me to pack it all up and deliver it to the TeeVee station for their food drive this Saturday).

I reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy need to get a better plan. Sigh.

Thoughful Heart is rocking along:I didn't do this on purpose, but it looks like I might actually have this one finished in time for Valentine's Day. (Oh, I think I'm supposed to turn my head and spit three times between my fingers while says "kenahura" after I say that.) (And allow me to apologize right now for mis-spelling and mis-pronouncing "kenahura".)

("Kenahura" is basically counting your chikens before they hatch. It's like inviting fate to screw up the thing that you just pronounced as finished, won, gained, etc.)

(At least I think so. I'm kind of famous for screwing up words and using them in COMPLETELY inappropriate ways.)

But anywhoose....when I get this piece done (ptoo ptoo ptoo kenahura), then I think I'm going to treat myself to a lovely frame from the Michaels and then hang this in my bedroom. Stewey wants it over his little night night bed, but methinks it will go nicely behind my fancy-pants reading chair instead.

Don't feel toooo sorry for him, kids. That little night night bed is what he hops into when he gets his two cookies before bed or whenever he's pouting and wants me to feel bad that I'm using the vacuum cleaner during one of his favorite TeeVee shows. He doesn't actually ever sleep in the darn thing (I mean, after all, that's why we have the big gyrl sleigh bed, right?), but I just can't bring myself to get rid of it.

Well, I'm off to the laundry room. Yet again. One last load to wash, dry, fold, and then put away so I can start all over again tomorrow. Cwap.


  1. I think we are getting your snow here in PA!!

    Your piece is looking lovely - such pretty colors!

  2. Looks as if those CATASTROPHIC PROPORTIONS hit the DC area AGAIN!!
    We're also getting hammered here in NYC so someone was right about WHAT the weather was, just not WHERE it was going to be!

    Your heart piece is lovely and will look great in your bedroom, but I believe the correct spelling is KINNA HURRAH (ptui, ptui) and yes, your definition is correct. It's sort of like the Maloik or evil eye. Enjoy your sunshine and full pantry!

  3. We're definitely getting it here in Central NJ! Loving the cozy snow day inside with the kids but dreading the dig-out that I'm eventually going to have to deal with... For now, it's movies, hot chocolate and hopefully some stitching!!!

  4. Well, you can have the snow I am getting here in MD right now! We just got 30 inches last Friday/Saturday and are getting another 12 NOW! Thoughtful Heart is so beautiful! I'm so glad I ordered that kit. Go, Coni! I know you can finish it before Valentine's Day.

  5. I think it's part of the weatherman's job description that whenever there are 5 snowflakes or 3 black clouds in the area they start hyperventilating and acting like it's the storm of the century (though to be fair, this weekend it darn near is in PA). Your Thoughtful Heart is beautiful, by the way. Sending good vibes your way for getting it done by Sunday.

  6. I was just going to write "I think we're getting your snow," but I see Catherine (my LNS stitch night pal) beat me to it.

    I am, however, happy to send it to you. Please give me address for delivery. Fed Ex needs a street addy. ;)

  7. I'm with you. I was looking forward to a snowy, stitchy date from work. But, alas, here I am at work, surfing the web instead. NO drifts here in Grangerville, either. But, wow, you have made catastrophic progress on your piece. It looks great!


  8. Kenahura. That's a new one for me, and I'm gonna be using it.

    It's rather annoying when the weather people predict something that never happens. It's also annoying when we get an ugly surprise. Like when you wake up to, as my dad says, "six inches of partly cloudy on the driveway."

  9. Coni,
    Yesterday, we had about 12 inches of snow in S.E. Wisconsin - so stay tuned and warm - this storm may be a-coming your way.
    As for the night-night bed - its really for show - we have 2 and the pups always sleep with us in the big family bed.

    Your stitching is awesome - I love reading your blog and seeing your projects.

  10. Your stitching is beautiful. It will certainly be lovely all framed and adorning your wall.

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Your sense of humor is delightful. You keep me entertained!

  11. Hi Coni,

    I think your snow storm of catastrophic proportions got confused and headed to VA, MD and PA instead of in your direction. LOL!

    If you want we can send you some of our lovely snow from Maryland. We have 26 inches from last weekend and are getting another 20 to 30 inches right now!

    Haven't been to work this week which is amazing as we almost never close. DS is happy as schools are cancelled well into next week. At least he's happy now until he finds out which vacation days they will lose and how late they will possibly have to go into this summer. :-)

    Great progress on Thoughtful Heart!

    Stay warm, dry and safe!

    And by the way, you don't need to send your snow storm eastward as we have plenty of our own. LOL!

    Windy Meadow

  12. Love Thoughtful Heart, and I'll add a "hear hear!!" to all the other East Coasters' comments... I'll be more than happy to send you some of the snow that is swirling and blowing here. :)

  13. Dearest Spinsty Stitchy, I've got snow to spare too and I noticed coments here that promise to send some to you if you post your address. But I DO have your address...would you like me to send some? Solid? Liquid? Yellow? Oh sorry...Star might be offended if I remove her work...please DO let us know if we can help you out with things. We all want you to remain happy so you keep us entertained! :-)

  14. Great piece. You are making great progress. I be Stewey is happy not to have the snow messing with his wardrobe!!

  15. Your snow seems to have moved into somewhere else, here for example, lol.
    The SB piece is looking great.

  16. Thoughtful Heart is coming along very nicely! Unlike my sisters to the south I only got around eight of your inches of snow. I will gladly keep them here so that you won't be inundated with snow. But, please, don't send anymore.

    I thought I heard on the news, between the WORLD IS ENDING DUE TO SNOW, announcements, that folks in your area had an earthquake. You can keep that west of the Pocono's too, thank you :)

  17. Hot and steamy in Sydney. Some cold and snow would be great.

  18. Coni...are you buried in snow, or snowed under in the laundry room?