Feb 9, 2010


We're under a Winter Storm Warning (!) today, so this means that Aunt Chrissy and I ran to the grocery last night for provisions. Oddly enough, the entire store was empty and quiet, so we strolled the aisles as though we owned the place. It was pure heaven.

Now before you get all worried about us not having the proper things here to outlast any natural "situation", might I just point out that I have enough food in my fridge, freezer, and pantry to feed a small country for at least a week and a half. This, of course, comes from the remembrance of living through the Blizzard of 1977 (!), during which we played on a snow pile that went up to the roof while Mom stressed out over making sure the entire neighborhood had fresh milk.

(She was like that, don't you know. Always looking out for everybody and making sure that no matter what was going on, you had dry socks and something good to eat.)

(Hmmm. Note to self: Explore this as possible cause of footwear and food obsession.)

Oh, I'm supposed to tell you that Stewey wants y'all to STOP with all of the lovely commentary on me and my stitching and my writing. He claims that I'm becoming hard to live with, especially since I've taken to printing out comments every day and wrapping myself in them like some kind of "Cool Kid's Cloak of Indestructibility". What can I say? You're the wind beneath my wings.

(Please stand by for eye rolling and retching sounds coming from the general vicinity of Stewey's perch.)

I'm still plugging along on Thoughful Heart and hope to have it completed by the end of the week. And, seeing how we're headed into another Olympic Season, I think I'm fixin' to stitch a Laura J. Perin quilt pattern, but in all reds, whites, and blues. There are so many lovely patterns that methinks I might have to putter about upstairs for a bit to see what I can come up with.

That's the report for today. I suppose that I had better go shovel a path for Little Lord Fauntleroy out back or we're going to be washing drapes all day. I swear I'm going to slap a diaper on him and call it a day, but every time I threaten to do it he whips out our Agreement Of Ownership That Proves Once And For All That We Live In A Household In Which A Dog Is In Charge and then calls his attorneys. Damn dog.


  1. Snowy days are the best stitchy days. Comfort food would be yummy for today too! Stay warm and put an extra blankie on Stewey!!

  2. I can't wait to see which LJP quilt piece you start - I have six now waiting in my little stack. :-)

  3. We have a snow warning too... another 10-20 to add to our (we measured) 22 inches on the weekend. It is nice to cook and stitch on these days. My Grace Kelly needs a path shoveled out for her too... and she is much much taller than Stewey. Methinks if you had our snow there would be much watering of drapes... path or no path.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, dear Coni...you and Stewey are such a treat! Sadly, you are also a lot like me and my Stoley...he too is a "pee-er"; only, it's not just the drapes, but the bike, the computer desk, the project desk, the wing-back chair...and yes, if nothing else is available, the wall??!!! Really???!! And...it doesn't have to be snowing, raining, sleeting or hailing...he will do it whenever for whatever reason!! Oh, well! What's a girl to do?!!

    Glad you are still enjoying Thoughtful Heart...it is a beauty! And a LJP sounds just right for Olympic stitchin'!

    Enjoy...love to the Stewmeister!


  5. Rats! I so wish we'd have some serious snow here. I need the gift of a day off. Enjoy the storm and stitching.

  6. Your WIP of Thoughtful Heart prompted me to order a few SB kits and pay for OVERNIGHT shipping so I could have them today! I ordered Thoughtful Heart also but that was on backorder so I will receive that another day. SB kits ARE like valium, very calming.

  7. I am so jealous of you and your snowstorms right now. This snowstorm was suppose to leave me with 6-8 inches and at least one day off work! It changed courses and now you are the lucky one! Have fun with your stitching.

  8. Your stitching is lovely and I enjoy your blog. Ticket (our newfoundland) and R2 (our border terrier) wonder why Stewey goes on the drapes. Does he have a crate to help him control himself? R2 sleeps in his crate, (he goes in at bedtime by himself) because he barks and would sleep with people and cause problems.


  9. Oh dear! Joyce what CAN you e thinking? Stewey in a crate? That is too much to wrap my poor little brain around!
    We too are expecting a "Snow-In." We missed the last one but tonight it is supposed to zing it to us.
    We already cancelled our EGA meeting for Wednesday, but not to worry...I have plenty to stitch, and since DH is stuck in IN (the south tho), there is virtually NO housework to interfere!

  10. Hey Spinster: Love your dog. But as far as blizzards are concerned your fans will not believe you about the Blizzard of '77 until they go to my website http://www.whitedeath.com and there listen to the emergency radio broadcasts during that major disaster and see my classic pics. Guaranteed to convince them.
    Beware of snowflakes!
    Erno the Inferno Rossi

  11. wrap yourself in commentary
    and swaddle stewey in a window drape......don't tell him i said that....yikes

  12. Aww, tell the little pooch to stuff it on this one! You deserve the stitchy praise!! Enjoy the snow, and stay safe!!

  13. Wow, I remember the Blizzard of '77. I grew up in the country and we didn't have power or school for about a week. It was so quiet that we were all whispering to each other after a couple of days.

    I actually loved it. My little dog and I played in the snow and my mom made us cinnamon toast under the broiler. I remember how strange it felt when the power went back on.

  14. Oh, we're supposed to rush to the grocery store when a big storm is coming? All these years I've been rushing to my LNS! I'd hate to run out of stash before the roads opened! As if I could run out of stash in several lifetimes!

    Wrap yourself in the admiring comments, bronze them to hang on the wall, or save them in a scrapbook - whatever makes you happiest! You deserve every positive comment.


  15. Your stitching is just beautiful. It always brings a smile to me. I was lucky to be off yesterday and did not venture out. A great day for stitching which I did. I like doing those small felt kits too. take care keep warm