Jan 11, 2010


Orna Willis

Stewey and I thought long and hard about it, and we decided that this piece is finished for now. I didn't do the last two sections of outer borders, but I think I want to move on to something different. And, if I re-visit this one, I think I want to play with the colors a little bit since these were a little unusual for me. The good news is that Ms. Orna provides you with several options, so selecting alternatives should be easy breezy!

The weekend was cold and snowy and stitchy and West Wing-y. Aunt Chrissy and I spent good portions of the last few days on our respective heinies and I am feeling so well rested today that I think it's almost time for a mid-morning nap. Yawn.

I noticed that Ms. Ruth completed the last lesson on the Raymond Crawford "Merry Christmas" canvas, so I suppose that this one is very near the end. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo. This project has been like one big box of chocolates for me, so I just can't bear the thought of finally finishing that last piece. It has been a total blast to do, and I am really looking forward to working on similar stuff in my stitchy future.

Stewey's little cold is finally gone. He did manage to sneeze all over me yesterday for good measure, but I think that's just because I wouldn't give him a cookie. We're having a bit of a battle on that front, since he thinks "All cookies all the time" is a perfectly reasonable nutritional solution and that I should stop fussing over the fact that he goes days and days without eating any of his Puppy Chow. The vet tells me that this is perfectly normal and that his health and weight are perfect for his size, but I still worry about him. Damn dog.

We're ready for Monday! I hope that the week ahead is perfectly perfect in every way for you. Stitch something fabulous!


  1. Great finish Coni!

    Happy Monday to you too!


  2. Back at you, Coni!

    I am glad you are such a good Mo-ther! Stewey is one blessed puppy dog!

  3. Way to finish! I'm hoping to spend the next few days working at feeling as rested as you feel.

  4. OOhhh!! The colors are so pretty!

    I am so glad that Stewey is feeling better!

  5. this looks lovely! I say even if you never go back to it...it is just beautiful.

  6. Beautiful finish Coni! The colors are really nice. And happy to hear that Stewey is over his cold now.

  7. Your finish is lovely! It is good to get out of your "normal" color range. I think about what would I do with my stitching if I ever re-decorate. Everything is tan, maroon, and shades of green. These are going to look silly when I redecorate in Shabby Chic colors.

    Glad to hear Stewey is better. BTW you don't know me but I have been lurking here for a while:) I was impressed with this project.

  8. It looks so nice, and I love the colours. Stewey is being like my girl. She hangs around looking half starved any time there is people food around (and she is a Saluki, so she does look half starved!) and only eats her kibble when she is out of all hope that we might give her a tidbit. I'm glad Stewey's cold is on the wane.

  9. wow! that's some semi-finish!

    stewey sounds like my two. i always
    worry when they don't eat. neither one likes their respective food(s). but pull out the cookies and watch their little eyes light up! LOL

  10. LOve the colors and the finishedness (?) of the piece. Is it box sized, ot inset in a pillow sized? It would be perfect as either!
    Glad Stewy is better - don't YOU go getting his cold!

  11. Is that the Amadeus stitch in the middle of that lovely piece? Whatever, it's really beautiful!

  12. Lovely finish Coni...the colours are unusual, but pretty! *sneaks Stewey a cookie*

  13. I'm so glad you consulted with Stewey on this. He does have wonderful taste, but what will this do to his ego? I hope he retains his modest demeanor (ha,ha).

    I'm so envious of the time you spend with Aunt Chrissy. My sister lives 450 miles away so I don't get to see her often. You are so lucky to have your sister so close and to share such a wonderful hobby.


  14. From memory I was oggling the purple version of Grace - I have to admit I think sometimes Orna has an odd colour sense, but then when it's all stitched up, they seem 'right' at the end of it all :)

    As for your latest post, I figure if canvaswork is all you feel like stitching then you go girl!! Any needle in hand is a good day, regardless of what sort of needle it is :D

  15. Any chance you would be willing to sell your copy of Grace by Orna Willis? I absolutely love it but can't seem to locate it on the web.

    Rebecca Lake