Dec 10, 2009


Before we begin today's drivel, I feel it absolutely necessary to reveal several interesting facts about myself.

1) Despite being only 43 years old (ahem), I am tragically UN-hip. (Good grief! Am I so out of touch that even the word "hip" is now out of fashio, and I'm revealing myself to be an even bigger dork than I think I am?!)

2) On the rare occasion that I actually leave Chez Spinster, I am safely belted into my vehicle, hands at ten and two, and not one distraction me from driving. This means that I usually do not turn on the radio to listen to commercial radio stations.

3) When I do listen to the radio, it is as a sleep aid, and the channel is tuned to the BBC America on our public radio station ( Helloooo WVPE!), and I normally wake up with strange questions about Climate Summits in Copenhagen, or what the latest issue is with our presence (or lack thereof) in some part of the world that probably didn't even exist when we studied Geography on that one Wednesday in eleventh grade.

And finally:

4) Aunt Chrissy and I were raised by two parents who didn't get too excited about anything as we were growing up. When some of the parents of our peers were "outraged" or "scandalized" by what was showing up on the TeeVee with its brand new MTV channel, Mom went out and bought another Glen Campbell or Barry Manilow album and we got on with it. (Which explains a LOT about me and my current state of year I asked for "records" for Christmas and I got "The Definitive Steve and Edie Gourmet Collection" and something by Henry Mancini.) (This was in 1983.) (Sigh.)

So all of this is by way of explanation so that you will understand where I'm coming from when I tell you that I'm still a bit baffled by this Barbara Walters "Most Fascinating People of 2009" thingie I saw parts of last night. (I would have watched all of it, but I wanted waffles.) (Stewey, however, was positively riveted to the screen, and he took notes for our nightly Pre NightNight Discussion.)

The first "HUH?!" that came out of my head was when a gal named Lady GaGa was presented. (Or was it GoGo?). (Hmm. Maybe it was GiGi?). Anywhoose, all I caught were some snippets of Barbara saying "clothes off", "scandalous", and what I think was, "boobies". My very brief search for Madame GaGa this morning told me nothing other than the fact that this person does indeed like to show her boobies. Apparently, a lot.

Now please understand I'm not at all terrorized by the thought of anybody showing their boobies, and as a matter of fact, I would happily share mine with the world if I could get them out of my shoes long enough to see the light of day. (I have issues. Leave it alone.)

I listened as Barbara talked all about this woman being "blah blah blah", and I said to myself "Isn't that Madonna?". I mean, come on. Didn't Madonna show her boobies and dance around and terrorize the Queen of England too? Is this Lady Whatever really THAT original?

So as I pondered this and ate my waffles, another "entertainer" was featured. This time, a raven-haired, eyeliner-wearing, black nail polish-toting young man appeared after a clip of a performance he gave at some awards show.

Now here's where I tell you that I've never seen American Idol, and the only thing I really know about it is that there's a British guy on there who wears t-shirts that are entirely too snug for him (in my humble opinion). (Talk about boobies.)

So I guess this kid...Adam Lambert? being vilified for...well, I'm not exactly sure what, but I know that it involves a lot of parents upset that their children were exposed to his shenangins. So as Barbara is blathering away about this guy being banned from Good Morning America and whether or not this "scandal" will hurt his career, I again looked sideways at the Tee Vee and said (to no one in particular this time)..."For cryin' out loud! Isn't that Adam Ant?!".

So here's where the confused part of me comes in: I'm not sure I'm understanding all of the fuss about some of these "entertainers" these days. Aside from Susan Boyle, who bucked tradition with her unruly eyebrows and sensible shoes, it seems to me that most of what's out there today is just a re-hashing of everything that has gone before. Am I completely off base here? Should I just go back under my rock and forget about it all?

And if these "entertainers" are so shocking to the world, why not just say what my mom did to me when I asked her if I could get my ears pierced and go to a boy/girl party: "Yes, if you make your bed every day, and no, not until you're 30."

So that's my pondering for the day. On to some stitching....

Here's my progress on the 4 Patch Santa Sampler. I've finished the background on the first little guy. All he needs now is a pom pom for his hat and he will go on the finished list.

I think that I will switch to the Raymond Crawford this evening, since I received the next installment in the mail a few days ago. I'm also thinking that I might want to kit up Laura J. Perin's Malachite Maze with some Christmas colors, but that might involve a trip to the LNS for provisions. (How sad is it that I wouldn't consider a trip to the pharmacy for meds today because of the weather, but when I just typed "LNS" I started looking for the keys and my outside shoes?)

Aunt Chrissy will take me to the fancy eyeglass boutique tonight to pick up my glasses again. I had originally ordered them with "Transitions" lenses, because I thought it would be soooo cool to be able to walk outside and have instant sunglasses. It turns out that my stitchy lamp was activating them, so I was sitting in the Happy Chair looking like I was just too cool for the room. (Or like I was going to break out a guitar and start playing the blues.)

I hope that wherever you are is wonderful today. Stay warm and safe and dry and don't forget to tell me all about it!


  1. your santa's looking great!

    i was remiss and missed ba-ba's show last night, only because i fell asleep in my stitching chair.

    signed another ageless spinster stitcher!

  2. Loved your post... I am not sure how they picked these 10 most interesting people. I mean to me Kate and her brod of 8 are not the most interesting people of 2009 in my opionion, neither is Lady GoGo "I will now refer to her as that.

    I am 32 and alot of times feel pretty out of touch with what the world considers to be hip.

    Take Care :)

  3. I would say you are spot on, Coni. All the gossip of today is just a rerun.

    Santa looks great, by the way :)

  4. They're Famous & Scandalous because they've spent the better part of their lives trying to be Famous & Scandalous. And if the media ignored them they'd be forced to talk about... I don't know? Issues. Things that actually mattered maybe? Yawn

    So they'll ramble on for hours about Madonna part 2 who was really Jane Russell part 2 who was Clara Bow part 2 and on and on it goes.

    'Cause you know real issues would require real journalism instead of investigating Ga-Ga's bra size and who Adam kisses.

  5. I'm 20 years older than you, Coni, and far from being a prude or an old lady, but I refuse to validate the network's featuring such a program by watching it. I'm sick of the "sick" stuff that's on and young kids are watching and thinking it's "normal" behavior. It's sad that our society has become so lacks in teaching kids respect and values. They have no respect for any one or anything and most of it is assimilated through TV. Watching Adam tells them it's OK to be disgusting and immoral in front of the whole world. Is this what we want our kids to become...disrespectful and immoral? If my way of thinking is considered old-fashioned and "out of touch" by today's standards, than that's what I am and very proud of it. These TV executives (and Barbara Walters!!!) should be ashamed of themselves for even considering such trash entertainment.

  6. Were these people really the most interesting or just the most scandalous? (Did I even spell that right?) And yes, I agree, just reruns....but personally I'd rather watch a rerun of a good old fashioned sitcom!

  7. I have to say that I think of all the blogs I read yours if my favorite. I laughed out loud about the transition lenses and you sitting under the stitchy lamp. Ha! As for the celebrities of today, I like some of Lady GaGa's music and I loved Adam Lambert on American Idol, but you do have a point about everything being done before. I don't pay attention too much to a celebrity's antics. If I like their movies and/or songs, I will watch and/or listen. I could give two hoots about their personal lives. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. And the Santa looks great!!!!

  8. Thanks for a great post. Your Santa's looking terrific (are you purposefully not stitching his face?). I agree that none of these people are interesting. Famous (infamous?) and Scandalous, as another poster put it, yes, but not interesting.

  9. I didn't even KNOW that Ba-Ba Wa-Wa had a show on last night until I saw all the commentary on the "news" this morning. I was too busy watching UK beat the UConn basketball team and watching shows I actually like recorded on my DVR. I try to pay no attention to the current "celebrities", but once in a while have to explain to my even more out of it husband who someone like Tiger Woods is and why he is considered "news". You are much more likely to run into copies of Cooks Illustrated and Art in America in our house than People or Entertainment Weekly. If that makes us Out Of It, so be it.

    We both got our eyes checked last week, but haven't been able to find frames that we like. The only "transitions" that my glasses make are the bifocal setting from distance to reading.

  10. When I heard the list of Ms. Walters most fascinating people I tuned it OUT. I don't think there is anything special about any of them. Well, maybe Tyler Perry, but he is such a great writer and playwright (sp)!

    Lady Gaga is a "wanna be". I think the Spice Girls sang something about Adam "Ant" Lambert...'nuff said. There are truly others out there who deserve to me most fascinating and she really missed it this year (with the one or two exceptions).

    Santa's lookin' good! And I agree that there is something to wanting to go to your LNS more than the drug store. HA

    Oh, I am 37, so I can completely understand the MTV issue and the records. Kids these days (and by that I mean the child stars too) have no real appreciation for music or entertainment. What a shame!

  11. As a 43 year old spinster, I thought "move along GaGa, I'm not buying the kinda crazy your peddling...
    Then I watched her Bad Romance video on you tube and I was totally sucked in. She sneaks up on you, beware!

  12. "Am I completely off base here? Should I just go back under my rock and forget about it all?"

    No, you're not. There is nothing new under the sun. Of course, being tragically unhip myself (like I care...) and rapidly approaching 45, you probably shouldn't listen to me. But don't crawl under the rock; you can't post your blog from under a rock and we'd all miss you terribly!

    I haven't seen one of Barbara WaWa's shows in decades. Or maybe ever. It's just nonsense. When she starts interviewing truly interesting and amazing people, such as those who run our local food pantry, I'll tune in. Until then, 10pm is my bedtime.

    Your Santa is lovely. Is Master Stewey pitching fits about having to go outside in this cold weather?

  13. HA! I just about burst out laughing at your comment, "Isn't that Adam Ant? LOL I do remember that guy, and yes, Adam does look somewhat like him! I do think that everything today is just a rehash, but we hear so much about everything because the media can't leave these people alone. Now on Lady Gaga, my DH was going to buy tickets for my kids to see her in concert (obviously he reads the Wall Street Journal and not the regular papers). When he told me that I almost had a heart attack. No way, Jose was what I told him!!
    If I didn't have kids, I'd never know who any of these people were.

  14. I am so glad that I am not the only person who cares less about American idol! I do enjoy most of the past participants on the radio. The one time I tried to watch, it was so painful that I truly wondered what the rest of America was thinking! As to today's celebratees, everything old is new again?

  15. Huh, I actually have no idea who Barbara Walters is. I mean, I've heard her name but that's it. As for what's currently going on in the "rich and famous" world, I have absolutely no interest.
    Apparently at the age of 23 I'm out of touch with today's youth!

  16. ok...I was hee hawing as usual about the entire nature of the "entertainers" story when I hit the last paragraph about going to the eyeglasses boutique..and, I LOST IT because I can totally visualize you sitting in your stitchy chair with those glasses gone dark on you!~ It is absolutely incredible how you can write so fluid and I can so see in my head everything you say....Lordy, is that a gift or what???

  17. "too cool for the room" I love it, and I needed a laugh today.

    I'm tragically un-hip, but I'm proud of it. I scandalized my co-workers yesterday when I revealed that I had never seen American Idol and that I was going to the symphony this weekend.

    I have, though, seen a picture of that Adam Lambert guy, and he's no Adam Ant. That guy was a total hottie in his younger days. I still think I attended library school b/c of the "Goody Two Shoes" video.

  18. Lady Go-Go? Adam Ant/Lambert/David Bowie? I don't know who these "entertainers" are. They all look alike.
    Now, as far as the stuff that really matters - your Santa is looking good, Miss Coni.
    And thanks for another dose of levity for the day! Great post.

    I'm off to open the window and hide the bug spray. (And it is cold enough to snow here in the Napa Valley in California.) Dad sprayed the bug spray, on top of the poison he put out for the ants. My head hurts. He's just like a (88 year old) bull in a china shop. And, I have to get Mom to concentrate long enough to get her coat on so she can go outside. She is busy singing odes to herself at the moment about how she is beautiful and all the boys want to kiss her.
    I could write a book about Living With Your Senior Parents; Who will Lose it First? (and this includes me, the daughter).

  19. Coni - two things: Bravo! (on your social analysis and Santa) and YOU ARE TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!

  20. Shock value is all relative.....In the 50's Dad went to see Rock Around The Clock in Manchester, England at a cinema. The audience were dancing on their seats. When nobody would get down off their seats, the attendants turned the fire hoses on them!

    Your stitching is amazing.

    Here's a link for Stewie. I heard it on the radio this morning. It has Lestat wandering around the house muttering about dogs THINKING they are superior to cats and what an unscientific survey it is....

  21. nice santa stitching
    i say just turn off the tv version of national enquirer
    put on some LP's and stitch and dance a bit too

  22. Thanks for the giggles today, ESPECIALLY the comment about not going out for anything . . . except needlework supplies. I am **so** with you there. Throughout our Hoosier winters, I'd always prefer to stay inside, unless I had a chance to go shopping for more stash.

    Love your Santa. I'm not a canvas girl myself, but I really enjoy watching your progress, and Santa is looking fab-u-los-oh! Get that man a pompom for his cap, and he'll be ready for his Dec. 24 travels!

  23. Okay. I admit it. I have Lady GaGa on my MP3 player. On the advice of my 22 year old. But I've never seen her "perform." Or bothered to look up anything about her. It's good - pick-up-the-house-before-making-dinner music.

    And thanks for the tremendous tip about transition lenses and stitching lamps. You just saved some of us from making an expensive mistake.

  24. I love the story of your transition lenses, I can just see you sitting there looking like Stevie Wonder, struggling to see your stitching. I was wide awake at 3am the other morning, trying deperately to get to sleep and my mind was wandering all over the place as usual, and for some unknown reason the story of you setting you hair on fire with the lamp shining on your glasses (perched on your head) popped into my little brain and made me laugh out loud. Have a great weekend.

  25. Well, your Transitions are yet another instance of things being rehashed or recycled or whatever. I had these when I was 12 because my parents insisted they were the most practical glasses one could have. They were called something like auto-grays or something dumb. Anyway, they cemented my reputation in junior high as being the dorkiest looking girl EVER. It took me three years to save up babysitting money enough to finally buy myself a 'cool' pair of glasses (if such a thing exists).

    But I digress, everything in your post totally cracked me up. Adam Ant indeed. And oh, hey, do you still have that Henry Mancini album? I'd love to have a listen to it. :)

  26. Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was the only 40-something person out there that had no idea who these people were and simply turned the program off. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Adam Ant! I have a big poster of him when I was in high school. As a matter of fact, I may still have it.

    And your santa is absolutely fantastic!!

  27. Yep, there is nothing new except what's been forgotten.

  28. Hmmm ... I'm coming into this conversation days late, and I kind of knew that Baba Wawa was gonna be on TV, but I forgot all about it. She hasn't had anyone on who interests me in a long, long time. As for the "entertainers" that we hear too much about, they just make me glad I'm not famous. The only reason they're covered by the media is that so many other people want to see them. Ew, I say. Isn't it nice that we're all too busy stitching?

    Like some of our other bloggy friends, I'm still enjoying the mental image of you in your Transitions lenses under the stitchy light.