Dec 9, 2009


I've heard that the barometric pressure can cause headaches in some people, and yesterday I apparently decided to join their ranks. We have a big weather "situation" coming in, and my head, neck, and eyeballs hurt so bad yesterday that I thought I was going to grow horns and spart spewing nasty things all about me.

Stewey must be affected by this phenomenon as well, since all he wanted to do yesterday was sit in my lap, look deeply into my eyes, and say "Mo-ther, you do realize that it is now December 8th and you've done nothing about that bare mantle. If you don't hang my stocking by the chimney with care, where in the world will Santa Claus hide my Zhu Zhu? You know that I have been very very good this year and that I am expecting to receive many fine presents, but if you don't get on the stick and get this house finished I'm going to put myself up for adoption, and then where would you be without me? Now take these little pills, go put your head on the pillow for a few minutes, and wake up refreshed and ready to GET. THIS. DECORATING. FINISHED.!!"

I did manage to start the background of the Santa, but I admit it was tricky to do with only one eye opened. The first part of the design calls for two ply of Impressions, so I am trying very hard to lay it carefully and not let the twisties get out of hand:

So here's a creepy story for ya...

Moments ago I was sitting here typing away and I heard a tremendous RACKET coming from the back yard. I can't describe the sound exactly, but let's just say it gave me pause, particularly since we are experiencing very high winds at the moment and I was pretty sure my neighbor's house had just blow over or some such mess.

I slowly crept into the living room and gasped in horror as I saw about a BAZILLION and a half big black birds feeding away at the two little bird feeders at the end of the patio. Holey Schmoley! I am not kidding you when I say that there were enough birds there to cause me to break out in a cold sweat and run for the camera.

By the time I returned, here's all that were left:

Now I realize that this doesn't look very impressive, but please keep in mind that I can hardly hear myself THINK today over all of this howling wind, yet there were enough birds in my back yard to MAKE ME GET OFF MY BUTT AND GET OUT OF THE CHAIR!

I asked Stewey what he thought if the whole experience, but all he could muster for me was:

"I wonder if there's a way I can lock her office door from the outside so that I can have a little peace and quiet during the day?"

I realize I'm the only one freaked out by nature around here, but sheesh, give a spinster a break once in a while, will ya?

Back to the salt mines. This laundry isn't going to do itself, despite my best efforts to channel Elizabeth Montgomery by twitching my nose. (How's THAT for an obscure pop culture reference on a Wednesday?)


  1. Oohhh...I hate those barometric migranes - they are nooo fun!

    Goodness - I can related to the birds, we've had them like that here too. They sure can clean ou the feeders in a hurry!

    Love the progress on Santa and hope you feel better!

  2. Alfred Hitchcock much? We get hoards of those birds around here too... they sound like a squeaky door hinge to me... a giant one. I try to stay inside when they are about. There are three people in this house that get barometric pressure headaches and it is truly horrible! You and Stewey both have my sympathy. Your Santa sure looks cute; I love that background.

  3. I guess the weather you got has made it's way up here - my head is killing me and the winds must be 50-60 mph. A good day to stay inside definitely. I'm sure the wreaths I hung outside on the windows are clear into the other city by now.

    And maybe the birds got thrown off kilter in the winds! But did they have to land in your yard?!!

    Your Santa is looking great and I hope your head feels better.

  4. You sure they were not filming a remake of " The Birds" !! Why not.. They are remaking every movie ever made.. LOL Love Santa progress. Stewey did not try to protect you??? LOL Hope your headache will soon be gone !!!

  5. I too have a head for a barometer. I get the nasty headaches myself. They are no fun.

    Santa is looking great. tree isn't up either and neither are my Christmas decorations. We still have time!

  6. Speaking of Elizabeth Montgomery, I missed "Bewitched today". :( Oh well! It's not like I have not seen them over and over again.

    I am really loving the way the Santa is turning out! I think I am gonna have to give that type of needlework a whirl sometime. I am working on what is supposed to be a cross-stitch, but it has been nothing but half-stitches so far. See my blog ( for pics. It's called "Coming Home for the Holidays".

    Stay safe and warm while the storm passes over. My mom, near Lansing MI, said they got a couple of inches overnight. I do not miss the frozen north, no sireee!!! ;D

  7. I get the weather migraines too. They SUCK!!! And since when is Bewitched obscure? LOL

  8. max and lucy said stewey can come to their house till you get your mantle decorated.

    they have their tree up. while their mom didn't go all out, the stockings are at least hung along the mantle!

    we've already had out snow in houston tho the winds are kicking up some today and its to be rainy tomorrow.

    stewey only needs to bring his blanket and he should be good to go for the visit! :)

    joann in tx

  9. Coni,

    I'm glad you're feeling better today. How like Stewey to focus on the long-term priorities (his gifts) rather then the immediate crisis (your migraine). I'm sure he was just trying to distract you from your pain. ;)

    The Santa is looking wonderful!


  10. Yes Coni, barometric pressure does cause migraines. I have suffered from them since I was a child. It is the most horrendous pain imaginable...even worse than childbirth, IMO! And I've done that a number of times, so I know whereof I speak!! I hope yours passing quickly.

    Santa is looking great, lov eall the texture that the stitches and floss are creating!

    Stewey is so adorable...I just love him! Until later...


  11. I had a HUGE flock of black birds in my yard over the weekend. They made the most horrible sounds. Scared my 60 pound Aussie half out her wits. She was hiding between my legs and barking at the same time. They completely cleaned out 8 birdfeeders and even tore up the suet feeder trying to get to it.

  12. Was Tippi Hedron anywhere nearby? That's just a little creepy.

    I've been catching up on your Santa progress. He looks great. It's so nice to see you back in the saddle.