Dec 1, 2009


You know that expression "Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink?". Well, that pretty much sums up the overall state of the Spinster Stitcher union these days. I have an embarrassing abundance of riches all kitted up in the Christmas Stitching basket, and yet all I can seem to do each night is put it on the ottoman and stare at it.

Shame on me.

I do, however, have a plan. (I can hear you saying "Uh-oh" all the way over here in Hoosierville.) I've decided that I can do anything for fifteen minutes, so tonight I'm going to pull a project and start stitching it for AT LEAST that period of time. No excuses. No bitching, whining, or complaining. I'm just going to stitch on something for fifteen minutes and then see how it goes from there. If I get bored or dissatisfied, I'll put it down and fret about it later. But! If it kicks me back into Stitchy MojoTowne, then so much the better!

I see that Stewey filled you in on all of the shenanigans around here for the BIG FEAST OF A MEAL DAY. We're still not sure what happened exactly, but the food was better than it ever has been, and most of it was delivered to the table piping hot. (That's one of my pet food that is so much.) Ina's Sagaponak Corn Pudding was definitely worth it, so I'm pretty sure that I'll be making that one for years and years to come. Aunt Chrissy made the pies (yes, we had more than one pie for just the two of us...leave it alone), and I have to say that whatever she did to the pecan one was really really good. (She claims to have burned it, but I think it was just superb).

The Christmas tree really isn't THAT bad, and I think Stewey is finally warming up to it. He stopped complaining about it when I pointed out that last year we almost didn't have a tree at all, so he should be happy with whatever ends up in that urn. Now if I can just get the rest of the decorations up, all will be peaceful in the kingdom once again.

By now the entire world knows that Notre Dame is looking for a new head football coach, and yes, in the event that you were wondering, I've thrown my hat into the ring. Considering I know absolutely NOTHING about the game, I'm not optimistic that I'll be called in for an interview, but what I lack in experience, I figure I make up for in sincerity. (Besides, won't the uniforms look snazzy with the players' names embroidered on the back?)

We're off to a Tuesday! Laundry will be finished today or I'm hauling it all to the Goodwill. Sometimes I feel as though a little tough love is in order for myself, and I issue threats as a motivational tool for getting stuff done around here. If you see me wearing the same sweatpants and sports bra for the next several months, you can probably guess that there wasn't much laundry washing that happened after all.

Happy Day to you all! I hope that your little corner of the world is simply fabulous and that something delightful happens to you today!


  1. I love reading your blog. We are the same age. I have a cavalier king charles and a cat that hate it when I stitch.

    You have a great way with words and stiches. I have been lacking stitching mojo the past week too.

    Good luck with the job interview for the coaching position.

  2. I think you'd make a great coach and, just think, Stewey could be the new mascot!!! Ya, right....LOL

  3. I can just picture you as coach of the Fighting Irish. And Stewey can help by biting the opposing team so your guys get all the touch downs.

    I hope your stitchy plans works for you.

  4. Coni: When they ask you what your coaching philosophy is, just look serious, pound your fist into your palm and say in a loud voice 'it's all in the execution'...then hire me as your assistant. Just think of the fun we could have stitching, stashing and coaching. :-)
    I am so glad it was a good holiday for you!

  5. I had a rotten day, I also lost my stitching mojo right in the middle of Christmas stitching and I also need to finish an exchange. About the only good thing that happened today was reading your blog.

  6. I like your plan! I once had a time when I couldn't summon the will to stitch unless I was guaranteed at least an hour uninterrupted. I had three small kids... so.... yeah. Finally I got fed up with myself and decided that any minute of stitching was a minute longer than none. You can get a lot done in fifteen minutes, and maybe get that mojo back.

  7. I like the 15 minute plan! I think if you put the Santa Claus hat on Stewey before you begin stitching and put in a Christmas DVD, that should put you in a great Christmas stitchy mood! Maybe, Scrooged or Home Alone or Christmas Vacation! Or, what about It's a Wonderful Life?! Probably ought to whip up a big batch of Christmas fudge to go along with the stitching thing, too.

  8. Just remember if you need a reference for the job, you have all us lovelies in blogland that would love to lie, I mean brag. about all your many talents!~ You are one of a kind and we love it!!

  9. Can I be the needlework tutor for the team?

  10. I think I'm in a stitchy-slump as well. The thought of getting it out and working on some of my larger projects just tires me out. Maybe I need an entirely new small project? Not sure what will kick start me. I have 11 days off coming up the end of December so hopefully if I don't get back in the mood before then I'll have plenty of time to stitch during those days.

    And I think you would make a great coach, Coni. And Stewey could be the receiver coach, using his game of PUMPKIN! to teach them the finer points of the game. I can just picture him with his whistle and cap running the guys up and down the field. Of course they might also start peeing on drapes but if it makes them a winning team that is a small price to pay!

  11. 15 minutes a day is sort of what Gay Ann Rogers is having us do on her stash of unfinished or, in my case, unstarted pieces...Gay Ann's recommendation is 12 stitches a day or 1-2 thread lengths a day. You would be surprized at how much you can accomplish on such a regimen.

    As far as coaching the Fighting Irish...I'm not all that sure. I'm a Boilers' fan through and through!

  12. I haven't commented much lately, but I want you to know that I stop by daily. Your posts always bring a smile to my face!

  13. OK, OK (Okay, Okay). I see what is going on, you really do need a regimen. Back to the lists for you. Just think, you can write on your list the day and date and say my 15 minutes of stitchey fame will be ...
    Hey, even if you don't stitch that day, at least you wrote down a list!
    Seriously, I do find that if I say I'll just try to get in 20 minutes or so a day, I usually do see projects progressing. Of course, I could be dead by the time one project is finished, but I'll have had some stitchey fun along the way.

  14. Bobby Bowden may be available...truth be told, I think your enthusiasm will more than make up for training skills.....Being a Penn Stater, we have been very fond of the current coach!
    Thanks for the many amusing essays.

  15. I think embroidered names on the jerseys is a splendid idea...I could get behind a coach like you ;o)
    Best thing to happen to Irish FB since Lou left.
    Now do you think they could do something about filling the huge hole that Bobby left down here when they fired him? IU BB has SUCKED since that sad day in history.

  16. Coni,

    Just wanted to let know that your Blog is one of the first things I check every day. It is always such a joy to read. What a joyful way to start my day.

    Being a stitcher since the 70's (I started when I was 2 :-) (Lie), I too have gone through some pretty dry spells. One actually lasted a couple of years. I later determined that all I needed was a new pair of glasses. Now, I try to stitch everyday. Sometimes at work during lunch and almost every evening for a couple of hours. Belonging to 3 stitch groups helps too.

    I absolutely love your work and I'm sure your slump won't last very long. I know a plan always helps and you do have a plan.

    Good luck with you job interview!

  17. Hi there - I enjoy reading your blog so much - your dry sense of humour and Stewey's antics brigthen my day! We all have our slumps - you are a creative and prolific stitcher, so don't worry. Maybe you're just evolving to another phase of stitching, and your current projects bore you. Why not let us in blogland have a peek at what's in the Christmas basket. It will encourage us with our own WIPs! Thanks for sharing your stitching with us.
    Colleen in Canada