Oct 13, 2009


Progress continues on "Reflecting Pools". I'm going to continue playing with this one for a while since I'm enjoying it so much. As you can see, my little jar for October is filling up nicely. September's jar was so full I actually had trouble attaching the lid! Woo Hoo!

Stewey will most definitely never suffer from a vitamin D deficiency:
"Really, mo-ther. Is this necessary?"

And I guess the dining room table was tired of its summer attire, since I awoke to this new little tableau:
Once again, my digital camera has demonstrated to you that it is, in fact, much smarter than I am. Sigh.

OK. My work here is done. I set out to post the most boring pictures and text that I could find, and it would seem that I've done so quite nicely.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Never boring! What's the framed piece by the sunflowers by the way?
    I don't know if you can use the listen again facility for the BBC in the US but if you can, do listen to this one about sewing in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Some things don't change... well, not in my world.

  2. Lovely to see such lovely clear light coming into the room. Wonderful progress on your new sidetrack stitching. Pretty Sunflowers too

  3. Your pictures and text are never boring. I love seeing a post from you. Your needlepoint piece is looking lovely. I wish I lived close to you so that you could give me some stitch and color instructions. I stink at trying to figure all that out!!

  4. can someone tell me what SAL stands for??? i see it in all the blogs - i understand SABLE and WIP and so on but not that. and the jars with the threads - is there a signficance to that? i saw on one blog a person asked everyone to keep their orts in a jar and post the photo each month so i am wonderinrg if that is where your theme came from. but what is the point? that is what i am wondering? i am feeling clueless but i am headed to Vegas after work today so that will help a lot!! and of course a projest is going with me!! it is going to be 55/40 all week here on the east coast and Vegas is 85! woohoo! of course i will miss my little Kitty who is camping at her stitchy auntie's but i miss her little snuggles.. of course, i may get the whole bed to myself for a few nights now...

  5. Hi Stewey, Martha here. My Mom can't come to the puter. She's has her fanny in her new happy chair. She does more stitching now. She says the folding chair just didn't do it for her. Now she won't get out of that happy chair to take me for as walk. She tells me to use the doggy door if I want to go outside. She also wants to tell your Mom thanks for sharing all her beautiful work. She wants to be a great stitcher like her, but to tell you the truth she's a little lazy! Right now sleeping in her happy chair, I thought it was for her to do stitching in?
    Stewey thanks for your blog, me and my sister really enjoy it!
    Love Martha & Sugar

  6. OK, Coni, a word I'd never, ever associate with you is boring. I don't think you're capable of being boring.

    Today I wish I could be Stewey. A nap in the sun sounds just about perfect.

  7. Reflecting Pools is coming along nicely, I love your colour choices! Also love visiting your blog, and I just really love your little montly ort bottles/jars! Where did you get such lovely jars?

  8. Dogs are such fun. Picture made me giggle. Bet he was toasty warm when he was done!

  9. I envy Stewey !!! Here in Alabama we are under Flood Warnings. 3 weeks of nothing but Rain.. urghhh I love your new Fall Dinning Table arrangement. Reflecting Pools is still looking great !!! Keep it up.. And please tell Stewey, he might need some suntan lotion !!! LOL

  10. It is so nice and sunny! I need my D, too, Stewey. It is rainy and stormy in Northern California.

  11. I think Stewey has the right idea... wouldn't it be nice to sprawl in bed and sun yourself in the window at the same time? Love the progress on your needlepoint.

  12. Not boring!!! Stewey is just a kick...I LOVE him -- oh, and you, too! Love seeing the 'reflecting pool' -- I've had my eye on that piece for a while and now am more attracted to it seeing it being 'built'. You are having such beautiful days -- witnessed by the lovely dining room pix.
    I'm in AZ - to be close to 90 today!! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face..you r the BEST!!!

  13. Hi Stewey my name is Napoleon and I'm a Bichon. My Mommy and I came across your email little less then a month ago and we have been reading it often. I have to say "Thank You" to the both of You for making us laugh and inspiring Mommy to start stitching and blogging again, so I can sit in the sun chewing on my chew toys in peace.
    All the best!!!!!

  14. Great progress on the Reflecting pools the perfect colurs to go with that name. Stewey looks stunning in the sunlight, I would join him if I could. CJ ok;-)

  15. Wow...Reflecting Pools is just out of this world. That is going to be beautiful when you get it completely done.

    Is that counted Cross Stitch on Canvas?

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Linda K