Jul 27, 2009


So it seems that I have a few viewer mail questions to address. Allow me, however, to first say a big fat thank you for the lovely encouragement that you extended to Aunt Chrissy and moi for our hard work this weekend. It was all worth it, and yesterday's Sunday dinner and movie night was made even more enjoyable by the tidy surroundings.

(BTW..."Paul Blart: Mall Cop" was cutie cute cute, but methinks it helps if you like Kevin James. Otherwise, it's just a chubby guy in a mall cop uniform acting like a boob.) (But Aunt Chrissy and I think he's a CUTE boob, so there.)

Anywhoose, I thought I would answer two of the questions about a) what my WIP list entails and b) what I mean by a project book.

First, the WIP'S. I gathered them all up yesterday and stowed them in the guest room for safekeeping. I figure this will prompt me to stick to my plan, rather than futzing around in the studio and coming up with something new. (Besides, it's a little warm up there in the afternoon, so I'll keep myself cool and comfortable down here on the main floor, thank you very much.)

All canvas work is in this blue thing:

Here's what they look like in all their glory on zee bed:

The four canvases on the left are all painted, and the top center one is painted and came with a stitch guide. All of the others are counted canvas (mostly Laura J. Perin, because y'all know how much I love LJP).

I put all of the cross stitch in a basket because the blue thingie was full. This, of course, is indicative of the problem with having so many open WIP's....when you can't find a basket or container large enough to hold 'em all, it's time to get crackin' and get something finished!

And since I know you're just dying to see them, here they are on zee bed:I suppose that this would be a good place to reveal my obsession with those mesh project bags. I'm pretty sure that Aunt Chrissy and I have enough of them to build a rather large flotation device, or perhaps we could landscape a small city with them? Either way, we were buying them like rabbits until we gently reminded ourselves that they are, in fact, reusable. Uh, duh.

Now in case you're wondering why some of the projects are all in bags and some are left on scroll rods and q-snaps, it's because I went through such hell mounting those projects that I decided to just. leave. them. alone. Besides, if they're already mounted I'm more likely to do them. (Did that sound filthy, or am I still in a Paul Blart hangover?)

The good news is that after all of this organizing, I actually sat down and stitched a little last night. I'm working on LHN's "My Needle's Work":

Sorry about the headless wonder there, but Stewey had an "incident" last night and I had to put all stitching away to attend to him. He was sleeping on the chair/ottoman and because the damn things are on the hardwood and not a rug, the ottoman slipped forward and he fell down in between and smacked his little head. I think it scared me more than it did him, because all he did was give me a dirty look and lift his leg on the corner of the stitchy table. (I guess he showed ME.) He's fine, but I promised him that I would rectify the situation immediately and get a rug under there for his protection. Damn dog.

On the subject of project books, I'm afraid that I can't take any credit at all for this. Aunt Chrissy is a famous stitchy journaler from way back, so I'm a total copy cat here. My project book is pretty simple....it's just a book in which I write all of the particulars of things that I've started.

I'm told that this will really come in handy someday when a fellow stitcher asks me what thread I used where, or what the name of the linen is, but I'm not holding my breath. If nothing else, I guess it's a quick reference for me to see what's started, what's finished, and what kind of crazy mess I'm in with all of the these WIP's. (Just think of this as the chest pain that you usually get before the heart attack. You want to ignore it and pretend it's indigestion, but you're much better off if you pay close attention to it and do something about it.)

I also keep a kooky little "diary" of sorts in which I write down what I worked on that day (or other pithy reminders that I'm a boob). This is kind of fun because it gives me a snapshot of my year in stitches. (And, yes, I'm aware of the obvious fact that this here blog ALSO does that, but I keep waiting for somebody to throw me outta' here and I want to have some type of record of my stitchy existence before the Google gods determine that I'm not fit for public consumption.)

So those are all the intimate details of my stitchy life. I realize that this was somewhat akin to peeking in my underpants drawer, so thanks for making it this far before deleting me from your blog list forever. Yes, I am aware that most of what I do is just. not. normal. but as I've said before, this stitchy thing of ours keeps me off the streets and away from trouble.

I'm off to the Happy Chair with a diet Pepsi. (What can I say? It was on sale, so we're learning to drink it until diet Coke has it's turn). Stewey has informed me that I need to check the garden and get a load of laundry done or there will be no peace in the kingdom, so I'd better get moving. Ciao!


  1. Wow, you are so organized! I am amazed at your WIPs.They do look pretty all laid out on the bed. I might copycat the journal thing too... great idea. Will look for mesh bags, am currently using plastic kitchen bags. I only have 8 WIPs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Holy moly, you are organized! My stuff is just kind of in a pile.

  3. wow you've got some things I'd love to take a turn at! :-) Those painted canvases!

  4. You're soooo organized!!!!! Mesh bags - who would have thought!!! The only ones I know of are the ones for washing unmentionables. Where do you get them?

  5. I had to comment on the diet pepsi thing - I don't care how cheap diet pepsi is, (even if it is free!) - I will not drink diet pepsi as a substitute for diet coke. If I go to a restaurant that sells Pepsi products, I order an ice water with lemon.

    Anyway, you are pretty dang organized! I love those mesh bags, too, and since I don't have as many WIPs as you, I have a lot of empty bags! I keep buying them, because you can never have enough bags, and they might stop making them one year!

  6. It all looks very organized to me. I am sure your MNW will have a head soon, that is such a cute piece. The journal idea is great and I may have to try that as an aside to the photo journal I started this summer. CJ ok;-)

  7. All I can say is Good Luck sticking to your plan. :)
    And I really like the journal idea. I'll have to consider that one. Thought I know that I would probably write two projects in it and promptly forget about it. :)

  8. Thank you for sharing photos of your WIPs. I saw some beautiful needlepoint pillows on your guest bed -- did you stitch those? My eyes kept going back to those beauties.
    I have an Excel workbook where I have different tabs for fabric inventory, patterns, wish lists, and a type of journal -- the WIP, when I started it, the fabric, etc. When I complete the project, it is moved from the WIP section to the completed section.
    Hope Stewey's head is OK -- you know that JRTs are pretty indestructible!

  9. Hi
    This has nothing to do with your Blog....I just know you like to do classes...and the Windy City EGA is having Eileen Bennett come to do the Underground Railroad Cross stitch ....just wanted to let you know.....it is Sept 19th....email me if you have an interest and I will send you the forms....sgvchicago@aol.com...info is also on my blog.....www.thepurplethread.blogspot.com

  10. Wow! You are so organized! I really enjoyed seeing all your projects and the way you journal and keep track of everything. Very inspiring. :) I hope your dog is okay. (oh, and I totally understand the mesh bag obsession...I love those things as well, and keep buying more of them...which just encourages me to start more projects. It's a never-ending cycle! LOL!)

  11. Gosh, your organization is amazing. My WIP's are here, there and everywhere.

    Dog treats to Stewey - hope he doesn't have a headache today.

  12. Such neat and tidy organised WIP's - I'm not going to sit and count mine, or think about them until I'm in a position to pick one of them up again. Of course, should one of my boys ever move out, I'll have my own craft room! (they are 11 & 16! - got a while to wait!)
    I'm being tempted to pick up the mono canvas, every time I open your blog. Thanks!

  13. I love your WIPs organization - clever lass! I like diet pepsi - enjoy your afternoon.

  14. Paul Blart...if I wasn't married, I would so be on it! :)
    (and I'm not even kidding...)

  15. I love your stitchy journal. Great idea. You are beyond organized come visit me and help me out!!

    Vonna you crack me up!! But it is a movie I want to see so taking a cue from you guys, guess I'll be renting it.

    Hugs to Stewey!

  16. That looks so organised, a great incentinve to get some of the WIP's finished.

  17. Okay, I loved all your cleaning pics. I am especially enamoured of your high shelf in the living room. Since I have one of those too I am always looking for ideas :-).

    I enjoyed the peek into your stitchy life, I am bit on the OCD side, LOL, so I like things organized. I am seriously thinking I'd like to copy way you journal. I love those mesh bags too.

    I am a Diet Dr. Pepper addict ;-).

  18. Look at those fabulous pillows on the bed. You've been holding out on us.

  19. Such organization! Wanna come over and tutor me? And thank you again for having lots of WIPs. I feel like I fit right in.