Jul 28, 2009


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's in the laundry room cursing up a blue streak because SOMEBODY had to pee on the rugs that she had thrown in there. (For the record, I told her not to do that and to put them in the car for a trip to the dry cleaners, but did she listen to me?)

I do feel a little bad about watering the rug, especially since the old lady gave me a nice little present last night. She and Aunt Chrissy went to Target so that mom could find something to put under that damn footstool that slid out from under me the night before last (my noggin is still a little sore and I have a bump behind my ears). Anywhoose, they came home with this:Isn't it just the coolest? I was sooooo excited when Mom showed it to me that I thought my tail would wag off. And it's so soft too! Mom said that she felt really bad that I fell down, so she thought this would cheer me up.

When we were watching Anthony Bourdain on the TeeVee, I dragged my new blanket from my perch over to the Happy Chair and I thought my mo-ther was going to have a cow over the "cuteness" of it all. Quite frankly, all I wanted to do was put something over her legs before I snuggled up next to her (I mean, come on, would it KILL her to shave them more often?).

Here's what she worked on last night:

I'm so relieved that the girl finally has a face and some hair, because it was really creeping me out! Mom wanted to pick something else out of her WIP baskets, but I told her to JUST STICK WITH THIS and get the damn thing done already. (It's been a while since she's happy danced, and it cracks me up to see all of her jiggly bits wobble around when she does so.)

That's the report for today! I hope that you are having as much fun as we are over here in Hoosierville. Stay inside and keep cool, kids!

With love from your pal, Stewey.


  1. Hi Stewey, Clancy here, thanks for posting the photo of that really cool couch blanket! I'm going to make my mom run to Target today and get me one. Of course those annoying sister's of mine will want one also. But I know in my heart, Mom likes boys the best. :-)

  2. So glad she received her head. Cute blanket too. But lets not talk about jiggly bits, ok LOL. CJ ok;-)

  3. You just made my day,,,I love reading your blog...keep them coming,,,and give stewey a big hug for me...

  4. Hi Stewey,

    Love your posts. Hope you have recovered from your accident. WIsh I had a blog to write on-but my still hasn't gotten hers up and running-yet. She doesn't even know I signed her up for one so I could e-mail you. Lily