Jul 26, 2009


I can't move my arms or legs without excruciating pain, and I'm pretty sure that my fingernails will never grow back, but I am happy to report that Chez Spinster is now officially clean. All of this, of course, is thanks to Aunt Chrissy, who gave up seven hours of her life yesterday to help me dust, sweep, puff, fluff, and grunt this house into tidy submission. Methinks I need to buy her something as a thank you. Like a small country. Or an airplane.

The guest room is all ready for some company! Stewey wanted me to add that the bed is very comfortable and between the smooshy mattress pad and the lovely t-shirt sheets, one can really get a good snooze here:

This is the guest bathroom. I found that poster a few years ago and just love the colors in it. (And yes, it drives me absolutely nuts that the guest room is yellow and red and the guest bath is orange, but that's a battle for another day):

Man o' manachavitz, but there was dust to be found! And I'm pretty sure that Aunt Chrissy found enough Stewey pee to float a boat. (I could hear her disgust as she worked away in the office and guest bath). I managed to get the living room done and even re-arranged the furniture. And you will be quite happy to know that we even dusted the pot shelf! On a ladder and everything! Thank goodness there are electrical outlets up there, since we were able to use the vacuum quite easily! Woo Hoo!

I hate the new furniture arrangement, of course, but that's just because I am a creature of habit and can't stand anything out of my comfort zone. I promised that I would leave things alone for one week, and if I still don't like it I can move it all back.

On the stitchy front, I have decided that I would really like to finish some things before November gets here and I'm jonesing for Christmas. So to that end I have vowed to only work on WIP's until such time as November 1st rolls around. I looked in my project book and it would seem that I have 33 projects started. 33. This astounds even me, thus the new plan.

Now for those of you who have read this here blog more than once or twice, you already know that this new plan will last all of ten minutes before I get bored and decide on a new one. I have made these kind of promises before, and what can I say? I'm just not at all dependable. (Oh well, at least I'm consistent in that.)

Today is a Happy Chair kind of day. Aunt Chrissy and Bosco will be here shortly to join in the festivities. I've got "Paul Blart, Mall Cop", "Ironman", and "Rachel Getting Married" all fired up and ready to go, so it will be an interesting movie day. The first two are totally NOT our kind of movies, but we had so much fun watching "The Dark Knight", that we decided to channel our inner twelve year old boys and just get on with it. Besides, both Aunt Chrissy and I LOVE Kevin James, and who couldn't watch a little Robert Downey Jr. on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Thanks for stopping by! I promise....no more cleaning reports. I'm all done now and fully intend to let this place slip back into its Grey Garden self real soon.


  1. As soon as I read the sentence that starts "So to that end. . .", I started chuckling. Not that I don't have any faith in your ability to finish something, but I just don't see you resisting a new start. A girl can always try, right?

    P.S. I have 34 WIPs.

  2. I will hire you and Auntie to come here and clean my house, lol. I will even slip in a beach day for you!!
    Hope you have a great movie afternoon!! And if you start someting new - I wont tell.

  3. The key to finishing WIPs is waiting long enough, then it is like they are a new start. This summer I have been finishing a few OLD things, finding the threads again, rereading any special directions, and picking out all the wrong things that caused it to be in the the UFO Basket. By the time I start stitching it is like a new start. Not so bad. CJ ok;-)
    P.S. Love the furniture arrangement and I vote you get Chrissy the plane.

  4. I refuse to count the WIPs 'cause I'm sure the number would give me a heart attack!

    Off to my own stitchy spot now with whatever is on the DVR.

  5. I am so envious! Your house looks great!

    I'm sure you know that when you mix red and yellow you get....you guessed it....orange! So your guest bedroom and bath do go together ;p

  6. You struck a cord when you spoke about your project book. Could you talk about that sometime?

  7. Your house really does look great - so uncluttered and organized I'm envious of your get up an go!!

    Congrats and enjoy a much deserved "stitchy numb butt" kind of day.

  8. If I send my address do you think Aunt Chrissy will come and help clean my house?
    Mall Cop only made my kid want a Segway so bad he couldn't stand it. He got over it eventually.

  9. 33 is only reall 3+3 which is 6 if you look at it like that it's not bad ;)

    I never rearrange my rooms the man I live with my Husband thinks the world has ended if I do. So to keep the peace I leave it be.

    Reading your post about all your cleaning made me tired I think Ill go lay down.
    Take Care

  10. I love all the rooms !!! I need to borrow Aunt Chrissy !! I will return her... Maybe... LOL You are so lucky !!! Go and enjoy some tv and stitchin'.
    April in Alabama

  11. I'm thinking 33 is not such a big number. I like all your work in progress shots, should provide plenty of inspiration.

  12. I think your place looks great! I am just waiting for summer to be over before I do my big clean. If I did it now the kids would whirlwind it back in a flash. I am curious about your WIPs... what are they all?

  13. Good job, girls! I'm gonna do some cleaning of my own today, since the reorganizing has taken its toll.

    There's no way that I'm counting my WIPs. I just don't wanna know.

  14. I am packed and ready to come visit. Course, that is because I'm already on vacation! I did find a lovely shop here in Portland and bought a new project that I can't wait to start. I am totally planning to take a road trip to Indiana to play with you girls, and Stewey and Bosco of course!!


  15. I love how your living room turned out. : ) I think it's cozy. So Aunt Chrissy did fine. Does it have the Stewey stamp of approval?