Jul 23, 2009


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's sitting in the Happy Chair with her eyes glazed over muttering to herself. All I know is that she invited Aunt Chrissy over for dinner and then at the last minute she said "Stewey, methinks I'm going to make the fruit pizza that your Aunt Paulette from Plum Street featured on her blog". Forty-five minutes later the old lady and my Aunt were going face first into their dessert bowls and Bosco and I were looking for shelter.

So now I'm wondering how long it'll be before she snaps out of her bliss coma and takes me outside for a potty break. Do you see what happens here, people? My mo-ther overindulges herself and then screams bloody murder when I can't hold it anymore and have to water the drapes. Sheesh.

I can pretty much guarantee you that there will be NO stitchy report tomorrow. It's already 10:30 in the p.m. and I'm a half hour past my bed time.
I could have thrived with a more intelligent owner.


  1. Poor Stewey


    Just take a picture of the fruit pizza and when she's giving you a hard time you can present it as evidence!

    By the way, has your mother started checking out TV Trops yet? I'm sure there is a section on TV Chefs. That will keep her busy for hours.

    Windy Meadow

  2. Stewey - you crack me up :)
    You know your mother so much better than she knows herself...if only she would listen to you her life would be so much easier.
    All you can do is keep trying - one day you will break through her stubbornness!

  3. Oh it is so delicious Stewey :)
    You think your Mama saved a piece and is driving it down to me this very instant?

  4. Wow Stewey, your mom sure makes a nice looking fruit pizza. My Grace Kelly loves when we have dessert because that means she gets an extra walk!

  5. I had the same idea last night when I saw it on Paulette's blog but didn't have the ingredients. Your mom is one smart (and prepared) lady.

  6. Stewey, I hope your mom & Aunt Chrissie had a little bit left over, so they could eat a few slices for me. It looks YUMMY!

  7. :drool:

    That looks delicious - off to the grocery store!!

  8. Stewey, thanks for always making me smile!

    Hope your situation improves real soon!

  9. Poor Stewey... Aunt Paulette is sorry your mumsy succumbed to such a naughty confection. I should have posted a warning. Next time I'll post a more sobering recipe - perhaps one akin to porridge.

    Auntie P.