Jul 8, 2009


Well, here's the latest pic of my progress on LJP's "Star Spangled Quilt". I'll admit that this should have been finished yesterday, but I was too busy dehydrating myself while bawling through the Michael Jackson memorial.

I wish I could explain myself. I mean, I never actually knew that I was a Michael Jackson fan. Sure, I watched the Thriller video with all of my friends like everybody else, and I imagine that I even made a fool of myself once or twice on a dance floor trying to do the moonwalk. But cry over a televised memorial service for somebody that I hadn't paid attention to in 25 years?

As I contemplated the waterworks sprouting from my eyeballs, I finally decided that what was killing me is that no matter what your opinion of the guy....he was somebody's dad. And he was somebody's son. And somebody's brother. And THEN! when his little daughter decided to tell the whole world that she thought her daddy was the best father you could ever imagine, I thought I was going to have a stroke over the sadness of it all. (I'm pretty sure that my insides are made entirely of marshmallow fluff, but there are worst things I could be than a sappy fool, I guess.)

So today is all about leaving Neverland and smacking myself right back into the reality of Chez Spinster and its upkeep. Stewey and I are up to our eyeballs in laundry, and I've promised to finish it completely before moving on to anything fun. I should be on my hands and knees washing baseboards, but one must pace oneself, mustn't one?


  1. It IS odd how the passing of a stranger can affect us. I remember bawling like a baby when Richie Vallens died, and when Rick Nelson was killed, I was inconsolable for a while.
    The quilt pattern is beautiful!

  2. That little girl tore everyone's hearts out yesterday. I don't think until she spoke anyone really htought of him as a dad.

    I am paccing myself today also. I need to dust, but I ran the sweeper and the dust will be there tomorrow.

  3. Great progress on you WIP! You're moving along fast! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  4. what a beautiful canvas, and you have made a lot of progress! It really is stunning.

    Dry your eyes....but step away from the baseboards. Lord knows, you could hurt your back groveling over those. ;)


  5. Wow that is really beautiful Coni!! The picture on Laura's site definitely doesn't do it justice!

  6. Okay, I think I may possibly be the only person on this earth who was not affected by any of the MJ stuff. At. All. I liked his music, and that's it. Yes, he was someone's son/father/brother, but there are so, so many people dying too young every day. And then to go crazy over the death of one troubled man? I'm sorry. Call me insensitive, but there you have it.

    Now, as for that Star Spangled Quilt: wowsie! That is a thing of beauty. Go on. Leave your baseboards AND your laundry and go stitch.

  7. Brilliant bit of stitching! It's going to look spectacular when finished.

  8. Hey, it's ok, I didn't watch the memorial, but I did watch the clip about his daughter. Sad.....you don't think of him in that context, but he was good to his children. Wash baseboards? Hey, isn't that Stewey's job? hahaha

  9. Hi Coni,

    Great progress on "Star Spangled Quilt"!

    Um, yes I do wipe down my baseboards. About once every year or so. :-)

    Windy Meadow

  10. Paleese....the guy was a pedophile! How can you cry your eyes out for someone like that?? I don't understand putting him on a pedestal. Good riddance. Annemarie...I hear ya sista!!